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Filing Cabinet Lock Replacement & Lockout Service

Fix Your Cabinet Locks!


Did your file cabinet lock break? There's no need to replace the whole cabinet. Our expert locksmiths can fix or replace the locks for you. 

Our office locksmith experts can assist you with all your filing cabinet security needs. Does the lock on your filing cabinet keep getting stuck? Do you want to change the lock on your filing cabinet before it seals shut permanently? To get all your file cabinet needs to be met expertly, contact our expert locksmiths for offices today.

We cover all of the following file cabinet services:

  • Filing cabinet lock installation
  • File cabinet key duplication
  • Filing cabinet master key systems
  • File cabinet lockout Services
  • File cabinet lock repairs
  • Jammed file cabinet key extraction

Our locksmith experts can assist you with filing cabinet locks easily which will enable you to still enjoy the benefits of your current cabinet without needing to go out and spend lots of money on purchasing a new one. Filing cabinet locks can be replaced simply by our technicians and replaced when necessary.

File Cabinet Lock Installation

If you are looking to get strong file cabinet locks installed in your office or home, our certified commercial locksmiths can assist you. Wondering if we work with your particular cabinet brand? Rest assured we do. We cover all the different varieties of filing cabinet locks on the market today. We can help you install secure locks that won’t impact the style of your décor in any way. Our file cabinet locks are installed on-the-spot by our

File Cabinet Lock Prices

Types of Filing Cabinet Locks We Service

We service all types of filing cabinet locks. Even if your filing cabinet did not come with a lock preinstalled on it, our locksmiths can help you find and install the lock that best suits your filing cabinet security needs. If you are looking to have our experts fix, replace or install a brand new filing cabinet lock for you, our locksmiths can help you. We work with all different kinds of locks for file cabinets, including:

  • Cylinder Locks- Popular locks that often come preinstalled on file cabinets. They are great for homes and other low-security situations.
  • Cam Locks- These function similarly to cylinder locks, but they come with a rotating metal component that turns as the key is turned in it.
  • Lock Boxes- These are the kinds of locked boxes you find at the bank. They are small boxes that lock more securely that cylinder type of locks.
  • Lock bar- This is a bar that can be inserted through several filing cabinet drawers that adds an additional layer of protection to your files.
  • Keyless options- Some individuals and companies want to allow their filing cabinets to only be opened by specific employees. Keyless lock options for filing cabinets can be unlocked by fingerprint or code.
  • Sliding Teeth- This type of file cabinet lock moves horizontally so that one part of the lock moves into the cabinet as the lock slides open.

To get started, there are some tools that our locksmith technician will likely need in order to get the job done right. He will need an electric drill, a pair of long neck pliers, a screwdriver, and possibly a hammer and chisel (in place of the electric drill). The locksmith who is servicing your locksmith needs obviously will need to get a new lock to replace the old, broken one. Our mobile locksmiths carry a wide variety of Filing cabinet locks on them at all times, which is great since it allows our clients to select the type of file cabinet lock that best suits their needs and price point.

Filing Cabinet Locksmith Services

Once our locksmith assists you in selecting the file cabinet lock that best matches your particular needs, he will follow the next five steps to change your lock for you:filing cabinet locksmith service

  1. He will want to locate the lock that needs replacing and open it somehow. If the lock opens with the use of the key, great! If the lock doesn’t open easily, the locksmith will need to insert the chisel in it and then bang on the chisel with a hammer until it unlocks itself. Our locksmith might also accomplish this task by putting an electric drill on the spot where the key usually goes and then unlocking it that way. Once the lock is unlocked, he will open up the drawer that’ll provide you the best access to the internal locking mechanism.
  2. There is a clip that attaches the lock to the inner cabinet walls, our technician will then locate it and remove it.
  3. If you’ve already selected a new lock to replace the faulty one, now is the time for our technician to install it in your filing cabinet. Using the demarcations from the last lock as a guide, he will place the lock in the exact spot where the original lock was. Our tech will then make sure the lock lines up with all the holes from the old screws. While we complete the installation, our locksmith will keep the key in the lock the whole time.
  4. Our next step will be to make sure that the lock is completely secure and that it doesn’t wobble around from side to side at all. We’ll take the time and carefully screw in the lock with the use of a screwdriver. If we see that the lock is in strongly, we know we’ve done our job well.
  5. Now that our locksmith completed steps 1-5, he will likely run a few quality assurance tests. He’ll lock and unlock your filing cabinet a few times and see if it works well. If you see that your filing cabinet locks and unlocks easily with the turn of a key, then you know we’ve done the job right.

For all your filing cabinet lock needs, call us for an expert locksmith to assist you.