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Smart VS Simple Locks - Are Expensive Locks Better?

On a psychological level, people will usually consider expensive items to be better, safer, or just the smarter choice when compared to their cheaper counterparts, especially when it comes to security locks. In reality, a plethora of factors influence the way a lock works and delivers what it promises to do. While it is true that expensive locks usually count more features and are manufactured with sturdier and more precious materials, this does not automatically mean they are more secure than their more affordable counterparts.

In the next few paragraphs, our locksmith pros will try to answer a few important questions that will shed more light on the topic.

What Are Smart Locks? what are smart locks

Smart locks are electromechanical locks that lock and unlock doors upon receiving a prompt through biometric sensors, electronic keypads, access cards, WiFi or Bluetooth technology via registered mobile devices. The term “smart” in smart locks comes from the fact that these locks use advanced technology and Internet connectivity to enable easy access and ensure higher levels of security.

How Do Smart Locks Differ From Normal Locks?

Access monitoring and alerts in real-time

As opposed to normal locks, smart locks can be used to closely monitor access to a property and issue alerts in real-time, as a response to a variety of events they have been programmed to monitor or any additional events tied to the devices’ status.

Integration with smart home systems

Also, smart locks can be efficiently used together with other smart home devices and gadgets including smart video doorbells, smart sensors for lights and movement, or smart controllers for room temperature, humidity, or home appliances. They are considered part of a smart home system, which is not usually the case for regular locks that are more affordable.

By-passing risks

While both expensive and affordable locks serve the same basic protective purposes, high-end locks are a lot more difficult to bypass due to the complex technology behind them and top-quality materials.

Risk of losing keys

when comparing a smart lock that offers keyless entry via a smartphone, a unique keypad code, or fingerprints with a standard lock and key system with mechanical keys that can get easily lost or stolen, the smart alternative is a clear winner.

Anti-picking features

Smart locks can also feature a series of anti-pick lock options that can lower the risk of tampering. Among them, we can mention two-way talk options, intrusion alerts, and built-in surveillance cameras that generate images in real time. These functions are not available with standard locks that are usually less expensive.

expensive locksWho Should Invest in Smart Locks?

If you are interested in making opportunistic burglars rethink their plans to enter your home without an invitation, invest in a quality smart lock. These are excellent deterrents against both opportunist and seasoned burglars who do not have any skills, knowledge, or experience with how to bypass the complex technology part of the most expensive lock options on the market.

Secondly, if you wish to gain more peace of mind knowing your home or commercial space benefit from higher levels of protection non-stop, a smart lock is your way to go.

Homeowners who need to periodically grant access to third parties such as handymen, babysitters, gardeners, or visiting relatives and guests using virtual keys sent via text messages or emails should also consider investing in smart locks.

Are Expensive Locks a Good Idea?

Smart locks are not the only expensive lock models out there. There are plenty of quality, high-end locks manufactured with the help of reinforced steel and superior alloy metals that give them more durability and resistance against physical attacks. Most expensive locks also feature advanced features similar to the ones that are part of smart locks, including anti-pick and anti-drill mechanisms.

It is important to remember that not all expensive locks are built the same and that the price of a certain lock does not necessarily reflect its actual quality or effectiveness. There are times when a manufacturer may try to charge a premium price for simple branding and nice aesthetics instead of the security features that the lock provides. When in doubt, make sure to do your research or rely on expert advice from professional locksmiths.

Are Smart Locks Worth the Price?

While the initial purchase costs of a smart lock may be higher compared to standard locks, this is due to the complex technology that they come with and which also gives them enhanced functionality. Plus, the ongoing advent of smart technology has gradually lowered their price tags, making them more affordable over the years. When compared to the added convenience, voice control, remote access, smart home automation, and advanced security features, the higher costs of smart locks are worth it for most people.

What Are the Disadvantages of Traditional Locks?

The main drawback of a traditional lock is the fact that you need to use a physical key, store it and safeguard it 24/7 and be logistically prepared to hand over a copy to future guests. Another con is the fact that these locks can be rather easily removed from the door with a simple screwdriver. Finally, standard locks that are usually more affordable can be picked with ease with a plethora of lock-picking tools and devices.

At the end of the day, deciding between an expensive smart lock and a standard lock that is more affordable is a personal decision that depends on your expectations, budget, security, and convenience needs. For more assistance or expert lock installation solutions, get in touch with our team.