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New Lock Installations for your Home, Business & Auto

Install New Locks Now!


If you want the absolute best locks for your home, business, or vehicle, hire our professional new lock installation service. We specialize in all types of lock installations for the full range of customers at the best prices in the area. No matter if you are looking for smart lock technicians or you need assistance with standard deadbolts and mortise locks, call us now.  We cover all states and we work on a 24/7 basis for all types of lock and key emergencies. 


Why Should You Install New Locks? 

New lock installation1. You want to make a security upgrade. If you want to increase protection on your property and lower the risk of theft and break-in, install a new set of locks. 
2. Repairing old locks would cost too much. If your locks are severely damaged and fixing them would cost almost as much as buying new locks, consider a lock change service instead. 
3. The old locks are obsolete. If your current locks can no longer keep up with the current security threats of the modern world, it is time for an upgrade. 
4. A physically impaired household member cannot use the current locks. We specialize in installing locks for people with disabilities to simplify access and lock manipulation.
5. Someone may have made copies of your home/office keys. Former roommates, life partners, tenants, or employees who might try to seek revenge by entering the premises without your consent can be stopped by changing the locks. Install new locks with us to regain your sense of security.
6. You want to install new doors. A big home renovation project that involves door replacement should also include new lock installation. The locks should match the design of the new doors while adding more functionality and security to the property.

When Should You Install New Locks?

Your Security Has Been Compromised

In case you suspect someone might have stolen or found one of your spare keys and you want to avoid a potential break-in, change the locks. Do the same if your home, car, or business space has been recently broken into to prevent a second burglary from happening.

Your Old Locks Are No Longer Functional

If you have started noticing signs of severe wear-out and damage when using your locks, you are most likely dealing with a loss in functionality. This is a serious problem that needs an immediate lock change solution. 

You Cannot Find Your Keys 

While lock re-keying is also a good alternative here, installing a new set of locks should also help you upgrade the security on your property. Be proactive and enjoy even more peace of mind with new locks.

You Are Locked Out Often

If your current automatic lock system is causing numerous lockout incidents throughout the year, it is time to get in touch with our lock installation service near me. We can install a standard key that requires a key to lock the door. 

You Recently Moved Into a New Home 

If you have recently bought a new property, be sure that the old owners, construction workers, or babysitters cannot use any misplaced spare key to access your home.

You Are Going Through a Separation

Conflictual separations or divorces may convince you that you need new locks on your home to feel better protected. Just make sure you have a special judge order or official permission from your partner in case of a house that is owned jointly with them.

Health Issues Require Touch Free Locks

With the onset of Covid 19 the world suddenly became aware of having the need for hands-free security systems.  These new technologies not only prevent the spread of disease, the eliminate the chances of code stealing by nearby strangers.

Popular Lock Replacement Services We Offer

The Locksmiths Locator team specializes in new lock installation solutions for residential, commercial, and automotive customers. We have the know-how, skills and tools to handle the installation of deadbolt, smart, and electronic locks. No matter how simple or complex, we can quickly and effectively get the job done following a strict zero-damage policy with the highest industry standards. Our work is fast and accurate thanks to the fully-packed service vans we travel in. Whether you need help choosing the best lock models for particular requirements or you need an affordable door lock installation service, give us a call. 

Tips for Selecting the Best Locks 

  • Decide how many locks you need to install and set up a budget.
  • Assess your current security needs. Ask for our professional help if you need extra guidance. 
  • Choose the most suitable lock brand and model for your needs. Deadbolt locks withstand ten strikes against the door and around 250,000 cycles, while doorknob locks can handle 800,000 cycles and six strikes against the door. Smart locks allow simplified access to your home or commercial space with the help of unique pin codes, fingerprint coding, and smartphone apps. 
  • Our technicians recommend American National Standards Institute Grade 1 locks for exterior doors as an excellent option for residential customers. 
  • Call us and schedule our affordable lock change service.

What Types of Locks Do We Work With?

