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Car Alarm Services

Our Locksmiths Locator service technicians install car alarm systems for all types of cars. To have an auto alarm installed or repaired, give us a call today!

Our technicians handle everything alarm related for your automobile. All vehicles should have car alarms. Car alarms keep your vehicle secure by adding an extra layer of protection against potential car thieves. If you would like to have a car alarm installed or repaired in your vehicle, contact our team and one of our professional car locksmiths will come and assist you with your car alarm service needs.

Types of Car Alarms We Install

There are several top car alarm brands to choose from. Our locksmiths work with all the major car alarm brands on the market.

The most popular car alarm brands we service include:

  • Viper Alarms
  • Avital Alarms
  • Python Alarms

There is a reason why there are some car alarms that are more popular than others. We are here to answer any of your questions and to help you figure out which auto alarm system best meets your personal needs and best matches your price point. One thing you can be absolutely sure of when you call up our 24/7 vehicle locksmith service, you will always receive the best products and services, because to us, customer satisfaction is a number one priority.

Car Alarm Sensors

Each auto alarm system functions differently based on the specific sensors that they include. There are three main types of auto alarm sensors that you will commonly find in vehicles.

These are the three types of sensors in car alarms:

Shock Sensor Monitors

When you hear a car siren going off at random hours of the night, chances are that it is due to shock sensors. These sensors sense if someone moves, jolts, or bumps into your car with a bit of force, it then functions based on the force that it senses. The harder your car is hit, the louder, more severe the warning sound or brain signals will be.

Door and Window Sensor Monitors

Car door sensors as well as sensors on windows function by monitoring the amount of voltage that is being sent throughout the vehicle. When the level of voltage drops, it is recognized by the sensors, causing a car light to turn on. When paired with another type of sensor monitor, it sends a message to the main indicator of the alarm system. Basically, if a potential car thief tries to open your car door, it sets the alarm off. These are the most basic type of sensors in cars, and they are present in every car alarm system. If a vehicle window is broken, the computer component in the alarm system recognizes the sound of shattering glass, and it will react to that sound by setting off the alarm sound.

Voltage Sensors

All the basic car alarms use a voltage sensor to figure out when a car burglar attempt is made. It does this by monitoring the static voltage of the vehicle’s electrical system. When there is a decrease in the voltage, like when a door or trunk is opened and the car lights turn on or when the car’s power is cut, the car alarm system is sounded. 

Car Alarm Repairs

Our car alarm repair locksmiths can help you fix your car alarm system should anything happen to it.

These are some of the reasons why your car alarm might be in need of repairs:

  • Defective Transponder Key Batteries

Some auto entry systems are operated via remote access. A dead or broken battery inside the remote key could stop you from accessing your vehicle. Should this happen to you, you will not be able to shut your alarm off easily. Our locksmiths can assist you with this issue, by replacing your car key battery for you at your location.

  • Issues with Car Alarm Programming

At times, if a car remote battery was not put in correctly, the car alarm could start to sound randomly. This can be very frustrating, and can make you quite unpopular amongst your neighbors. In such a scenario, our auto alarm expert can repair the car alarm issue for you simply, by making sure that the battery is installed properly and is functioning optimally.

  • Car Alarm Wiring Glitches

Many times, our clients, after trying to do car alarm installations on their own, call us up for a bit of assistance with their auto alarm wiring issues, we are always happy to help fix the wiring glitches so that the car alarm system functions properly.  

To have an alarm system installed or repaired in your vehicle, contact our mobile locksmith team today!