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Pool Security Locksmith Services


Looking for ways of increasing pool security this summer? Our expert pool security locksmiths are here to help. We provide pool security consultation, pool locks installation, pool fence looks, and much more. Call today for the cheapest locksmith prices available.

As much as they are loved and sought after in the scorching heat of those long summer months, pools can also be a cause of a serious hazard that could jeopardize the safety of the most vulnerable household members - mainly children and pets. Even the smallest distraction preventing a parent from keeping constant eye contact with their small child playing in the water could lead to an unfortunate accident. It only takes a few quick seconds for a child to drown, and the statistics are worrying at a nationwide level. If you are currently enjoying the privilege of owning a pool in your backyard, we recommend you take a few precautionary measures to beef up security and steer clear from any problems.

Who Provides the Best Pool Security Locksmith Services?

pool security locksNot all locksmiths are willing to tackle residential or commercial pool security services. The Locksmiths Locator team specializes in simple and advanced lock fittings for pool fences, as well as keyless deadbolt locks, magnetic pool gate locks, pushbutton locks and other types of security solutions for pool owners. We strongly recommend you to take a look at our price list and the rest of the information you can find on our website, or get in touch with our customer support service team in case you need any additional information or extra guidance. We will be more than happy to asses your security needs in your pool area for free and recommend the most suitable solutions that will fit your budget.

What Are the Most Reliable Types Of Pool Locks?

There are so many options to choose from but you should always stick to the best and most recommended pool locks brands and types. Check out the shortlist we compiled and if you have further questions, be sure to contact us directly.

Magnetic Pool Gate Locks

These locks are excellent for securing the fence that is surrounding your pool. They latch on their own which means you should no longer worry whether you have locked the gate behind you so the kids cannot enter the pool area without your consent. The magnetic lock for pools can also be controlled with the help of your hands by pushing it open with any part of your body when your hands are busy carrying the cold lemonades to your guests at the pool. It is also possible to add a keyless lock to it, as well as a keyed lock for more security.

Keyless Lever Deadbolt Locks

This solution s extremely simple to use by the elderly or physically impaired people. This, however, does a bit mean that it is lacking the necessary level of sturdiness that any pool lock should have. The lock comes with a keypad on both sides of the gate surrounding the pool. You will be able to use the same access code on both the interior and the exterior of the gate. The keyless lever deadbolt lock is also excellent as it can withstand high temperatures in the summer, as well as low temperatures in the winter.

The Lockey Double Sided Pushbutton Lock

This model lets you enter the pool area without using a physical key. It is also extremely sturdy and can handle extreme weather. It requires the use of an access code on both sides of the gate or door, which turns it into a suitable solution for those of you looking for an additional layer of protection.

Locinox Security Knob

This lock is more on the heavy use side as it requires more strength and better coordination to open the gate or door it is fitted on. Potential home burglars will have a difficult time trying to remove the security knob without drawing the attention of neighbors or passers-by.

Twist 40 Swimming Pool Lock

This is a stainless steel lock that needs to be fitted at the top of the pool gate. The lock opens when it is pressed and twisted and it is well-suitable for steering young children clear from the pool area without an adult supervising them. Burglars are also less likely to make their way in, and users can opt for a key that can operate the lock. This model is excellent for small and large gates alike.

Can Pool Security Alarms System Save Lives?

Pool Patrol Alarms

These alarms are extremely efficient for adding more safety to any pool. They can easily detect pet and child movement and do not require any structural alterations to be done to your pool. They can be programmed and adjusted according to the finest sensitivity levels so the sensors do not issue any false alarms. The alarm can detect items and people that weigh at least 15 pounds and allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your device so you do not have to deal with false alarms.  This security device can sense people and items that are 15 pounds or more and works well in pools of varying sizes.

Poolguard Inground Alarms

This alarm needs to be installed on the side of the pool and it relies on electric sensors that will gauge the movement of the water. The sensor will figure out when someone or something over 18 pounds has entered the pool. Once this occurs the alarm will sound an alert. The same will occur when a child will try to sneak into the pool while the pool is covered. No matter if you are looking to keep your children away from the pool while you are not around or you are looking for some enhanced protection against potential burglars or even bored teenagers in the summertime that want to jump in your pool, our team can come to your help and assist you with any lock or alarm installation, repair, and maintenance needed. Remember that for a good pool gate lock to be efficient, it needs to be used according to its features.