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Car Ignition Key Extraction

Are you looking for expert car key ignition extraction services? Get in touch with us and let us assist you! We are available 24/7 and we can provide you with top solutions at affordable rates and fast speeds. We have the know-how, skills, manpower, and availability needed to reach any US location within 30 minutes or less and handle any ignition key extraction emergency on the spot.

Our Expert Ignition Key Extraction Services

Our team of professional locksmiths is your go-to local expert in a wide array of ignition key and lock problems, as follows:

ignition key removal

  • the removal of jammed ignition keys
  • broken key extraction from all types of ignition locks
  • key removal from damaged ignition lock or switch
  • worn, rusted, or bent ignition key extraction
  • instant ignition key replacement solutions
  • damaged ignition repairs
  • broken ignition replacement

Give us a call today and allow us to help you get back behind the wheel in no time, hassle-free, and with minimum expenses.

Ignition Key Removal Services

Fewer things are more frustrating and difficult to handle without professional assistance than a stuck ignition key that needs to be extracted. Our technicians rely on a series of proven methods to remove jammed or broken keys from ignitions, including:

1. Settling The Parking Gear 

Once we will arrive at your location, we will proceed to inspect the parking gear and see if setting it will resolve the problem without any additional work. Many drivers do not know this, but failing to set the parking gear the right way will prevent them from pulling the key from the ignition. By enabling the P or Park option on a car with an automatic transmission or setting it in Neutral for a car with manual transmission should rapidly solve the stuck key problem.

2. Manual Jiggling Of The Steering Wheel

If this is not the case, our locksmiths will move a step forward and try to manually jiggle the steering wheel in order to effectively pull out the key. Often times, the steering column-wheel will lock in an attempt to prevent thieves from stealing the vehicle. This could trigger some extra pressure to be put on the ignition. In turn, the key will remain stuck in the ignition switch. Our locksmiths know just how to handle this type of problem without causing any damage or further problems.

3. Spraying The Ignition Switch

Another solution we use for solving a stuck ignition key removal problem is to spray professional WD-40 in the ignition lock and insert a special tool between the lock and the key that will help loosen the stuck key and safely remove it. A dirty key will be further cleaned by our experts to make sure the problem will not repeat itself shortly after.

4. Jammed Ignition Cylinder Replacement 

In the event that none of the previous methods will work, we will recommend you to have the ignition cylinder replaced. We can provide you with a vast array of ignition cylinders to choose from or recommend some quality options for you if you are seeking professional advice.

The Use Of Professional Key Extractor Tools 

We only work with top-tier, original key extractors manufactured by some of the most reputable manufacturers worldwide. This means that we guarantee a zero-damage extraction job that should not affect the integrity of the ignition switch.  Our locksmiths work with advanced sets consisting of several extractors, along with pliers, scissors, small saw-tooth key extractor tools, or tools used for sidewinder shims. This allows us to accurately remove the tiniest broken ignition or key pieces. One of the most reliable toolsets we work with is the SouthOrd Mini Broken Key Extractor featuring small gripping tips used for reaching tiny spaces, compatible with all types of ignition models.  We also use sidewinder shim extractors featuring bent fingers that can protrude along the key blade. The same tools usually rely on 0.004 inches with tapered noses to effectively lift start and pull out the pins, while digging into the key cut to quickly remove the jammed key. These tools are particularly useful when working with top-security types of locks, including pin tumbler cylinders.

24/7 Emergency Ignition Key Replacement Solutions

When the jammed, stuck, broken, or worn-out key will be successfully removed from the ignition switch, our experts may recommend you to have the problematic ignition cylinder changed with a new model. Provided a rusty, vulnerable, worn-out, or broken key has caused the jamming issue, we will most likely advise you to have the key replaced. The process is quick and easy, as we rely on professional key cutting software that can get the job done in a few minutes.

Affordable Car Key Extraction Services

Get in touch with us straight away and allow us to dispatch the nearest car locksmith in town to your exact location. We work with some of the most affordable ignition key removal service prices, with no hidden fees and no extra charges on your final bill. We are fully transparent and open to answering all your questions and concerns and we warmly invite you t give us a call and find out why we are the number one car locksmith service in town. We service all U.S. states and our mobile locksmith teams are dispersed in strategic areas and this allows them to rapidly reach any address and get you back on the road in no time.

Whether your ignition key has been damaged by sudden temperature changes, high pressure applied to it, a sticky or broken ignition lock, or metal fatigue, give us a call and let us lend you the hand you need, right when you need it.