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Locked Out of Your Car Trunk?

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Keys locked in trunk? Our mobile locksmiths can reach you in 30 minutes to unlock your trunk on-the-spot!

car trunk lockoutPicture it. You walk out of your car and are carrying bags of groceries, trying to unpack suitcases from a long weekend, or even just your work bag. You open the trunk of your car, and you place your keys down on the floor of the trunk for just a sec while you pack up the trunk. You shut your trunk which locks automatically. At that point, you realize that you’ve locked keys in your trunk. Panic. If you find yourself in this scenario or something similar, contact Locksmiths Locator to get your trunk unlocked in your moment of need 24/7.

What Trunk Lockout Solutions Are Offered?

Trunk locks are function separately from the rest of the locks in your vehicle. Since trunk locks are essentially different than car locks, they must be serviced in a completely different way. The main difference in the way our trunk unlock specialists deal with your trunk lock has to do with the fact that trunk locks are not accessible from outside the car. Trunk locks can only be reached from within the vehicle.

Our trunk lockout experts can assist you with any of the following trunk lockout emergency services:

  • Locked keys in the trunk
  • Faulty trunk lock
  • Key jammed in the trunk lock
  • Trunk deadlock solutions
  • Trunk remote control issues

We can help you unlock your car trunk easily and without causing any damage to your vehicle. If you’ve accidentally locked a car key in the trunk, or you are experiencing another kind of trunk lockout issue, our 24/7 car locksmiths can help. Regardless of the reason for your being locked out of your trunk, these situations can leave you feeling utterly frustrated. Some individuals are embarrassed that they got locked out of their own trunk. If you are feeling frustrated or embarrassed, it is understandable, but what you might not realize, is that trunk lockouts happen to our clients throughout the country all the time. Don’t be ashamed, our locksmith experts can help you unlock your trunk expertly.

What is the Trunk Unlocking Process?

When you experience a trunk lockout, one of our locksmiths will unlock your trunk for you from the interior of your car. 
These are the steps our locksmiths might take to unlock your trunk:

  1. Our locksmith will lower one of the back seats on your car that lead to the trunk. This is usually very simple to do because most cars come with a small button or latch behind the car seat that allows the seat to fold down simply.
  2. Next, our technician will climb into your car trunk and will access your trunk lock mechanism from the inside.
  3. At this point, if your keys are in your trunk, the locksmith will hand it over to you, and his job is complete. If you don’t have keys in your trunk, to begin with, our locksmith will manipulate the lock with a screwdriver so that the mechanism unlocks, opening your trunk.
  4. If the lock needs replacing, we will remove the locking mechanism from the trunk lock.
  5. The next step for our locksmith is to install a brand new trunk lock in your trunk for you.
  6. If special glue is needed to connect some of the wirings, our locksmith will wait until the adhesive is completely dry before moving on to the next step.
  7. The final step for our locksmith to do is to reconnect any of the loose cords and wires that have been detached in the process of changing your trunk lock. The screws will also be put back into place to ensure that your trunk lock is as secure as ever.

At this point, once your trunk is unlocked, if you need a new trunk key made, our locksmith who is assisting you can provide you with a new car key replacement on the spot.

Are the Trunk Unlocking Services 24/7?

We offer emergency trunk unlocking services all day, every day. When you find yourself in a trunk lockout emergency, you can’t afford to wait around for help to arrive. You need our emergency locksmith solutions ASAP. We are a national, local locksmith company with technicians dispersed throughout every area in the US. When you find your trunk locked and you know you have no way in, it can be very stressful. Let our team of emergency locksmiths for cars be there to help you out when you need us the most. Why wait to get the trunk lockout help you need? Contact our professional trunk lockout experts today.

Car Trunk Lockout Prices

What Trunk Deadlock Issues Do You Service?

Many newer model vehicles on the road today come with a built-in deadlock feature. This feature is there to help protect your car from car theft, but it can be a real nuisance in a trunk lockout situation. Deadlock features in cars automatically disconnect the inner door lock mechanisms when it senses that your car security is threatened. Practically, if your car goes into deadlock mode, your car will lock completely, and will not be able to be unlocked. Once this feature sets in, you might feel stuck, that you have keys locked in a trunk with no way to reach them.

If your door has gone into deadlock mode, and you are experiencing a trunk lockout issue, our experienced 24-hour emergency locksmith closest to you can help you out. It takes only five minutes for our experienced car locksmiths to unlock your trunk for you without leaving any damage to your vehicle locks in any way. If you are in a trunk lockout emergency, call our 24/7 expert auto locksmith service now!