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Is your car key stuck in the lock or ignition? Don't panic!

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What Car Key Extraction Services Are Available?

Our car locksmith experts can help you with all your car key extraction needs for your vehicle. If you continuously try to painfully wrestle the key out on your own without specialized equipment, you can potentially damage your car which will result in a much more lengthy and costly key extraction. There are a number of potential causes for this problem:car door damaged

  • Damaged lock 
  • Bent or broken car key
  • Rusted lock 
  • Debris trapped in the lock cylinder
  • Attempted car theft
  • Frozen locks

When your car key gets stuck inside your car door lock or ignition, our locksmiths can come to you and can pinpoint the problem and figure out the best plan going forward. Once our locksmith is on-site, he or she can provide services such as extract the key, fix any damage that may have been caused and even cut you a brand new key if necessary. 

Car Key Extraction Prices

Can You Perform a Broken Ignition Key Extraction?

If your car key broke off inside your car’s ignition, our broken key extractors can reach you promptly and remove the broken key for you. When you call upon our car key extraction services, our locksmith technicians will assess the issue, and will then get to work carefully removing the broken ignition key that is jamming up your car ignition.

Removing a key is not as simple as just wiggling it around back and forth and praying for it to come out. Most ignitions in today's automobiles are highly tuned systems that are made to be compatible with only one particular key and go through a certain series of motions before the vehicle can be started. If any step along this process malfunctions, your car key can jam. Even worse, if the key breaks inside the ignition, this can lead to even more serious issues. The important thing here is to find someone with the right specialized tools and lubrication to delicately remove the key.

Car Key Extraction from Car Door Locks

If your car key has gotten jammed inside your car door lock, our car key extraction experts can help you remove your car key from your car lock. At that point, our locksmith technician might recommend that you replace the car door lock completely in order to prevent your car key from getting jammed in the lock again. In many cases, you may have a well-maintained key, but for some reason, it still gets stuck. Whether or not you know what caused your key to getting jammed in your door lock, our locksmiths can help you resolve the issue as quickly and smoothly as conceivable.

There are many factors that could lead to the corrosion of door locks. Rain, snow, heat and cold weather can take their toll on metal door locks. Rust can develop on the inner parts of your car door lock… The age of your vehicle can also play a major role in the wear of your car door locks. The older your car is the more it is susceptible to general wear and tear. Furthermore, the locks, cylinders and other aspects of them may fail with age.

New Car Key Cutting after ExtractionCar key extraction

Similarly, as the ignition takes on wear over time, so too does your key. When a key is flawed it will not rotate the lock cylinders properly and can get stuck. Similarly, you can run into a problem if you accidentally break your key in the door lock. In the rare chance that you manage to remove your key, don’t attempt to insert it again! This puts you at risk of once again getting it stuck, doing more damage to the lock cylinders or even breaking it.

After our car key extraction service is completed, our competent locksmith on call will be able to repair your car door lock or ignition switch for you on location. Once that is completed, we can cut new keys for you so that you don’t run into the same problem again in the future.

Are Your Locksmiths Available For Roadside Car Key Extractions?

A damaged car lock can put you in quite the bind. It requires that you find a place to get it repaired, but you cannot go anywhere because chances are you cannot even open your car door! Luckily for you, our mobile locksmith technicians can come to your location. Our Locksmith Locator team provides roadside assistance when you need to have a car key extracted from your car door lock or your vehicle’s ignition. Our local locksmith technicians are available to come to your location at any hour of the day or night to assist you with your car key extraction needs.

We can meet you anytime, anywhere and extract your jammed key from the lock, as well as repair your car door lock or key on the spot so that you can get back on the road and back to your life. No matter what lock-related problems you run into, we are here to fix it.

If your key is stuck in the car door lock, call us now!