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Gate Lock Installation & Repair

We have a variety of gate lock services at your disposal, covering everything from professional gate lock installation to all sorts of gate lock repairs!

If you’re wondering why you should replace your old gate locks with brand-new ones, it’s because it’s going to improve both your security and your convenience. Of course, this is only true if the locks are installed the right way. So, call professionals like us to take care of gate lock installation, repairs, maintenance, and other kinds of gate lock and key services!

Gate lock installationTypes of gate lock services we offer:

  • Installing new gate locks and latches
  • Installing digital gate locks
  • Inspection of existing gate locks
  • Fixing broken gate lock mechanisms
  • Extracting keys from gate locks
  • Replacing broken gate latches

A great thing about all of these services is that we provide them around-the-clock. What this means is that you can call us whenever you feel like something needs to be done with your gate lock.

If you’ve just bought a new gate, you will need to secure it by installing a high-quality lock. The same goes if the lock on your gate is damaged, broken, or just too old. In fact, if there’s an old-fashioned mortise lock installed on your gate, we advise you to replace it ASAP. Or at least, add an auxiliary lock or latch in order to improve the security of your entire home.

Gate Lock Installation

If you want nothing but the best for you and your property, our advice is to install new locks on your gate. These days, you can find some top-grade gate locks which are very practical to use, while also being very difficult to break. This way, not only will you improve your security but you’ll also boost your convenience. Of course, suggesting which gate lock is the best for you is not something that can be done remotely. Instead, we need to come by to your house to do a site survey in order to get enough information to give the best recommendation.

We have to take the following into consideration:

  • The type of your gate
  • Your home’s security system
  • How safe your neighborhood is
  • How secure your current gate lock is
  • How big is your budget

After accessing the situation, our team of residential locksmiths will be able to give you an honest recommendation. If you decide to listen to our advice, we guarantee you won’t make a bad decision!

Types of Gate Locks We Recommend

All the locks on the current market can be separated into three different categories according to their quality – Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. Obviously, Grade 1 gate locks are the ones that provide the highest level of security, which is why we heartily recommend them.

It’s true that they’re slightly more expensive than the other two types, but we believe you shouldn’t try to save money on the security of your own home.

When it comes to the design of gate locks, they differ according to the method used for locking/unlocking them. That said, we can differentiate between gate latches, keyed gate locks, and electronic gate locks.

Gate Latches

The main advantage of gate latches is that they’re really easy to install. They’re also very cheap, which is why it’s a smart option to use them in combination with other types of locks, like keyed locks, for example.

Keyed Gate Locks

Keyed gate locks work on basically the same principle as other types of keyed locks you need a key to get in. This makes them pretty convenient, as, unlike gate latches, these can be unlocked from outside. The bad thing about them is that they carry the risk of lockouts.

Digital Gate Locks

Although more expensive than mechanical locks, digital gate locks are your best solution. The reasons for that are numerous, starting from the fact that they’re super-easy to use. You can open/lock the gate with minimal effort. Depending on the type of gate lock, you may need to use one of these things to get access:

  • Keycard
  • Your fingerprint
  • Your retina
  • Code
  • Smartphone app

Apart from being convenient, these gate locks are also very secure. They’re usually connected to the security system of the home, so every entry is recorded. And if someone tries to get in by force or trickery, the gate lock will activate the security alarm.

Types of Gates and Fences We Install Locks On

Gates aren't there only to keep the intruders away from your property. A gate plays an integral part in the aesthetics of your home. The good news is that these two things go well together, you can have a beautiful gate that’s also super-secure!

What this means is that you can choose any kind of gate or fence for your property and just have a good lock installed on it in order to ensure the security of the entire property. Don’t worry about the installation; if you choose the right people for the job, everything will go smoothly.

We install locks on all the following gates & fences:gate lock service

  • Wooden gates
  • Wrought iron gates         
  • Vinyl gates
  • Chain link fences
  • Wire Fences
  • Picket fences
  • Wood-panel fences

Gate Lock Repair & Maintenance

Apart from doing the gate lock installation job, we’re here for you for all the other things related to these kinds of locks. If something goes wrong with it, we’re the ones to call. Our team can extract jammed gate lock keys, pick the lock that won’t unlock, replace damaged/broken parts, and so on. We can also take care of the maintenance, thus making sure your gate lock stays functional for a really long time. And if you need additional advice on how to make the gate impossible for the burglars to break, feel free to give our expert locksmith service a call!  

We’re here for you for any work related to gate locks, installation, repairs, maintenance. So, call now!