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Everything You Should Know About Magnetic Doors

Magnetic doors by Locksmith Locator

In short, a magnetic door relies on the power of magnets to keep doors, hidden compartments and emergency exits locked. They are good solutions for various office cabinet locks, apartment building entrances, and concealed doors. Our expert locksmiths have compiled a brief guide that should help you get better acquainted with magnetic locks and keys and why you should consider them for your properties.

With three home burglaries taking place every 60 seconds, it is no surprise that more people are interested in enriching their knowledge concerning security systems and advanced protection methods for their properties. Whether you are a homeowner or an office building manager and you are looking for more effective ways to lower the risk of burglary, you should start with a thorough assessment of the locks you currently have installed. A good lock that has not been serviced or repaired in years will render its entire purpose useless. The same goes for a new, poor quality lock that will not do much good during an attempted break-in.

With so many different types of locks available on the market today, we will have no problem coming across the most suitable options for your custom needs and budget. Today we are going to discuss magnetic key locks that are ideal for a number of uses.

How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

A magnetic key lock offers a plethora of benefits when in use. For starters, it is extremely difficult to pick, plus it is more difficult to come across since it is easy to conceal. Secondly, a magnetic keyed lock uses magnetic forces that are capable of melting metal. In other words, such a lock can do a great job of keeping any door closed, minus the hassle of using regular deadbolt locks.

Access is enabled by disabling the magnetic force within the locks. Different magnetic locks come with different features in order to serve the purpose they have been built to serve. We recommend you to look into the various alternatives currently found on the market in hardware stores or locksmith shops and make your pick according to your needs. If you are not sure how to shop for a magnetic key lock, we can assist you in the process. We also handle installation and repairs for all types of locks, so do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

The magnetic lock requires the use of electricity to temporarily turn the piece of metal into a magnet. These locks also rely on the various push and pull mechanisms that can put the right pins in place, so that the mechanism can be released. There are also special types of locks that are a blend of magnetic key locks and regular locks you normally use on simple doors. Depending on your exact security needs, we can recommend the most suitable solutions.

There are also two categories of magnetic locks, which have different ability to keep the door locked during power outages:

  • fail-secure magnetic locks. These locks can maintain the door properly locked during power outages or during various lockdown emergencies.

  • fail-safe magnetic locks are based on distinct built-in features that allow the doors to automatically open during power outages and building fires or other emergencies. This means the people inside the building can quickly and safely exit the premises and not have to worry about having the suitable keys to unlock the respective door.

During normal, non-emergency times, the lock's magnets can be easily managed using magnetic keys that will cut the electricity running through the lock and enable access to the premises. This temporary release of magnetic forces, however, is temporary and will usually only last a few seconds.

The lock is connected to an iron plate that is also magnetic which is fixed to the door. The magnet that uses electrical current is securely installed on the door frame.

Why Should You Consider Using Magnetic Locks?

As mentioned before, magnetic key locks can be extremely powerful and they can easily withstand a force as large as 1,200 pounds. The majority of opportunist thieves and burglars will usually steer clear from magnetic locks, as they do not have the necessary tools or knowledge to break or pick them open. It is also possible to beef up security on a magnetic lock by adding even more electrical power to it.

You can also choose a model that can be controlled with the help of fingerprint recognition features, motion sensors, codes or swipe cards for even more convenience in use. Just make sure you hire a reliable locksmith for homes or commercial spaces to assist you with the installation and any repair and maintenance needs you might have.

The Locksmiths Locator crew specializes in the entire array of home and office magnetic lock installation services. We can also assist you with magnetic key lock repairs, magnetic key replacement and lockout emergencies that prevent you from accessing the building or premises. We can replace missing access cards and keys on the sot and help you rapidly resume your activity. If you are running a commercial establishment that sells products or services and depends on clients walking into the building, you are going to need to resume your activity as soon as possible or risk losing clients and money. Pick up the phone and give us a call. We can provide you with the fastest, most efficient and affordable magnetic key and lock services in town.

Cons Of Magnetic Locks 

Whenever there is a power outage that will disrupt the electrical power in the apartment building or commercial space, the fail-safe magnetic locks will no longer keep the doors closed and locked. However, if the door must remain shut during power outages we can provide you with a fail-secure magnetic lock. Different magnetic locks come with different efficiency levels, depending on the amount of electricity that runs through them. Magnetic keyed locks are an excellent option but require proper planning and consideration. Call us and schedule an appointment if you are interested in our installation services.