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Home Alarm System Installation

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For ideal results and a hassle-free and flawless experience, all home alarm systems should be installed by only authorized residential locksmiths. This is particularly true for the most advanced systems that can be currently found on the market. If you have chosen a more affordable and less complex home security alarm system that you would like to install yourself, these next few guidelines should come in handy. As a rule of thumb, you should always consider hiring an expert lock technician whose job is to fit, fix and maintain these systems on a regular basis and that charges affordable prices.

Types Of Home Security Alarms For Do-It-Yourselfers

An affordable home security kit you can find in hardware stores and some locksmith shops is suitable for people who would like to embrace a DIY project. These kits come with detailed instructions that are fairly easy to follow and they usually feature a buzzer, a bell some other source of sound that can alert you about a potential intruder break-in attempt. The main focus should be to find the best spot where this alarm should be installed so that you should have no problem hearing it from all corners of your home.

Of course, this is not all that it takes to complete the installation. You will also need to focus on having a switch circuit mounted and connected to the alarm, along with a battery supply that will feed the system with the energy it needs to protect your home 24/7. Power outages will not prevent these battery-powered systems from failing, which should give you more peace of mind. Plus, you could also opt for a system that features wireless sensors that can be remotely installed around the house. These alarms also use batteries to work and, as long as you will have the batteries replaced on a regular basis, your property should be well-protected 24/7.

How Do Home Alarms Work?

Closed-circuit systems or home alarms close a set of looping switches once the doors and windows are locked. Whenever one of the switches in the system is opened, it will automatically cause the continuous loop to break and lead to the alarm going off and sounding. By simply closing the door or window that has caused the alarm to go off, you will not manage to restore the switch loop circuit. This can only be done by switching off the circuit or by the battery dying.

The alarm comes with an electronic switch that will be enabled once the loop with a magnetic switch is broken. Key-operated switches will, therefore, let you turn the alarm off when you do not wish to put it to use, like during the day hen you are at home. When the alarm goes off, the only way to silence it is to manipulate the key switch with the help of a key or an alarm control panel.

How To Install A Home Alarm

Home intercom system Locksmith LocatorStart with the alarm speaker and find the best location for it, be it indoors or outside the house. You will need to drill a hole through a wall, provided you will opt for the outdoor alternative. Make sure you are also going to need to weather-proof the speaker with the help of a dedicated metal or plastic box. These boxes come with brackets that are used to mount tamper switches that can set off the alarm provided an intruder attempts to pry open this box. The same box also consists of a key switch on the side. This switch will enable the key-holder to turn the alarm off, have it activated or reset when needed.

If you choose to install the alarm inside the house, the need for the metal box will disappear. You can use a simple wall for installing the alarm, as long as you will be able to hear it with ease.

Most home alarm kits come with mounting backplates connected to the alarm with the help of screws. You will need to carefully remove the nut and pull the sounder apart from the backplate. Take a look at the pattern of holes and get ready to use the best fasteners such as wood screws to mount the backplate to the wall. Use quality screws to ensure sturdy installation and keep in mind it is possible for the backplate to be mounted the wrong way. This is one of the many reasons why we recommend you seriously consider relying on a professional home locksmith for installing any type of home alarm system.

To make sure the backplate has been mounted correctly, look for a tongue on the back. The tongue should be placed at the top of the mounting.

The next step of the installation consists of installing switches for all the doors and windows. For this, see that the switch is placed on the frame of a window or the doorjamb, while the magnets go on the door or window. Use the screws that come with the kit and make sure the parts of the switch are placed perfectly across from one another when the doors are closed. They should also be separated when the door is opened.

Why You Should Consider Having A Locksmith Install Your Home Alarm

The role of these alarms is to increase the protection of your home and deter potential intruders, alert you, the authorities or private security companies in the event of a break-in and bring you more peace of mind at night. Leaving the installation into the hands of an untrained and inexperienced person, including yourself, may lead to various vulnerabilities and risks that could jeopardize your family and home's safety. If you are having second doubts or you are determined to have an expert home locksmith handle the installation for you, give us a call at (888) 429-4426.