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Best Luggage Tags for Tracking Your Valuables

lost luggage tracking

Losing your luggage is one of the dreaded scenarios for many people when traveling for work or pleasure, especially over the past year when understaffed airlines and airports were reeling from thousands of passengers. Luckily, there are effective solutions that can help you counteract this problem, especially the use of luggage and tracking tags. No matter how long your upcoming flight, or how many connections and layovers you may need to go through to reach your destination, these trackers can save you from a lot of hassle and even loss of valuable possessions.

luggage trackers

What Are Tracking Tags?

Luggage or tag trackers are small tags attached to, or placed inside of your luggage. You can use the tag label itself to write down your name, contact number, and home address. In case of lost or misplaced luggage, the airport can get in touch with you more easily and help you retrieve it. As opposed to standard tracking tags that are “manual” devices, the recent introduction of smart luggage locks and, most recently, luggage tags, are more advanced intelligent unit trackers that incorporate different types of technology. The devices can store your contact details along with important details of your flight, and itinerary. They can also connect to smartphone apps and allow you to keep track and help locate your luggage 24/7. As well they have become important tools for you to track your keys, backpacks, laptop, automobile, cell phone, or any other valued possession.

How to Choose the Best Smart Tags?

Consider the following factors when looking for the best smart trackers for your luggage:

  • Battery life. The great majority of smart luggage tags rely on batteries to work. Make sure the model you plan on buying uses a battery that will last for the entire duration of your upcoming flight or journey. Some trackers come with a battery that can last up to a year. As well, some batteries are more expensive than others.
  • Activation method. The way the luggage tracker is activated is also important to help you make your pick. Most smart trackers employ Bluetooth and/or GPS that are activated by the owner using an app or built in device on their cell phone, or tablet.  Individuals coming across your lost bags or luggage airport handlers can contact owners via the physical old-school label trackers. The Bluetooth/GPS trackers can be set up to sound an alarm when your bags are lost and you are searching via the app.
  • Monthly subscription. Some models require users to pay a monthly subscription fee for standard or additional features. Devices with zero or short-term subscriptions are also available.
  • Waterproof features. Is the luggage tag you want to buy waterproof or weatherproof? Can it withstand harsh conditions like heavy rain? Some models can be immersed in water up to 3 feet 3⅜ inches without suffering any damage.
  • Construction materials. Look for a luggage tag that is made of durable materials and which can be bashed around without breaking easily. Devices that do not feature any electronic parts on the interior are sturdier. Look for tags made of triple-layered synthetic materials that are laminated for best results.

What Are The Top Luggage Trackers to Buy?

Apple AirTag

The AirTag is the Apple brand’s first dedicated luggage tracker and, in our mind, the best tag on the market. It has a compact, waterproof design that has received the IP67 rating, so that it can be dropped in water measuring up to about 3 feet with zero risk of damage. The setup to link to your mobile device is simple and fast. The batteries are affordable, last for a long period and easy to replace. The Apple AirTag comes with ultra-wideband technology and a precision finding feature installed on a dedicated tracking app on the phone. The app provides visual aids in the form of maps with indicators that guide you to your lost luggage.  When you, or a baggage handler, is close enough it is easy to hear the sound emitted by the device. Even when you are not in the immediate proximity of the luggage, the tracker can still help you connect to other iPhone devices around you and use their location information to eventually come across your bags. Most users find it best to hide the tracker inside the luggage as leaving it looped to the handle exposes it to be removed by anyone truly intending to make off with your baggage.

Nut Smart Tracker

This model relies on Bluetooth technology and it has a slim body and four different color options. The device needs to be placed inside your luggage from where it will connect to a luggage finder app on your phone. Once the luggage tag goes out of range, you will be notified on the spot. The dedicated app will next display a map showing you the exact location of your luggage. Use the Nut App to announce that your luggage is lost. This will prompt the other working Nut Apps nearby to scan all the devices around them and improve your chances of retrieving your bags.  As well, the Nut Tracker can be attached to keys and any other possession you might frequently misplace. If your phone or the Nut Tracker are separated, they will beep to notify you.  There is a last known location function which will narrow your search for your luggage or whatever other device is missing.

Dynotag Luggage Tracker

This sturdy tracking device does not require any batteries or subscription to function. It relies on a web browser and a simple connection to a computer or smartphone. Whenever someone will scan the QR code on the tag, you will be notified by an email which will include the exact location and time when the smart luggage tag was last viewed. The device can even be used to keep track of your pets or any other valuable possession.  

These are just a few of the best luggage trackers to invest in right now. If you wish to add one to your upcoming holiday travels, hurry and buy your favorite! With the current delays and many stories of lost or misplaced luggage at destinations worldwide, it has never been a better time to purchase a set of these amazing security devices.