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5 Best Home Security Systems

5 Best Home Security Systems

Technology has been integrated into every aspect of life, and you can expect to see some high-tech home security systems on the internet or a hardware store near you. Securing your home from uninvited individuals has come a long way from the days when all you needed was a lock. Established security companies, as well as startups, are tripping over each other trying to get you to buy their version of the best home security system. The increased level of competition has ensured that there are constant innovations and improved quality in the home security system industry. Home security in 2024 includes smartphone-controlled systems that are child-friendly, and so much more. Pool security and many green energy security solutions can be installed! These systems greatly improve the security in your home and monitoring various aspects, and it is worth looking into them. Read on to the end to get a glimpse of the best home security system for your needs.

Count on LocksmithsLocator for keeping you updated on the various modern systems that provide the best security for your home. We have experienced locksmiths who continue to further their knowledge and skills to ensure that we can offer unbiased and holistic advice on your home security system. Let us now get right into the security systems offering the best home security.

Which 5 Security Systems Provide Peace of Mind for Home Owners?

Vivint Smart Home Automation System

Home intruder alarm systemThis system has earned a reputation for integrating the latest technology to their home security system model after model. Lowering energy costs has become the most significant trend around the world for saving money, and this security system helps you to do just that. The Vivint Smart Home Automation system gives you complete mobile access to your home via your internet-enabled device. This system gives you unmatched control of your locks, thermostat, lights, as well as appliance control. You can use the system to

  • Lock and unlock your doors, and garage
  • Arm the home security system
  • Adjust your thermostat,
  • Turn lights on and off, with the Vivint Smart Home system App

This is the most innovative and tech advanced system in the world, and you can expect more features in time. For this unmatched automation, you will have to pay a monthly subscription to get remote access. The price should not alarm you; you get a flexible payment plan allowing you to secure your home.


This is easy to use the home security system is from a company with a long history of offering unmatched customer service. For close to a decade, Frontpoint has topped lists as being one of the best home security systems at an affordable price. Here is what you get from Frontpoint home security system

  • A quick and straightforward installation process
  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Fantastic customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Mobile monitoring between your control panel and the sensors

SimpliSafe Home Security System

The security system has all the high-tech features that come with smart security systems. However, unlike most systems, SimpliSafe is a versatile system with one of the most affordable hardware as well as reasonable monthly remote monitoring fees. You can expect

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Battery backup
  • Cellular connectivity
  • No monitoring contract necessary
  • Integrates with various home appliances

Overall, SimpliSafe is one of the most expandable and customizable home security systems you will find anywhere. If you want seamless monitoring of your home without spending many bundles, then SimpliSafe is the best home security system for you.

ADT Monitoring

This is one of the most trusted names in home security, and they have experience in residential security systems for over 100 years. They have various monitoring centers and you can rest assured that they will respond fast when your system goes off. You get the theft protection and a movers package guarantee. Their years in the business is evident in that they have

  • Fast and knowledgeable customer service representatives
  • Support third-party devices
  • Fantastic mobile and web apps
  • Many components available in the system

However, for the company to offer holistic security options, you must sign a three-year contract. You will get everything you could want in a home security system such as easy to use, remote monitoring from your smart devices, child-friendly and so much more.

Link Interactive Security

When it comes to the security of your home, the company providing the home security system should be on hand to respond to your queries and concerns. Link Interactive Security has the most responsive customer service in the industry. They have honed their skills and system for over 60 years, and their system provides

  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Excellent customer service
  • Z-Wave home automation equipment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Free Tablet and smartphone apps
  • Smoke, fire, CO2, and extreme temperature monitoring
  • Intrusion alarm

Link Interactive security uses a UL-listed, Five Diamond certified monitoring center. You can rest easy that you have the best people with advanced resources to respond when your system goes off. You also get three years’ worth of warranty on all the equipment.

Is It Best To Have a Home Security System Professionally Installed?

The above systems are some of the best to secure and monitor various aspects of your home. However, in the quest to save money, homeowners try to make the installation process a DIY project. Unless you are a trained and experienced locksmith, you will end up spending copious amounts of time and resources. Take advantage of our professional residential locksmith services to get the utmost utility from your preferred home security system. At LocksmithsLocator, we have over five years of consulting, installing, and the maintenance of some of the best home security systems, including cameras, motion sensors and pool security. Our locksmiths have certifications to handle the above and more security systems.

We guarantee that no matter the type of alarm system you have in your home, our rapid response crew will be at your home to offer locksmith and security system services.