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Top Tools and Apps to Find Your Stolen Car

Apps to Find Your Stolen Car

Car theft has been a problem from the very first day cars were invented and launched on to the market. In 2019, more than 80,000 cars were stolen. Alarmingly, about $6 billion were lost because of car theft in the United States. You will be surprised to learn that there is a car theft reported every 50 seconds in the states alone.

One of the most common ways of stealing a car is to break into a parked zone, hotwire the vehicle and tow it away. Car owners often become victims when they accidentally lose their keys inside the vehicle and burglars notice it. Such incidences usually occur during winter when people leave their vehicle engine running before driving out. It is crucial that you lock the doors of your vehicles with another set of keys when you are warming it up.

Carjacking is a frightening car theft incident where the car owner is forced by thieves to leave the car. In some cases, car owners and passengers are made to remain in the vehicle as hostages. These are the fiercest forms of car thefts and have many times resulted in violence.

Use a GPS Device to Track Your Stolen Car

Apps to Find Your Stolen CarThere are several effective ways to track your stolen car. GPS-based systems and apps can help keep track of everything that is important to you.

Most car owners install a personalized GPS tracker, which comes with linked software or mobile applications that become active once you pay a certain amount. After activating, the apps will send you notifications so that you know the whereabouts of your car.

In addition, you can also install mechanisms in your car that are capable of tracking your vehicle through cell tech or radio transmission that is paired with your GPS. These mechanisms notify the police headquarters regarding the location of your vehicle. This system also permits you to do an engine shutdown of your car at the remote location without causing any damage if the car is stolen.

If you are looking to add a GPS-based device to your car, you must get in touch with us for a car locksmith to assist you. We have a proficient team of experts that will examine your vehicle and suggest the best anti-theft system for your car.

Methods To Protect Your Car Against Theft

Car theft is a common crime across the world and needs to be stopped. Preventing car theft is just as crucial as keeping your house and family safe. Losing your car is just as distressing as losing your possessions and property.

It is important to remember that your car can be broken in anytime and anywhere and therefore you must use the necessary procedures to protect your assets. Below are some of the tested and tried methods that may help to prevent car theft.

  • Install lock safety gadgets: One of the cheap and efficient methods to keep your vehicle safe is by installing lock safety gadgets. There are several types of specialized locks available on the market that are created exclusively for the steering wheel, hood, floorboard, tires, and gear shift. Another method is the use of deflators that lock your valve stem and quickly take out the air from the car tires.
  • Engrave VIN - Vehicle Id Number: Cars with their VIN numbers etched on windows, windshields or other noticeable places on the car have a lesser risk of car theft. This is because car burglars understand that vehicles with VIN numbers can be easily spotted by police. 
  • Install a gadget that disrupts the ignition action for intruders: Other advanced methods to prevent car theft include using a smart key or a wireless ignition authentication system. These gadgets identify the characteristic radiofrequency or computer chip positioned within your car before starting up. You will easily fund such efficient systems on the market in an affordable range.

If you are looking to install such gadgets in your car, make sure you keep it hidden or thieves can disable the control and get away with your car.

How To Find Your Stolen Car With VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

If your vehicle is stolen, you can find it with the help of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The auto industry allocates a unique code to every vehicle as an identification mark. This is known as the VIN number.

The VIN number helps to locate your car. Here are the simple steps to find your stolen car with a VIN number.

  • First, you need to buy your vehicle history report online, which will cost you anywhere from $30 to $40.
  • Second, you need to add your VIN number and details of your credit card on the search screen of the vehicle history report. This will show you the comprehensive details of the locations your car was registered and serviced. The last entry should be the latest location of your stolen car.
  • Third, you must get in touch with the police and furnish them with all the needed details so that they can help you get your stolen vehicle back. 

Most car owners avoid setting car alarms because of the sensitivity of these systems as they go off even by a police siren. Additionally, there are several car alarms that sound identical so even when your car’s alarm is going off, you may not pay any heed. Though car alarms look promising, people often ignore them. Therefore, it is best to use other anti-car theft systems to safeguard your vehicles.

In addition to installing anti-theft devices in your car, you must always keep your vehicle locked and keep your keys safely with you. Don’t carelessly leave your keys anywhere in your car. Park it in the safe zone which is well-lit and guarded.

Important Note For You!

It is essential to keep in mind that your car is always at risk of being stolen by intruders, no matter where you live. So, don’t take it for granted that your vehicle is safe even when it is parked inside your garage, and make sure it is protected.

Contact our trained locksmith professionals and inspect your house for vulnerabilities and ways to fix them.