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Securing Your Classic Car

classic car security tipsKnowing how to protect classic cars from theft is critical given the time, financial resources, interest, and attention invested in their purchase, restoration, and maintenance. Our expert car locksmiths have set up a comprehensive guide to teach you how to choose the best classic car security system for vintage cars: which classic car kill switch to buy, and how to implement the most efficient practices for your beloved ride. 

Why Are Classic Cars More Vulnerable to Theft?

Before jumping into our list of top recommendations, here are a few of the main reasons why we recommend classic car owners pay special attention to the way they secure their expensive cars:

  • As they usually encompass many expensive and rare features, they represent a more lucrative target for most vehicle thieves 
  • They can be easier to break into as they usually have their original (and now obsolete) lock models installed, which makes them more susceptible to being unlocked with simple tools used by car thieves 
  • They are more difficult to track if they go missing
  • They are in high demand in international markets
  • They do not usually have any complex car alarm systems or additional security devices installed.  New cars come equipped with electronic locks and advanced security features
  • Licensing and police authorities may have a more difficult time identifying a stolen classic car 

Install a Classic Car Kill Switch

One clever way to increase security on a vintage car is to install a hidden switch, preferably a car kill switch, also known as a battery power kill switch. These devices work by cutting power from the car’s battery and better safeguarding the vehicle provided someone attempts to hotwire it or look for a way to turn the ignition. In case a potential thief does manage to turn on the engine, the lack of any power supply to the ignition will prevent them from driving off with the vehicle.

It is important to know how to select the best type of switch and how to correctly wire the switch into the system to avoid any issues. Another thing worth mentioning in relation to these devices is the fact that, since they are highly popular, seasoned car thieves will usually not have a hard time understanding that they are targeting a vehicle with a kill switch installed. Our experts recommend you be as creative as possible when selecting the most secluded location possible for a car kill switch. You may want to look into the possibility of cutting into the vehicle base or changing it.

Lock or Remove the Steering Wheel

Uninstalling the steering wheel on your vintage car will usually render the car inoperable and deter a large number of potential thieves. Of course, there is always the risk of professional classic car thieves utilizing a spare steering wheel or using tow trucks or flatbeds to fulfill their plan. On the other hand, using a steering wheel lock is a good visual deterrent to potential criminals that might be interested in stealing your precious vehicle. These devices show the best results when they encompass the entire wheel, thus preventing thieves from cutting through it.

Install a Vintage Car Alarm System

Look into the option of fitting a loud viper alarm for classic cars to lower the risk of your car being stolen. We consider this to be the best classic car security tip to follow. All you need to do is wire the small device into the vehicle, whether underneath a seat or inside the glove compartment. Since these car alarms are portable, they can be easily removed from the vehicle and installed on a different car when needed.

Some of the best models are not connected to the car’s power system, which means it is necessary to charge them independently. This can be done by plugging the device into the cigarette lighter and thus enjoying approximately two weeks’ time of use. Some models feature optional LED signal lights that allow owners to rely on visual proof that the system has been armed the right way and working flawlessly. Due to the plug-and-play sirens, these alarms guarantee ear-shattering alarms that are powerful enough to scare off any potential carjacker.

Use a GPS Tracker 

Just because you own a classic car built decades ago does not mean you cannot take advantage of the perks of using modern technology for enhanced protection. A reliable GPS tracking system can be a deterrent for potential criminals, as its main purpose is to track your car down in case it does get stolen. It is possible to opt for a model that asks for very little to no wiring for simple and non-invasive installation.

Always make sure you to be smart about choosing the safest parking spots for your classic car, avoid leaving valuables in clear view, and implement several of our recommendations to add more layers of security.