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Home Lockout Services - We Reach You in 30 Minutes!

Call Our Lockout Services!


Do you need a quick and reliable house lockout service in your area at competitive prices? Give us a call!

Locksmiths Locator offers professional 24/7 emergency lockout assistance with a fast, 30-minute response time. Our mobile locksmiths offer advanced solutions to cover broken locks and faulty or missing keys, along with lock rekeying and new lock installations for all types of homes, apartments and condominiums.

Home Lockout Prices

What Are Home Lockouts & What to Do When They Occur? 

home lockout broken keyA home lockout is an unfortunate incident where you cannot enter your house because of a number of reasons, usually a missing key or a broken lock. Keys locked in the house by accident, stolen, lost, or broken keys, and worn-out or stuck lock mechanisms, are the main culprits for home lockout occurrences. When a house lockout happens, stay calm and avoid panicking. Your problem has a quick solution just waiting for your call: the Locksmiths Locator emergency lockout service near me.

What Kind of Home Lockout Services Do You Offer?

We specialize in the entire array of home lockout solutions covering:

  • Lock rekeying. There is no need to travel to a brick-and-mortar locksmith shop to have your locks re-keyed. We can come over and work straight from our vans. 
  • Fast residential door opening with zero risks. Our emergency lockout technicians are here safely unlock any type of door in a few minutes, no matter the model and its particularities.
  • New home lock installation. We can also change your old locks and set up a new lockset, no matter if you need a standard lock or an advanced door entry system. 
  • New keys cutting solutions. Our state-of-the-art key cutting machines allow us to quickly and effectively cut fully-functional home keys. Our offers include tubular, standard, magnetic, antique, and laser-cut keys. 

How Fast Can a Locksmith Reach Me to Help With the Lockout? 

We only work with highly experienced home locksmiths who are fully certified and prepared to reach your location within 30 minutes. Our services are available locally and nationally on a 24/7 basis, all week long, 365 days a year.

What to Avoid Doing If You Are Locked Out of Your House

Do not try to break into your own home. Trying to access your own home with a coat hanger or a similar improvised tool for picking locks can and will normally result in additional costs, window, door and lock damage, and even personal injuries. The Locksmiths Locator team is here to safely and quickly get you back into your home with zero additional problems and expenses. We have the know-how, tools, and personnel needed to instantly tackle most lockout problems. We also cover commercial and automotive lockout emergencies, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any lock or key problem! 

Should I Rekey the Old Locks or Install New Ones?

It all comes down to your own needs and budget limitations. If you are looking to increase security on your home during a missing key incident, lock rekeying is a simple and convenient solution. Lock key pins are cheap and, when replaced by expert locksmiths, they can help restore safety and peace of mind at home. Installing a high-security lock is a good idea when dealing with an obsolete, faulty lock that is no longer aligned with today’s home security threats. 

How is Lock Rekeying Done? 

Lock rekeying is a method used to replace the pins inside a lock, making the old keys useless while preserving the old lock. Lock rekeying also requires the cutting of new keys to match the new pins inside the original lock.

Lock Rekey Prices

Are All Home Lockout Services Completed at the House? 

Absolutely. We work with professional 24/7 emergency lockout service locksmiths that travel with toolboxes packed with all the necessary tools and machines needed to handle home lockout emergencies and the adjacent services connected to it. This includes fitting new strike plates in door jambs, inserting latches and external levels, manufacturing the necessary mortise for the faceplate of the latch and anything else that may be needed. All these services are done on the spot, helping you avoid a costly visit to a locksmith shop.

What Is New Home Lock Installation?

New lock installation is done by removing the hardware of the current lock. This includes the doorknob, cylinder, and bolts. Next, a locksmith will proceed to replace all these parts with new ones and reassemble the new lock. The freshly installed lock will use a different set of keys to work. 

How Can I Prevent a House Lockout From Happening? 

There are a series of things you could do to prevent a home lockout, including: 

  • Cut spares and keep the duplicate copies on hand 24/7
  • Periodically inspect your locks for faulty mechanisms 
  • Repair, rekey, or change broken, stuck, or missing keys and locks prior to leading to a home lockout
  • Consider giving a spare key to a trustworthy friend or family member 
  • Hide a spare key in your garage or pick a safe and secluded location in your backyard or on your porch that no one knows about 
  • Have our 24 hour locksmith for houses number on speed dial

Key Locks or Digital Locks - Which Are Better?

While no lock model is 100% flawless and unbeatable, some models serve their purpose better than others. Digital locks come with an extra layer of security compared to standard key locks, but they can still be picked and hacked into. Locks that require access cards, codes, fingerprints, or the presence of a smartphone provide smooth access to a property. This translates to better access during nighttime, no key fumbling incidents, and zero stress of losing a metal key. Plus, electronic locks do a good job at tracking everyone going in and out of your home. Removing and adding electronic lock combinations is also done easily, usually without having to worry about hiring expert locksmiths for it.

On the other hand, cylinder, mortise, spring, and deadbolt locks have been in use for several millennia. Their impressive lifespan and the fact that they can be easily rekeyed and replaced at affordable prices still makes them the best option for most people. 

Interior Room Lockout Services

We provide interior house door lockout solutions for home gyms, garages, closets, nurseries, offices, gyms, bathrooms, basements, attics, gaming rooms, and bedrooms. Any personal attempt to try to unlock such a door using force or compromised tools will usually lead to additional problems. Our technicians rely on the most suitable lock picking tools for opening all types of interior doors in case of lost keys or broken locks. accidentally locked inside.

Lockout Solutions for Apartments and Condominiumshome lockout services 

If you have remained locked out of your city apartment or condo, give us a call. We specialize in fast and convenient unlock apartment and condo solutions. We cover all addresses and locations and we are available at all hours of the day and night with quality work. 

For the best house lockout services at convenient rates and fast speeds, give us a call. We can arrive in under 30 minutes and we are available 24/7 all year long.

Home Lockout FAQs

What types of home locks can you assist me with?

Locksmiths Locator works with all types and models of locks and home alarm systems, ranging from standard to advanced systems with electronic or smart locks. 

Can I use a credit card to try to break into my own home?

We do not recommend the credit card method as it could cause damage to the lock itself, while potentially rendering your credit card useless in case of an accident. Replacing a lock is usually more expensive than our regular home lockout solutions. Get in touch with us and let us use the right tools for the job.

How much does it cost to get back inside my home?

On average, we charge $45 for a standard home lockout service. We also charge a $19 service call fee. 

Home Lockout Prices