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Is The Smart Home The Home Of The Future?

smart home

Would you like to upgrade your home systems? Find out what features you can add and the way they could completely revolutionize your home and security.

The incredible advent of technology during recent years is irrefutable. We are now able to use our smartphones to do things we never thought would be possible just a few years ago. We can turn on the lights in the driveway on our way home from work, control our ovens or coffee machines or change the color of the lights in our living rooms. In other words, we can opt for smart home technology and enjoy a number of benefits that make our homes easier, safer, and more convenient.

If you do not know a lot of details about the smart home concept or you would like to expand your research, grab your mug of coffee and keep reading.

Why Are Smart Homes A Good Idea?

For starters, we spend a great deal of time indoors, inside our homes, no matter what work schedules we might have. By the time we come back home after a long, hectic day, we are usually burnt out and feel like crawling into bed and sleeping till morning. We are simply too tired to do anything else, and we would love to have even the smallest helping hand. Home automation is the answer. We can control what is going on in and around our homes with advanced, smart home systems, even from a remote distance. These solutions can significantly simplify our lives and make our existence more comfortable and convenient.

Smart homes usually feature smart locks, which can boost security on a property. Since they do not involve the use of any physical keys, they are more difficult to pick, which means they can do a better job protecting homes against burglars.

Here are a few additional benefits of embracing smart home technology:features of a smart home

  • It can help you improve your sleep patterns as you will set the temperature and/or humidity levels inside your home with more ease. Special sensors will set the right level of air freshness to improve the quality of your sleep every night.

  • You can set your favorite ambient lighting depending on your mood with just a few taps on your smartphone, and feel more relaxed;

  • A smart home can save you precious time. Time is, for most people, the most valuable resource they constantly struggle to find and often times fail. We try hard to accomplish millions of things in just 12 hours and we are still waiting for a fast-forward magic button to be invented. In the meanwhile, living in a smart home can help better manage our homes from remote distances. Since we don't need to be home in order to perform the previously mentioned tasks, we can save ourselves a lot of time.

  • You can get rid of a lot of the stress, as you can pre-schedule your oven or tea/coffee maker to automatically brew your favorite drink or cook your steak while you are away, shopping, at work, or on your way home. There are smart refrigerators that can create separate schedules for every family member, look up recipes and read them out loud, send out notifications letting you know when the food is about to expire and even upload photos. In a word, a smart fridge can help you live a happier and simpler life and save precious time.

All in all, smart home technologies can pick up our daily habits and behaviors and learn how to respond to them.

Keeping Up With The Burglars

The more advanced the locks on our doors and our home alarm systems, the more knowledgeable burglars must become in order to get past them. A smart home can easily identify any suspicious activity and let you know if someone has broken into your home, whether you are there or not.

Think in terms of fingerprint access for the entryways that will limit the number of persons who are granted access. Your smart home will immediately notify you on your phone whenever it detects a different set of fingerprints it is not familiar with.

Other types of smart locks can prove to be equally efficient at keeping potential intruders at bay. For example, a digital smart lock should help you lock and unlock your front door with a single tap of a button. With the help of a special security app the lock comes with, a key fob or a unique 4 to 10 digit access code you will need to type in, you will be allowed to enter your home and forget all about your bulky keys. If the access code is typed in wrong five times, the lock will initiate a lockout that will last for a few minutes before allowing you to re-enter your PIN. The locks also usually come with built-in tamper alarms and bank-level encryption for enhanced security and more peace of mind. Temporary access can be given to guests, friends, or renovators while you are at work.

Door Compatibility And More Featuressmart lock

Some of these smart locks are compatible with PVC and composite doors, others can only be used on timber doors, and some can be fitted on all types of locks. For best results, you could opt for a smart lock that can be tied to a CCTV system inside the house, so you can truly benefit from the remote, invisible and protective shield of a smart home.

Voice-activated smart locks that rely on Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant to manage your locks and keep an eye on your door no matter where in the world you may be is another excellent advantage. These locks can also automatically lock a door behind you and automatically unlock it for more convenience when arriving home. With 24/7 activity logs, you can check every day, you will always know who your kids are bringing over while you are away.

While installation is not difficult, we advise you to rely on professional locksmith services to make sure everything is in order. The Locksmith Locator team can help you fit any type of lock on your home, maintain, fix and re-key/replace them whenever needed at good rates and fast speeds.