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What To Do When I Locked My Keys In My Trunk

When planning a short trip, a nice evening with your friends or a family dinner, we don’t want anything to ruin it. We want to spend a nice time, have fun and we don’t think that something can happen that might turn our day into a nightmare. Life isn’t always nice, as probably many of us know, and from time to time it has some surprises for us, not necessarily the pleasant ones. What if this time is car trunk lockout? Sounds familiar? Have you ever been in that situation before? Has any of your friends have locked their keys in the trunk? What to do when we find ourselves in that sudden trouble?car trunk lockouts

I locked my key in my trunk!

Don’t get stressed. Panicking will not be helpful at all and it will make us a bundle of nerves. Instead of that, we should try to calm down and think what we can do to find the way out of the situation. Having a spare key with us will definitely solve the problem. But the truth is, not too many of us have it when it is needed. However, this might be a good lesson for us to always remember about the additional key. Wherever we put it — our friend’s house, our family member’s house or any other place — it will be better than not to have it at all. We never know when we will need it and it might come as a lifesaver. 

Locking the key in a car trunk happens more often than we think. There are many reasons why we can find ourselves in that situation — when talking to someone while taking out our shopping bags, we don’t concentrate on what we are doing and our keys can easily slide into the trunk without us even noticing. However the most important is to stay calm because maybe there is a way in which you can get them out. Car trunk lockout might appear more often with the modern models of cars as there the lock is electronic. Since the lock is remotely controlled, after going out of the car and closing the door, the lock closes itself and it cannot be opened without the key. Same thing goes with the car trunk. 

You can, of course, try to open your car or your car trunk without your key, however, it’s not recommended. In order to do that you need to have some knowledge about how the car lock mechanism works if you don’t want to break anything. If you are not a specialist in that field, it will be better if you don’t try. If you are sure that your car is for sure locked and there is no way of getting inside, the best you can do is to call the locksmith who will come and help you with your problem.

It is always good to have a locksmith number saved on our phone for locksmith emergency services so we have one thing less to worry about.

We will always be around to help unlock your trunk!

When you have a situation, you want someone who will be for you whenever you need it. If you have to go somewhere right away, you are running late for work, school or any other important place, you have to use your car and you are not able to because your keys are stuck inside. Don’t worry, just call us, say “I locked my keys in the trunk.” and we will come to rescue you.

Car lockouts are not only when we cannot go into our vehicle but also when our car keys are locked inside, either in the car or the car trunk. Whatever the reason is, the situation makes us feel frustrated, nervous or even angry. Sometimes we feel embarrassed that it happened to us and are too ashamed to call the expert. We shouldn’t be. While being in a hurry or distracted by something, we often do things without thinking about it. That’s why, in that kind of situations, we should take our phone and call the professionals.

car keysAs we are a nationwide company, we can provide a bunch of solutions for any problem you might have with your keys. Because of that, we can also help you when your keys are stuck in your trunk and you don’t know what to do. We have all the equipment and tools that are needed for opening any model of the car without damaging any lock. Also, we are opened 24/7 so from now on you can sleep calmly — whenever you need us, we will pick up your phone and come to help you, no matter what time it will be. We are also mobile so our fast car locksmith can come to any location within 30 minutes. Our employees have all the certificates that are needed for that kind of job, they are experienced, qualified and they know how to do their job. We can guarantee that the job will be done in a quick and safe way. As we take care of our clients and we want to be trustworthy, we offer also affordable prices that suit every pocket that go together with a high quality of our work.

Need help with opening your trunk? When you've locked keys in trunk, call our 24/7 Locksmith Service and we will be there right away!