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Safeguarding Your Sliding Doors Against Intruders

Sliding glass doors allow homeowners to harness the benefits of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, enjoying fresh air, good ventilation, and nice open views. Nonetheless, as beautiful as they might be, they can also pose a series of security challenges that should be tackled before they turn into serious issues. If you are looking for smart and efficient ways of enhancing the protection of your sliding glass doors and keeping potential burglars at bay, keep reading.

We have compiled a list of quick tips and tricks that should serve your purpose for any lock emergency on any type of door, feel free to contact us. We can reach you in less than 30 minutes.

Sliding Glass Door Vulnerabilities

A sliding glass door can easily turn into a target for neighborhood thieves searching for their next easy victim. They represent easy access points into your home and they are usually left unlocked and blocked from view. This means property criminals are given the seclusion they are looking for to break into your home without being detected.

Most models feature minimalistic locking mechanisms with nothing, usually featuring simple latches that hook into the frames once the doors are shut, and one fixed panel and another that opens toward the exterior. The locks are easy to bypass by even the least experienced of burglars.

What to Protect Yourself Againstsliding glass door security tips

Standard sliding glass doors with latches that hook into the frame are extremely unreliable. All it takes is a simple grab and jiggle of the door to break the lock and force entry. Plus, most of these doors feature tempered glass.

This means they can get easily shattered with hard objects. Tempered glass breaks into small pieces with no sharp edges. This means burglars can easily enter through the shattered glass without the risk of injury.

You should also know how to protect yourself against the risk of a burglar trying to pull the door out of its frame. This is because most models use exposed door tracks instead of classic hinges. This gives burglars the freedom to instantly pry the door out of the track and get into your home without being noticed.

What to Do to Increase Protection

Now that you know the main vulnerabilities and weaknesses of sliding glass doors, it’s time to learn what to do to eliminate them:

Fit Security Bars in the Tracks

This should boost the protection of traditional sliding glass doors. All you need to do is cut a piece of rod or wood until it fits inside the track, close the sliding door, and put the bar in the track. This way, potential burglars will have a harder time trying to open the door from the outside by pulling on it, which is how most break-ins through sliding glass doors occur.

Apply One-Way Window Film

Another recommendation from our pros is to install one-way mirrored film to the sliding glass door. You will prevent any prying eyes from spying on you from the exterior while you will be able to see out the door. Keep in mind these films are only usually effective during the daytime. Install curtains or other window treatments for privacy during nighttime.

Install Door Sensors and Detectors for Broken Glass

These gadgets will alert you whenever they detect the sound of breaking glass or whenever an intruder tries to pry the door open.

Fit Better Locks

Remove the standard, low-quality, ineffective latching mechanism and fit a keyed lock instead. You could also consider installing a sliding door lock meant to secure the door to the jamb. It is also a good idea to replace classic sliders with alternatives that provide enhanced protection.

Fit Impact-Resistant Sliding Doors

Consider investing in a sturdy, hurricane-sliding glass door that can successfully withstand the impact of a heavy object being thrown at it.

Do Proper Track Maintenance

Periodically assess the state of the door track to make sure there is no debris blocking it. Any interference in the door’s mechanism will stop it from operating correctly, turning it into a greater weakness and exposing it to higher burglary risks.

Use a Security Pin

These pins can prevent potential burglars from lifting the door. The procedure might require expert help from home locksmiths. You need to secure the door, drill a hole through the frame going into the frame of the fixed door while making sure not to drill all the way through, and finally insert a pin made of stainless steel. The pin will be used to secure the two doors together.

Install an Alarm System with CCTV Monitoring

Since no security measure is 100% flawless and fully impenetrable, it is wise to also consider investing in a quality home monitoring system, in case you do not already have one. A smart system that you can control using your smartphone from a remote distance is a good choice today.

Final Thoughts

Sliding glass doors can significantly boost the value of your property, along with its curb appeal and overall comfort. To benefit from the full array of perks of having such a door installed, it is mandatory to implement the best security measures to prevent the risk of burglary. For any additional advice on how to further improve your home security and lower the risk of burglary or break-in through your sliding glass door, the front door, the garage, or the balcony, get in touch with our team of pros and allow us to guide you.