While our experts cover all types of locks in the industry, these are some of the most common locks we are asked to service:

Mortise Deadbolt Locks

Similar to deadbolts, these models offer enhanced protection as they require a key to be used on both sides of a door. They rely on sturdier mechanisms embedded in the door frame and the door itself. This also makes them more efficient in the long run compared to regular deadbolts. Some of the best mortise deadbolts we work with are:

  • Yale
  • Prime-Line
  • Belwith 
  • Marks
  • Global

Deadbolt Locks

Most US homes are protected against potential burglaries with the help of deadbolt locks. These models add additional security to any property compared to doorknob-embedded locks. These locks bolt the door into a wall, with the bold being activated with a key or the turn of a thumb. Since they do not feature any springs, they are safer than other lock models. They are excellent options for wooden, steel, and fiberglass doors. Opt for double- or single-cylinder deadbolts, depending on your custom needs. Locksmiths Locator works with the following deadbolt brands:

  • Kwikset
  • Master Lock
  • Gatehouse 
  • Yale
  • Schlage
  • Mult-T-Lock
  • Medeco
  • Baldwin

New Lock Installation Prices

High-Security Locks: Digital and Smart Locksmart lock installation 

High-security locks offer better levels of safety for all types of properties, enabling keyless access to homes and commercial spaces. They also add more convenience to any security system thanks to their advanced features. We work with the following high-security locks:

  • Electronic keypad locks 
  • Keycard locks 
  • Biometric locks with fingerprint access 
  • Bluetooth electronic locks
  • Wifi locks 
  • Smart locks managed by smartphones 

Hire our experienced locksmiths for any type of electronic door lock installation near me or keyless door lock installation services you need help with. 

New Lock Installation Services for Residential, Commercial, and Automotive Needs

Automotive Lock Change Services

We are trained and ready to install new locks on any car model and brand. We cover sports cars, jeeps, RVs, motorboats, motorcycles, and anything in between. We can manually install a new lock cylinder, an automatic lock that relies on key fobs, or an electronic lock with keys in just a few minutes.

Lock Replacement Service for Home and Office Spaces

Allow us to assess your security needs and recommend the best locks that would fit your budget limitations, door aesthetics, functionality, easy access, and convenience needs. Any new lock installation procedure is initiated with a thorough inspection of the space in which the new lock will be fitted. The second step is the removal of the doorknob and its disassembling. This requires a series of special tools and procedures that our experts have used thousands of times over the years. Finally, the new doorknob lock, deadbolt, or latch bolt lock is screwed into the dedicated space in the door of your home or business space.

Tips for Securing Your Residential Doors and Entry Points 

  • Install new locks on doors and windows. An upgraded set of locks is your best bet against home burglary attempts. Install small-keyed locks on your windows and consider adding bars for more protection. Fit standard, Grade-1 locks or smart locks on your exterior doors. 
  • Cover the bolts and use chain locks. A slipcover can easily expand the lifespan of the jam while protecting the bolts. Chain locks add more peace of mind knowing our front door is well protected.
  • Install a complete home security system. A home security system with surveillance cameras, locks on the mailbox, and video doorbells are also good ideas.
  • Fit a security screen on your front door. Enjoy an extra barrier with a fresh set of locks for more peace of mind. 
  • Use longer screws. Longer set screws embedded in the front door translate to enhanced security. As a general rule, opt for three-inch screws instead of the regular ¾-inch screws.

Contact the Locksmiths Locator team for quality new lock installation services at competitive prices!  

Frequently Asked Questions About Lock Installation Services

How soon can your locksmiths reach my address for a lock change?

Locksmiths Locator technicians can reach your address in under 30 minutes depending on traffic conditions. We work 24/7, all year long, holidays and weekends included.

How much does it cost to change door locks?

On average, we charge $55 for our standard lock change service. We also charge a $19 service call fee. 

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks? 

In general, the cheaper option between the two is lock rekeying. However, at times, because of unforeseen problems and lock particularities, lock replacement might be the best solution. 

How much does it cost to change deadbolt lock?

Changing a deadbolt lock starts at $55. Depending on the brand and type of lock you need assistance with, the final bill may go higher.  

How do I know which lock to choose for my door? 

Get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with the guidance you need to choose the most suitable locks for your exact home, business space, or car doors.

Will installing a new lock damage my door? 

Absolutely not. We work with the most experienced and certified locksmiths in the industry and the most advanced tools that guarantee a zero-damage job. 

How long will it take to install new locks? 

New lock installation takes an average of 30 minutes, depending on the chosen model.