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Need a New Mailbox Key or Lock?

Call Our Mailbox Service!

If your mailbox lock needs replacing or you want to have a new mailbox key made, our nationwide locksmiths can help. Let our mailbox locksmiths care for all your mailbox security needs.

If you are looking to have the lock on your mailbox changed or you’re looking to have a jammed key removed from your mailbox, we assure you that we can be of service to you. Our mailbox locksmiths can help you with any of the following services:

  • Mailbox lock repairs
  • Mailbox lock installation
  • Mailbox installation
  • Mailbox lock rekey
  • Mailbox lock replacement
  • Jammed mailbox key extraction
  • Mailbox key duplication

When you need help with the mailbox installation, you need a completely new lock or key for your mailbox, we can help provide you with the residential locksmith technician from Locksmiths Locator who will be able to help you. As we are opened all the time, you don’t have to worry. Whenever you need us, during the day or night, we will come and help you solve your problems. When any other place is closed or busy because of the rush hours, we are always there for you and there will be someone to come to you right away.

Mailbox Installation

Let our locksmiths install a secure mailbox that will keep your mail more secure than ever. A beautiful, clearly marked mailbox is the perfect addition to any home. Each mailbox installation we do is carried out with expertize and skill and is done in accordance with USPS specifications. Your mailbox is the first thing that anyone sees when entering your home. It keeps your mail secure at all times and when marked correctly, lets everyone know your address clearly. We install all types of mailboxes for your home or office. With unmatched professionalism and products, your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact our locksmith team to keep your mailbox secure at all times.

Mailbox Lock Changes

The locks that come built-in on most mailboxes are very basic. They usually come with three to five small wafers inside the lock mechanism that are then configured to match the configuration of a key. The actual lock gets turned when the key matches the lock, unlocking the mailbox. If you would like to have your current lock changed or upgraded our locksmith technicians can help.

There are different types of mailbox locks so you will for you find something that will meet your expectations. It is not an easy decision to choose which type of lock will be appropriate for your mailbox; however, we are here to help you with that and to make sure your decision is the best. If you haven’t done that before and you have no idea of what the types of mailboxes are on the market, our locksmith for mailboxes will be glad to give you all the information you need to help you out.

Mailbox Lock Repairs

We replace more mailbox locks than any other company in the nation. Our fully qualified mobile locksmiths have every mailbox lock in stock at all times, and our technicians are available to service your locks at all hours of the day. Repairing your mailbox lock will take our locksmith only 15 minutes to do, and your mailbox will be fully secured once again.

Mailbox Lockout Services

Mailbox lockouts can happen for several reasons.  The mailbox key can get lost, someone can steal it or it may break. As a house or car lockout can happen to you, so can the mailbox lockout. It might sound ridiculous but when you are waiting for an important letter from work or school, it can be really frustrating not to be able to open your mailbox. In that situation, there is no other option than using house locksmith services. Our nearest locksmith will reach you quickly if you are locked out of your mailbox and will make you a new key for your mailbox so you can get to your important mail.

Mail Box Rekey Services

Have your mailbox locks re-keyed or changed to provide an entirely new locking system if you have just moved into your home and someone was previously assigned to the mailbox, or after major life changes, such as a divorce, where someone you no longer trust still has access to the key. locksmith for mailboxThe basic rule of thumb is that if you don’t know who has a copy of your mailbox lock key or you don’t trust that person, it’s time to re-key the lock. Re-keying is an affordable way to change out the inside of the working lock to require a new set of keys. It’s far more cost-effective than changing the lock entirely. However, if the lock itself is worn out, you will be better off changing it for a brand new lock.

Another situation when you might need the locksmith’s help is when you move out of your house to a new one and you need a new key for the mailbox which is there. You don’t want the previous owners to have the access to your mail so you might want to get a completely new key. Another option is to change to lock in your mailbox or buy a new one so your sensitive information and good you’re ordering from shops will be safe.

Mailbox Installation and Lockout Prices

Locksmith Services for All Types of Mailboxes

We service all types of wall-mounted mailboxes and mailbox locks for both residential and commercial needs. You can protect yourself from mail fraud and identity theft by availing yourself of our mailbox lock services today. We're a nationwide locksmith company that prides itself with great quality, fast service, and a professional residential locksmith team. We strive to keep up with the advances in the industry and believe Locksmiths Locator is your best choice! As in every industry, competition is great for customers. There are many ways for a company to place itself in front of the competition. Having more options is great for customers, but we believe that with our lowest locksmith prices and exceptional service, we are the best option for your budget. We are a trustworthy company of a good reputation, we take care of our clients and we want to keep it that way so we are doing our best to satisfy all your needs.

If you need a professional locksmith that you can trust to install, check or fix your mailbox locks, give us a call!