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How To Choose the Best Steering Wheel Lock


Cars that have modern-day security alarms and smart security devices installed are not 100% protected against theft and similar threats. With the help of additional physical barriers such as wheel clamps, locks for plate numbers, and locks for steering wheels, owners can further strengthen the protection of their vehicles. Knowing which steering wheel locks are the most suitable for your needs and budget is important and these next few lines will teach you who to make the right selection.

How Does a Steering Wheel Lock Work?

Steering wheel locks are security devices that work with the help of hooks that need to be placed through the steering wheel in the small openings found on the wheel in order to minimize the specific movements. The steering wheel as well as the lock on it should be therefore stopped by the floor, as well as the roof and the car door from turning in any way. While the shaft will get pulled to its maximum length, it will also be locked in place with the help of a key. The best steering wheel locks are the ones that can prevent theft through classic break-in methods, as well as some more complicated theft methods such as key clones or theft from keyless entry vehicles.

Why Use a Steering Wheel Lock?

A car steering wheel lock comes with a series of advantages, and below you are going to discover a few of the most important of them.

Locks For Steering Wheels Are Excellent Physical and Visual Deterrents

Steering wheel locks are not just a simple piece of metal mean to prevent the wheel from turning. It is also an excellent solution for protecting your car from potential thieves since it is an extremely difficult device to crack. Plus, lots of opportunist car thieves looking for their next victim will be deterred at the sight of these locks, as the risk of getting caught trying to pick such a device would not be worth it for many of them.

Steering Wheel Locks Help You Sleep Better At Night

Lots of car owners are worried about the security of their parked vehicles, especially at night or in place they are unfamiliar with. These locks will bring them more peace of mind at the thought that their precious vehicles are better protected against various threats.

Save Money With Steering Wheel Locks

A vehicle that has been broken into or one that has been stolen will automatically poke a deep hole in your pocket. Spending money on having the vehicle or the stolen items replaced is will cause you a lot of distress. Provided you have good car insurance, you may still need to cover some of the damage or stolen items, and having a sturdy steering wheel lock could help you stay away from all the extra hassle.

steering wheel lock

Plus, such a device will also usually help lower your insurance premium as most insurance companies are glad to recommend branded and reliable steering wheel locks that can ensure higher levels of security. Just make sure you choose one of their recommendations when shopping for a lock for your steering wheel so you can benefit from their price discounts.

Steering Wheel Locks Will Make Thieves' Work Harder

These devices are also helpful in case a thief manages to break into a vehicle and try to drive off with it. Provided they are in a hurry and they do not manage to crack the lock on the steering wheel, it will be almost impossible for them to properly drive the car and make any turns. This means they will not be able to get too far and they have every chance of abandoning the vehicle someplace where you will be able to rapidly retrieve it.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Steering Wheel Lock

The ideal lock for steering wheels should have a few features that can ensure higher levels of protection against theft attempts, as well as be made of sturdy materials, fit a wide variety of wheels on different branded vehicles and ensure excellent anti-drill protection. In short, this is how a reliable lock worth investing in should look like. The Disklok is one fine example of such a quality lock that has been on the market for many years and that has proven its remarkable qualities. This lock does a good job at completely covering the entire surface of the steering wheel and it also spins when someone tries to forcefully use the wheel to prevent turns. The lock carries the prestigious Sold Secure gold rating which means it can withstand an impressive number of picking and drilling attempts and it is also preferred by law enforcement officers when performing their duties. The lock can also be easily and rapidly installed and removed with the help of a key and the fact that it is very easy to notice makes it a good deterrent against thieves. It is also effective against airbag theft and it is sold with three keys. This model is also going to bring you insurance premium discounts from some companies.

Always Choose Locks With Great Endurance and Top Features

A steering wheel lock that is made from materials that are very durable, usually a combination of hardened materials that will make the lock almost impossible to pick open and crack using regular power tools and lock picking devices. Keep in mind you will need to make sure that the diameter of your steering wheel will be perfectly compatible with the lock. You should also focus on investing in a loc that does a good job at keeping your steering wheel protected against different types of stealing and lock picking methods such as theft from cars with keyless entries or key cloning techniques. No matter what model you might have our eyes on, make sure you first consult a professional and reputable locksmith service like ours to make sure the look is fully compatible with the vehicle or vehicles you plan on using it on. We also offer other installation, repair, and replacement services for vehicle and steering wheel locks, ignition switches and transponder keys, so do not hesitate to give us a call today.