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Best Car Anti-Theft Devices for 2024

Unfortunately, the high value of cars continues to make them targets for criminals. Installing a car alarm system, and remembering to always lock the doors and put the windows up after the car is parked will considerably eliminate the immediate threats. However, experienced car thieves will normally need a little more than that to be stopped. The good news is that owners can invest in a number of quality anti-theft devices for cars that can turn any vehicle into a greater challenge for thieves. Our professional locksmiths for cars have prepared a helpful list of some of the freshest and most efficient anti-theft devices. Remember that using two or three of these options simultaneously will add more layers of security to your precious car. Here are our top choices:  

1. Steering Wheel Locks - the Best Car Anti Theft Devices We Recommend 

If you haven’t used a steering wheel lock before, you might want to give these devices a try. They feature a simple mechanism that enables them to lock the steering wheel and prevent it from being turned by someone other than you or another designated driver. One popular model is the rod-based steering wheel lock with an elongated bar that created a barrier that stops the steering wheel from moving. Setting up such an anti-theft device for cars does not take more than a few minutes and it does not involve any complicated work. One of our top recommendations here is the Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock which has been rated as America's Most Recommended Anti-Theft Wheel Lock based on a nationwide survey meant to discover the most recommended and trustworthy brands.

Since they are covered in eye-catching bright red or navy blue paint, they can immediately grab the attention of neighborhood thieves on the look for their next victim and deter them from your vehicle. The Club 1000 is lightweight even though it is made of sturdy steel and it is very easy to install in just a few seconds on most vehicles. Thanks to the steel construction, this model can withstand prying, sawing, freezing, and hammering attempts. Uninstalling requires a key for unlocking. As a con, keep in mind the device automatically locks in place without the use of a key. This means that it can also accidentally slip into the locking position on its own when extended.

2. CarLock Alert System

The CarLock does more than a standard car lock you would install on your vehicle for enhanced protection against thieves. The CarLock can accurately monitor the car and issue real-time notifications whenever a suspicious event may occur. The device is a reliable anti-theft device that can lower the insurance premium due to being a mix between a GPS car tracker and a car alarm system with a one-of-a-kind alert system. By giving drivers monthly scores, the device can also easily identify the rightful owner of the vehicle. Provided someone else attempts to drive your car, the CarLock alarm will immediately notice and send you an alert. As a con, some users might have trouble using GPS in some areas. Also, users must pay a small monthly fee.

3. Wheel Clamps 

If you are looking for additional DIY car anti-theft devices, try a wheel clamp. They work by preventing the wheels from turning more than several inches and immobilizing the car once the clamp finally reaches the ground. The Zone Tech Security Tire Clamp is an excellent model that can strongly wrap around the wheel and stop potential burglars from driving away with your stolen car. It can be easily adjusted to fit most models and makes of cars, as well as trunks, scooters, and motorcycles and it does not require any complicated installation. It is sold with a pair of keys and its bright yellow and red colors make it easily pop up. 

4. Anti Theft Device for Car Catalytic Converter

If you want to make sure your car catalytic converter is safe from the hands of potential thieves, opt for a good anti-theft device for it. The Catstrap does an excellent job at turning a standard theft that would not normally last for more than a minute into a long struggle for seasoned thieves. Thanks to the custom-hardened band made of steel that is 4x5 times harder compared to stainless steel, the teeth of any saw blade will be quickly dulled. With its universal design, bright orange color, and adhesive bonds to the catalytic converter body that is built-in, this device efficiently serves its purpose. 

5. Car Key Signal Blockers

Also known as car signal blocking pouches or car key protectors, these devices do a good job of preventing unwanted access by blocking the key fob from sending its code to the vehicle. This occurs because the pouches are effectively lined with several layers of metallic material which prevents any signal from a remote key fob from being intercepted by car thieves lurking around. The Ticonn Car Key Protector is a good option that offers a powerful signal blocker for the car key. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry while its additional features provide extra storage for your credit cards and IDs.

6. Kill Switches battery kill switch

These devices are excellent at preventing and deterring carjacking attempts. Kill switches work by disrupting the electrical connection to either the fuel pump, the ignition switch, the battery, the fuse box, or the remote car battery switch. In its ON position, the power is automatically cut off from the component that is linked to, stopping the car from starting and preventing potential thieves from taking off with it. To deactivate the kill switch, drivers must simply and manually flip the switch in the OFF position. No matter what type of kill switch device you might opt for, it is essential to have it installed in a hidden location such as beneath the seat or the dashboard. One of the main drawbacks of these devices comes from the fact that their installation might feel a little too complicated for some car owners. 

The KTNNKG High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch Remote Control is an excellent switch that can effectively disconnect the car battery switch. It is suitable for drivers who use their vehicle on a daily basis as it does not require them to go underneath the car for installation. To use the device, car owners must simply open the hood and turn the kill switch on or off, according to their needs. This model is used together with a remote control that can be placed on a regular keychain, making its use seamless. Activation can also be done from inside the house thanks to the device’s 160-foot range. One minor con of this device is the fact that you will need to pull up the hood for initial installation, which might attract the attention of unwanted passers-by.

Top Anti-theft Devices for Your Car - Locksmith Final Thoughts

If you are looking for clever ways to secure your vehicle while parked, choose any of our previous recommendations for the best car anti-theft devices. By having one or two of these devices installed, you should considerably increase the protection of your vehicle while getting more peace of mind at night. For more tips on how to keep your vehicle safe, browse the rest of the information on our website or get in touch with our customer support to schedule a service.