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Best Security Systems For Motorhomes

If you are worried about the safety of your RV or you would like to learn what are the most popular and reliable motorhome security solutions, you have reached the right page. We are going to reveal to you a few of the best anti-theft campervan solutions whether parked in your home garage or in the driveway or while on the road.

Theft from RVs is more common than you might think and, if you own a motorhome, you could deal with professional thieves looking to steal the entire vehicle or deal with opportunist thieves breaking in and taking off with precious items. Both of these risks can be significantly lowered with the help of the right security measures and deterrents.

Motorhome Security Systems To Use When Travelling

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Whether parked in the wild camping, an approved parking spot for motorhomes or a barrier-protected campsite, with or without surveillance cameras, you should worry about opportunist thieves. Your priority should be to make your vehicle as least desirable and appealing to potential crooks in the area as possible. This can be done through a number of processes, including:

Use Wheel Clamps And Steering Locks For Your Caravan

Wheel clamps for motorhomes are simple to use security devices in the form of clamps that need to be placed around the exterior of wheels. Their main purpose is that of preventing anyone who is not authorized to drive your vehicle from moving it. They work best when your RV will remain parked for several hours in a row and you do not plan on moving your RV any time soon. They are easy to install and use and they can prevent someone from stealing your vehicle.  RV steering locks are also used for the same reason and they are even more difficult to remove compared to wheel clamps. This means they make for excellent thief deterrents for motorhomes and there are plenty of models that are very compact, light-weighted and that will not take up too much space.

RV Chains For The Front Seats

Camper vans can also be further secured with the help of chains that can be tied around the front seats. This should prevent potential crooks from breaking into the vehicle from driving, as they would not be able to reach the wheel or any of the pedals.

Clutch Claws For Motorhome Pedal Security

Some motorhome security systems and devices such as clutch claws can lock the pedals together and prevent anyone from maneuvering the vehicle without our consent. While these devices might not be able to entirely prevent someone from breaking into a campervan or an RV, it will save you precious time, usually just enough for you or someone else to notice the crooks or for the thieves to give up and move on to their next victim.

RV Alarms and Immobilzers

RV security systems consisting of alarms or trackers and immobilizers are also good ideas that will prove their efficiency for most owners. They can not only ensure higher levels of protection for your vehicle, but they can also significantly lower your insurance premium for your RV or campervan. Just make sure you first contact your insurer and inquire about their recommended RV security systems and devices, as they may prefer to work with certain models and brands. Immobilizers that are fitted by manufacturers are usually easy to bypass by technology-savvy thieves and this means they should have no problem driving off with your RV in the middle of the night without any keys. Having top-quality, branded motorhome immobilizers fitted instead of the standard devices on your vehicle will help you further increase security.

Add Extra Locks To Your RV

Installing better or additional cab door, habitation, or window door locks will also make a huge difference in keeping potential intruders away. Habitation door locks that will let you also lock the motorhome from the inside will give you more peace of mind. Extra cab door locks that perfectly match the doors' measurements and which can also be locked from the inside with locks keyed alike should also add more security to your van. You could also consider using a locking cab bar that will basically lock your cab doors together so no one can open them. Make sure you opt for locking cab bars made of anodized aluminium that will block the front doors from the interior of the vehicle. Choose a universal model with a telescopic frame and a hook that can be adjusted to match the majority of cabins.

Security Systems For Motorhome Windows

Adding extra layers of protection to the windows of an RV or motorhome can be more challenging than you might imagine. However, if you will opt for sturdy and high-quality sliding windows for your van, you will already be one step ahead of property criminals. Unfortunately, not all camper vans have these sliding windows installed. This means that you will need to figure out some different security approaches. Among them, you can consider fitting some window sensors or child window restrictors that will prevent the windows from opening at too wide of an angle. If you are searching for some brand new camper van or RV door lock replacement solutions, make sure you first talk to a professional locksmith service like ours and let experienced lock technicians who work with all brands and models of RVs and motorhomes help you with reliable advice and affordable practical assistance.