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The Fascinating History of Locksmiths

Everyone wants their loved ones to be safe and happy. This inborn trait of humans to take care of their belongings and families has created the need for locks. Thus, locksmithing is one of the most ancient and necessary professions that have helped create simple and advanced locking solutions to the world. Locks are the first defense against burglars and intruders and there are several types available on the market, from the simplest ones to the most technical ones. One can choose one that best suits their needs and budget.

What You Should Know About Locksmiths

A locksmith is a person who is skilled and qualified in lock repairing. They are certified to install, repair, renovate and pick locks and work to modify lock combinations and create spare keys. They visit residential and business areas to work on locks, whether installing, picking or repairing. In addition, people who are accidentally locked out of their homes, cars or offices also call locksmiths in emergency solutions. You may be surprised and delighted to learn that locksmithing is an ancient profession; thus, they have a rich and incredible history that has its roots in the Egyptian era. Let’s delve a little more into knowing how the locksmith trade originated and soon became an inseparable part of the contemporary world.

The Intriguing History of Locksmiths

Locksmithing is one of the oldest trades. Experts have found its origin in Ancient Egypt and Babylon approximately four thousand years ago. In the past, the simplest locks were quite small and easy to carry. These locks worked to guard goods while travelers were on their way.

  • The First Wooden Locks: During those times, locks were not as urbane as they are today. The locks were big, crude and created from wood. They came with a pin and could only be moved with the help of a huge awkward wooden key. Soon, the lock and key system spread to other parts of the world including Rome, China, Greece, and Asia. Rich Romans used to protect their goods with a lock and key system. They would keep the keys safe on their neck chains or as rings, making the key available to them at all times. Moreover, wearing the key on your neck or finger was regarded as a status symbol back then.
  • The More Evolved Metal Locks: The first metal locks came into existence after 900 AD. These were simple locks and were believed to be the artisan of English craftsmen. Gradually, the metal locks become popular in China and certain parts of Europe as well. These locks were operated in several ways and opened by pushing, turning and skewing the key. With the rise in popularity and the need for locks, the profession of locksmithing also became advanced as more technical locks came into the market. There was a creative accomplishment by locksmiths during the 14th and 17th century. The artistic locksmiths often devised intricate and elaborate locks with beautiful designs, which were embedded with imperial crests to make them more significant. Although the overall appearance of the lock and key system was greatly enhanced during that era, they still lacked some technical improvements in the mechanisms. Locksmiths made note of it and created more durable, safe and improved locks in the 18th century.
  • The Contemporary Locks: The standard design of the locks remained the same for several decades. However, with the rise of industry in the 18th century, the need for more secure and advanced locks increased. Keeping this requirement of the modern world in mind, skilled locksmiths rose to the challenge and came up with more contemporary and useful locks. The first lever tumbler lock was devised by Robert Barron in 1778. Later, more advanced locks were created that weren’t easy to pick by intruders and burglars. These locks were invented by Jeremiah and his brother Charles, who later founded their personal lock company. For several years, they introduced numerous new and improved lock and key systems for homes and businesses alike. They made several improvements in their locks like introducing six levers and a disc that permits the key to insert but made it complicated for burglars to find any internal levers. Other major improvements in their locks were the double-acting pin tumbler lock and then the introduction of electronic chips.

How Locksmiths Assist You

In today’s world where lives and properties are so vulnerable, it becomes imperative that we keep ourselves, our family and our belongings safe. Thus, the lock industry has made great improvements in the last few decades. Locksmiths help people whenever they need to resolve any of their lock issues and keep them safe from intruders. There are many other ways by which locksmiths assist you, such as:  

  • Lock Installation: You can call upon the services of a skilled locksmith company whenever you need to install locks in your home or office. They will assist you and advise you on the best locks that suite your current needs.
  • Repair Locks: It is normal for metal locks to be subjected to wear and tear because of changing the weather. Locksmiths serve people by repairing their damaged locks so they function smoothly again.
  • Create Spare Keys: Most people lose keys to their house, car or office. Locksmiths help people by creating duplicate keys, even when you don’t have your original ones.
  • Assistance in Lockout Situation: Whenever you are in a lockout situation, a locksmith can help you unlock your house, car or business by picking the lock. They are skilled artisans who make sure that your property is not damaged while working to provide you access.
  • Improved and Secure Locks: Locksmiths assist people by creating more secure and advanced locks for the business when required.

Locksmiths: Keep Your Business and Homes More Secure

In today’s world, locksmiths don’t only create new lock and key systems; they are also experts in performing various other lock tasks such as installations, repairs and creating duplicate keys. When you are in a need of a locksmith, make sure that you find the ones that offer professional services. Not to mention, they must be trustworthy as well.

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