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What Makes A Lock Secure?

Secure Locks

There are several types of locks available on the market. Call us for more information and to get the best security for your home.

One of the best security measures in today’s unsafe world is the lock and key system. They keep you, your family and your possessions safe from intruders and burglars. In this article, we will learn about locks, how they are made, and how they function.

How Are Quality Locks Manufactured?

Metal is used to create locks and is molded in an exclusive way so as to offer you the best security. They are strong and efficient and are available in several versions and sizes to suit your needs.

  • Locks are commonly created from zinc or brass. These metals are first liquefied and then molded into exclusive molds that create the inner parts of the lock. The external part of the lock can be created from several materials. There are several different kinds of metals that are normally used, with regard to their durability and strength. In general, lock manufacturers make use of chrome and steel for making locks.
  • Since there are several kinds of lock users with exclusive requirements and needs, there are also various categories of locks to meet these requirements. You will find several varieties of locks on the market and each lock is created, considering the suitability and need of the buyers. Locks for commercial use are a bit different from the locks that are used for residential purposes. They have different features regarding the type of security needed in such areas.
  • Most lock manufacturers are flexible and create customized locks according to the requirements of their clients. Some clients need high-security locks for their organizations and they order locks with exclusive features to strengthen the security.
  • Most locks come with specialized accessories to make them more secure and functional. You will find locks with added shield guards that deter intruders from picking it and entering the house. There are locks that come with long screws and bolts to offer more security to the strike and mounting plate. These additional features add more strength and overall security.

What Are The Functions Of Different Types of Locks?

Secure LocksSome of the common types of locks are Mortise Locks, padlocks, Jimmy proof deadbolts, deadbolts, and doorknobs. Each kind of lock serves its own purpose and offers security. You can easily find out which lock is the best in terms of security with the help of the guidelines issued by the American National Standards Institute, or the ANSI. This organization follows stringent testing for locks and then categorizes them with regards to their durability quality and functionality. In addition, they also test the bolts, latches, and doorknobs to determine if they are good for heavy usage, high security and if they can be subject to extreme weather conditions.

In accordance with the guidelines issued by ANSI, there are three grades of locks, which are Grade I, Grade II and Grade III. Out of these classifications, Grade I locks are best suited for residential purposes. Since there are several versions, classifications, and types of locks available on the market, it can be overwhelming for the customer to find the lock that is best for their personal needs. 

Let’s learn about the common types of locks on the market.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are commonly used today and they are very secure and sturdy. They are available as a single or double cylinder lock and you can choose according to your needs. Since they are difficult to pick, they are considered the best on the market.

The inner machinery of a deadbolt is unique and they don’t have a spring action that causes any inner recoil. In addition, there are two choices of locking the deadbolts such as the single and double cylinders. You can unlock a single cylinder deadbolt with the help of a key on the exterior door and by pressing the button the interior door. On the other hand, a double cylinder deadbolt offers double security as they need the key to unlock both the exterior and interior sides of the door.   

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are created in a way that they are easily installed on the frame of the door when locked with the help of a recessed pocket and a faceplate. These locks are installed on the handle and the doorknob and are unlocked with a key from both the interior door and exterior door.

 Mortise locks are flexible as users can deactivate the inner latch when you secure the exterior door. The fixed deadbolt is locked by turning the knob on the inner side of the door. These locks offer a great level of security as they are purely mechanical in nature and include a lot of machinery that works to make sure the door is properly locked.

Keyless Locks

Nowadays, users are using keyless locks as they are extremely handy and easier to use. As the name suggests, they don’t include a key and therefore are not prone to key impairment or damage. These locks also eliminate the fear of losing keys or getting locked out accidentally.

Keyless locks are highly secure as users can create their own customized key codes to operate the lock. Some of the latest versions of the keyless locks let the owner create an alternate code so that even if the original code gets leaked, the intruders are not able to unlock it. In addition, these locks can be programmed in order to unlock one or more doors with a similar code so that you don’t have to remember numerous codes for different doors.

Use the Help Of Professional Locksmiths for The Best Security!

If you are unsure of the type of lock to get to ensure better security of your business or home, you must get in touch with us at We are a team of skilled locksmiths who are well versed in the locksmith industry because of our vast experience. We can help you choose the right security system and will also examine the present security system of your house and offer you more recommendations to strengthen your security.

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