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Wheel Clamps for Enhanced Vehicle Protection


A wheel clamp is a car security device that is primarily used as a deterrent for vehicle thieves, but it can also prevent a car from being towed away when parked in the wrong spot. Thanks to their bulky appearance and the sturdy materials they are made of, wheel clamps are also preferred by drivers thanks to their easy installation and below we are going to mention a few additional features of wheel clamps, as well as what to look for when purchasing them.

How To Use A Wheel Clamp

Wheel clamps or car immobilizers are sold in a variety of configurations and they basically work by stopping the regular 360 degrees rotating moves of the wheels without causing any damage to the car. This is done with the help of the enclosure of a wheel in a brace shaped like a Y. The brace is made of the main arm, swinging arms, and the faceplate in the middle. The middle faceplate plays the role of a device that can stop someone from accessing and removing the wheel's nuts. It also works as a protective shield for the locking system of the clamp, making it a lot harder for a potential thief to reach it and tamper with it.

The clamp's main arm can be sold as a separate element of the center plate or it can also be sold as part of a single unit. It plays the role of the component that can stop the reverse rotation of the wheel, as well as an enclosing tool for the wheel. It does this by effectively penetrating the locking mechanism prior to it being secured by the bolt.  Finally, the swinging arms rotate from the middle plate and they are hooked around the tires in such a way so they create a brace with three points. Some wheel clamps are sold with extendable or retractable swing arms for enhanced versatility and better compatibility with more models of car wheels.

How To Choose The Best Wheel Clamps For Your Vehicle

Ideally, you should opt for a wheel clamp that has been tested and received certification from authorized and independent bodies. Focus on models that are weather-resistant and made of sturdy steel that is thick enough so they can prevent drilling or sawing attempts.

wheel clamp

If you own several vehicles, you could opt for a universal wheel clamp that is compatible with tires measuring up to 27cm or more when it comes to their width. Wheel clamps that can handle a force as big as 3500lbs are also models worth looking into. Choosing wheel clamps colored in bright shades should also contribute toward their thief deterrent purpose. These clamps are a lot easier to notice, which means thieves will have a more difficult time taking off without being seen.  Another important feature you should consider when shopping for a wheel clamp is the way it can be attached and taken off the tires. The number of keys a wheel clamp comes with should also matter – the more, the merrier, but keep in mind a professional car locksmith should be able to provide you with replacement or copy keys without too much hassle.  Some of the main issues that car owners mention in relation to wheel clamps refer to the locking pins and the keys that could get easily bent. Knowing what are the most reliable models on the market and having them installed or fixed by expert locksmiths who know what they are doing could make a huge difference here.

The Milenco Wheel Clamp Motorhome M16 is a 16-inch wheel clamp made in the UK that comes with the Sold-Secure Gold Approved rating. This means that it has been carefully assessed and vetted by the police as a safe anti-theft solution and it would make for a great security choice for car, motorhome, and caravan owners looking for extra protection against theft. This model has successfully managed to withstand a large number of theft attempts during the last ten years since it has been out on the market and it comes with a pick-proof lock that is made of hardened steel. It can handle any hacksawing attempt and it is also sold with three keys. It is compatible with allow as well as steel car wheels and it will not in any way damage the wheels thanks to the foam that has been added to it. It is suitable for motor homes and camper vans with wheel arches and it also makes for a good solution when you need to tow a car behind a van. It does not weigh too much, which means it should not be too difficult to manipulate by inexperienced drivers. The wheel clamp also offers protection to the wheel nuts.

The Bulldog EM4X4SS Euroclamp is excellent for 4x4 vehicles, as well as motor homes and vans and it comes with a less bulky design. The clamp has two separate arms that need to be installed on either side of wheel, with one arm slotting into the other. The clamp does not weigh much, but this does not mean it cannot withstand theft attempts through the drilling technique. This clamp has tips covered in a soft material that will keep any scratches away from wheels made of alloy, with the arms made of steel that has been strengthened.  This is another model that has received the approval of the police during testing and it also carried the Sold-Secure rating. Keep in mind this model along with other ones with similar features and certifications are usually preferred by insurance companies thanks to the high levels of protection they can ensure. If you are the owner of a camper home or a motorhouse and you are looking to pay a more affordable insurance premium, investing in a quality wheel clamp will make a big difference.

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