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Most Popular Lock Brands Available Today

popular lock brands

Looking to replace your locks? Find out what are the most popular lock brands you could invest in today and see what sets them apart from their competitors.

A home is only as safe as its door. However, a front door to a home can be easily rendered useless if it doesn't have a decent lock on it. Think about it: no door will ever remain closed and secure without a lock. In order for a door to be truly protective, it must incorporate a sturdy and reliable lock mechanism. This way, the risk of potential intrusions and break-ins can drop significantly.

The most popular lock brands on the market are the most trusted brands that millions of homeowners can vouch for. If it is time to have your home and office locks replaced for more peace of mind and security and you are not sure where to start, this brief list of top lock brands should help you out.

Here are the names of the 10 most common lock brands on the planet:lock installation

  • Kwikset
  • Schlage
  • Baldwin
  • Yale
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • RR Brink
  • Medeco
  • Evva
  • ASSA-Abloy

ASSA-Abloy - The Company That Rules Them All

Pretty much all of the previously mentioned lock brands are, in fact, under the umbrella of just one company: ASSA-Abloy. They own and manufacture all of the locks that belong to these popular brands, and they also handle other famous brands such as Sargent, Pemco or Arrow Lock, to name just a few. In other words, they are responsible for ensuring safety at all levels and for all types of properties and they are the most reliable brand you could opt for.

Evva - The Unpickable Magnetic Key

While all big lock brands claim their locks are some of the most difficult to pick – or impossible – the opposite has been proven time and time again. While the best locks in the world are extremely hard to break, smart, professional burglars eventually manage to get past them. The Evva magnetic key system, on the other hand, seems to be a different story. While many claims of people breaking these locks do exist, none of them is actually backed up by palpable proof that can be checked. So until the locksmith community finds any conclusive evidence of a successful break-in attempt on this lock, it is safe to say that this is one o the most reliable options. Even though someone might eventually use a bump key on it, bypass it or pick it, it would still remain incredibly difficult to open.

Evva is also a top brand of worldwide locks that are delivered to all parts of the world. The magnetic technology they rely on turns them into a one of a kind solution trusted by professional locksmiths. This is always a good sign when shopping for locks.

Medeco – A More Controversial Top Lock Brand

Many voices claim this is the best brand of locks ever. After all, their sales speak to their high levels of popularity. But are these locks just as good as everyone thinks they are? According to some, these are unpickable locks, but this theory has been proven wrong lots of times. One of the issues we found with these locks is the fact that they are constantly being updated in order to show fresh designs and keep up with the patents. Unfortunately, each new update makes the locks a little less reliable. While this does not mean these systems are becoming more easy to penetrate, it does mean some people might make the mistake of over-trusting their security levels. For the best results, we recommend you opt for the models that have been produced after 2011.

RR Brink Locks Make Prison Break More Difficult

Another popular lock brand is RR Brink, most famous for its American prison locks. These locks are reliable enough to keep the most dangerous people locked up, so it is easy to imagine just how secure they are. Their prison locks are large mortise cylinders that can fit two normal keys in the keyway that cannot be picked easily. A lot of time, special tools and energy would be needed to pick these locks, and this is something that prisoners are less likely to dispose of.

Mul-T-Lock - The Strong Man Key Brand

Probably one of the most recognizable brands of locks in the world, Mul-T-Lock has an interesting logo: a key that turns into a strong, muscular, flexing man. The image makes you think about your home being protected by your own private bodyguard, minus the extra expenses. In fact, most of this brand's popularity is given by this image alone. There is, however, a lot of truth behind the logo sparking people's imagination. The brand creates locks that are genuinely reputable, strong and reliable. Most of their keys come with an extra element that forces locksmiths to use some more elbow grease to have the locks picked. The same goes for potential intruders. Thanks to their excellent core and powerful construction, they are some of the best-sold systems on the market at the moment.

Corbin Russwin

The Corbin-Russwin merger was originally called American Hardware and it was later renamed Corbin Russwin. Their products are preferred by academic institutions, which turns them into great competitors for the previously mentioned brands of locks. Their easy servicing and replacement also add more trust to the brand. While they might not feature security pins, these locks are particularly difficult to pick even by experts. However, as time passes by and the wear-and-tear factor kicks in, the locks are a lot easier to fiddle with, which means proper maintenance and periodical replacing are essential.

The Yale brand is world-famous for having invented the pin tumbler lock as we all know it today, and it is also one of the most popular brand names out there. Besides, Medeco and Kwikset locks owe their design to Linus Yale Jr., which adds more value to this company.

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