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Best Home Security Gadgets for 2024

Best Home Security Gadget

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Home security systems and smart security gadgets have evolved tremendously over the last few years. With a plethora of companies that specialize in advanced, affordable, and highly efficient alarms, locks, cameras, and sensors, you can now find anything and everything you need to strengthen the security in your home and enjoy peace of mind when you're away.

If you are worried about having to slap a massive, unaesthetic box to the side of your house for installation purposes, think again. It’s 2024 and there are hundreds of sleek-looking, highly innovative gadgets that allow you to increase security without having to sacrifice indoor or outdoor design aesthetics. Besides our expertise and long experience in the industry, our locksmiths have also completed extended research on new home security gadgets. If you want get in on the facts about home security systems and learn what are the coolest security gadgets to keep an eye on, keep reading. 

Benefits of Today’s Home Security Systems and Gadgets 

1. Innovative Features

Unlike old wired home security systems created tens of years ago, today’s systems are high-tech, smart, wired, or wireless and they provide unparalleled protection thanks to their innovative features. 

2. Cool Aesthetics

Their designs and overall aesthetics of the monitoring cameras, sensors, and smart locks are extremely appealing and can complement any space and design. 

3. The DIY Alternative

Homeowners who do not wish to be connected to professional security systems can take their pick from DIY systems that are entirely customizable. They can add their favorite motion sensors, smart door and window locks, video doorbell cameras, and other similar gadgets. 

4. Remote Access to Your Home 

Modern-day home security systems and gadgets let you control security and access to your home from a remote distance. Using your smartphone, you can keep a close eye on your property via wireless monitoring cameras, smart keyless locks, smart lights, smart thermostats, smart smoke alarms, and smart fire alarms. And other similar smart devices that can be installed in all rooms of the house.  

5. Lower Homeowner’s Insurance

Installing a home security system could considerably lower your homeowner’s insurance rate, sometimes by as much as 20%. 

The Best Smart Security Camera System: Arlo Essential Spotlight Cam 

Smart cameras are excellent security gadgets that can improve your home’s protection in a quick, affordable, and efficient way. Most of these cameras have additional features that go beyond the standard footage recording options. The list can include motion detectors, spotlights, two-way communication, built-in sirens, and anything in between.

Our experts recommend the Arlo Essential Spotlight Cam for those looking for an outdoor security camera with quality 1080p video feed, a battery that can last for more than six months, and color night vision. One con for this model would be the fact that the spotlight’s range is rather limited. Nonetheless, you tune into the video footage at any given moment in time and set the system so it sends alerts when it detects any type of movement in the field of view.

The Best Home Security System without Subscription: Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm SystemIf you are looking for a comprehensive home security system with special security gadgets including video doorbells and cameras with zero subscription fees involved, try the Ring Alarm option. With highly competitive prices for their gear, quick DIY wireless installation, free theft replacement, a highly intuitive mobile app, and environmental disaster sensors, homeowners have many reasons to consider this alternative.  

As for the cons, the system does not provide video recording without a monthly subscription while the motion sensors are extremely sensitive. However, the fact that you can purchase most of Ring’s cameras individually and benefit from their 1080p HD quality, notifications activated by motion, real-time video, and two-way talk option turn Ring into one of the best options on the market for this year. 

The Best Smart Home Door Lock: Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

The Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S comes with an excellent app, has an appealing design, and is compatible with the majority of doors.  The deadbolt lock features a PIN pad that lights up when the panel is touched. The app allows you to quickly generate PIN codes for guests who need to enter your home while you are not there. The smart lock can also be managed via a smartphone while the hidden keyhole is an excellent alternative in case of emergencies. If you own a PVC door with multi-point locks, this model might not be suitable for you.

Best Security Gadget for 24/7 Video Feeds: Google Nest Cam 

If you are looking for a home security gadget that can be effectively used inside and outside the house along with other top security systems, try the Google Nest Cam. You will benefit from a 24/7 video feed with 1080p HD, a generous 130° viewing angle via a sturdy, long battery life,  a weatherproof camera, and a dual mic that enables you to communicate with home guests. Google Next Cam also features quick and easy installation, it offers three hours of free cloud video storage, and facial recognition when opting for a paid plan. As a con, we could mention the lack of local video storage options or the missing professional video monitoring solutions.

The Best Smart Video Doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus 

Smart doorbells allow you to receive notifications on your smartphone when someone presses the doorbell button. You can also communicate with your guests or make sure you are never going to miss a package again. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus comes with simple installation, excellent video quality, and intelligent motion detector features that can cleverly make a difference between different types of movements from a distance. It can be used in both wireless and wired modes. 

This smart security gadget can also record video to the cloud in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, but it can also be used to exclusively view live video for free. In the Plus version, the video doorbell comes with the Pre-Roll Video that allows users to see four seconds of black and white video of what happened before the motion detector was triggered or the button doorbell was pushed.

The Best Home Security System with Self-Monitoring: Wyze Home Monitoring 

Wyze Home Monitoring provides one of the best self-monitoring solutions at affordable rates. The sensors and security cameras work very well and the system is fully compatible with this-party smart home systems. The lack of cellular backup is one of the cons we can mention here. Nevertheless, the good price, the fact that homeowners do not need to sign a contract, the monitoring cameras with convenient prices, the 10-hour battery backup, and the excellent cloud video storage make this system a good choice.  As for drawbacks, we can mention the relatively short warranty and the system’s inability to share app access with the household.

This is just a brief list of smart devices and security gadgets that our professional locksmiths recommend for increasing your home's security, simplifying monitoring, and adding a touch of high-tech elements to your overall aesthetics. Decide whether you should invest in the best home security systems with or without a subscription or included cameras and make your pick according to your needs and budget.