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Professional Lock Re-key Services

Re-key your locks! It's cheaper and just as effective as replacing them. Call our expert residential locksmiths for lock changes and lock rekey services.

Need to change your lock but are looking for a more affordable option? Our lock re-key experts can re-key your locks for you quickly and affordably.

Lock rekeying is simply when we switch the tumblers in the cylinder of a lock in order to stop an older key from functioning. With our lock re-key services, we are essentially recoding preexisting door locks in order to allow them to accept a whole new key.

Car Lock Re-Key Service

door lock re-keyWe offer car lock re-key service. Our professional locksmiths can re-key the locks on your car doors, as well as rekey your car’s ignition cylinders for you. Our locksmith who is assisting you will take your vehicle lock apart and then recode the inner tumblers for you. At that point, the locksmith will reassemble your lock and replace it in its correct spot. The process of car lock re-keying should only take our locksmith approximately 20 minutes to complete start to finish.  At that point, you will be given a new key for your vehicle that you will use from then on to unlock your car.

Home Lock Re-Key Service

Our home locksmiths can help you re-key the door locks in your house or apartment. If you have several outer doors in your home, we can rekey all of them so that they can all be unlocked with just one singular key. Additionally, if you’ve just moved into a new home, or you’ve lost your house key and have no idea who’s got their hands on it, we can rekey your door lock for you so that all old house keys become useless and only the keys that will be able to unlock them are your brand new keys. When you rekey a lock you accomplish the same thing as changing a lock, but at a greatly reduced price.

Office Lock Re-Key Service

24/7 locksmiths locator can assist you by re-keying your office locks for you if you’ve just moved into a new space. We can also help you rekey all the locks in your company so that all the locks in your business can be unlocked with one singular key. You have no way of knowing who has a key to your office if your workspace has been used by other companies in the past. If you want to keep your office more secure than ever but don’t want to spend extra money on changing your door locks completely, choose our office lock re-key services.

Why Choose Lock Rekeying?

So many people are choosing lock rekeying as an alternative to regular lock changing. Some of the reasons why lock re-keying is so popular include:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It is faster to do than replacing the lock.
  • Lock re-keying is more secure than lock replacement.
  • Rekeying is very convenient.

When to Re-Key a Lock:

door lock re-keyWhenever there is a concern that someone who should not have access to your keys does, you should consider getting your lock rekeyed by one of our locksmith experts. The top three reasons to get your lock re-keyed are:

Moving To a New Home or Office

Just moved into a new house or office space, the most logical thing to do is change your door lock. If you want to accomplish the same thing but for a significantly reduced fee, our lock rekey service technicians are here to help. Even if previous homeowners seemed kind, it’s unwise to trust them so implicitly that you fail to take precautions. After all, you never know who they may have handed keys over to while they lived in the home.

You’ve Lost Your Keys

It is very recommended that you re-key your door locks after misplacing your keys. You truly never know who might have found or taken your missing keys and who can now access your personal living space. Lock re-keying is so simple for our locksmiths to do and it can protect you from potential burglars. If you think there is any chance that someone has access to your keys that you don’t trust, do the smart thing and ask our locksmiths to rekey your door lock for you.

After Someone Moves Out

If you just split with your partner and it was messy or you feel like your roommate just moved out, you might want to consider re-keying your door lock. By having your lock re-key service done by our locksmiths, you will ensure that you are the only person who can access your home at any time.

Remember that your door lock is your first line of protection from intruders. If there is any question that someone has access to your key that shouldn’t - contact our lock re-key service today to protect your home properly.

Benefits of Re-keying Your locks

Have you ever given a spare key to someone in the past? Did this person return it to you? Your home security starts with your locks and if you have not changed them in a few years or worse, you never changed the locks from the previous owner, then now is likely an important time for you to do so. A few of the benefits for having your locks rekey are:

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Improved Convenience
  • Innovative Style
  • Control who can access your home

Our locksmiths specialize in lock rekey services for homes, offices, and cars. Call now to re-key your lock simply and affordably.

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