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Enhance Security With Key Tracking Apps & Software

Misplacing your home or car key is one of the most frustrating things you could be dealing with. Luckily, there is a special technology that could help you get rid of this type of frustration. We are talking about key tracking security software in the form of electronic key finders. In short, these are small tracking devices that need to be attached to keyrings to prevent losing them. With a single press of a button, the device will start beeping, chirping, and making other similar sounds and eventually help you retrieve your lost keys. Many of these devices feature special apps that will immediately display the exact map location of the lost keys or send reminders when the keys are left behind.

Let's find out more about the way key tracking security works and learn what are the best key tracker pegs and fobs you could currently invest in.

How Does A Key Control System Work?key tracker

Key finders are made of two primary components: receivers and remotes.

Key tracker receivers
These receivers are the devices that will need to be tied to the keys you are trying to keep better track of.

Key tracker remotes
The remotes are responsible for sending out signals with the help of Bluetooth, RF, or GPS.

  • The trackers that rely on radio frequencies are simpler compared to the Bluetooth versions. At a simple push of a button, the tracker connected to the keys will begin to beep. There is no need for a connection to a smartphone in order for the remotes to work. Trackers that use RF have very few additional features.
  • Bluetooth-based key trackers require a connection to a smartphone and they can be easily managed with the help of apps with various features such as map locations and notifications issued when the keys are out of the device's range. They are also able to cover larger distances and ranges, but they tend to be pricier.
  • GPS-based key tracking systems allow you to smoothly track down your keys in real-time and over greater distances. You could be tracking down your lost home keys or car keys or from hundreds of feet away with the help of these remotes. Some models come with more limited ranges, so make sure you do your research properly before making a purchase.

The Best Key Control Systems To Invest In

Because we know the matter of buying the most suitable key finder might get a little tricky for most people who haven't used one before, we are going to give you some insightful tips that should help you make the right choice. Here are a series of features we consider to be important when in the market for the best key tracker fobs or key tracker pegs.

  • The Range They Cover
    Some key trackers like the Tile Pro feature a Bluetooth system that allows them to reach as far as 400 feet away and pinpoint your lost keys with high precision. This is one the most generous ranges of all the tracking systems you can currently find in stores. The range is an essential feature for these devices as it will considerably improve your chances of retrieving your lost or misplaced keys with more ease. The Tile Pro model is a square-shaped device that measures 1.7 per 1.7 inches and it has a hole in the middle, allowing you to easily attach the tracker to your key ring. It is also a sturdy device that has waterproof features which means you will be able to use it when it's raining or snowing. The tracker requires users to download an app on their smartphone or a different mobile devices and have it synchronized via Bluetooth. When the keys connected to the app are misplaced, you will be given the option to ring them or get their exact location on a map inside this app.  Chipolo One or Tile Slim are other top devices that use key tracking software worth looking into.
  • Special Features
    The "community find "feature is found on many top key trackers and it enables users to engage same-branded key tracking devices belonging to other people in the proximity of your missing keys in an anonymous way and offer location updates.  Provided you have your keys but are unable t find your smartphone, you will be able to use some of these devices to make the phone ring.
  • Battery Life
    Key fob tracking systems that work on replaceable button batteries will help expand the life of the tracker. These batteries are usually able to power the devices for six months, a whole year, or 18 months, depending on the model.
  • Extra Loud Trackers
    A tracker's ringer should be loud enough to be heard by all users, and there are certain models that have very loud ringers that are suitable for people who need higher volumes. Keep in mind that some trackers might get a little too loud and sound unpleasant for some users so you might want to test out a few trackers in-store or read detailed descriptions regarding their decibels.
  • Number of Keys
    Some key tracking systems can hold as many as 10 keys and also maintain them in a certain order so users can locate them straight away. If you are looking for an even more organized way of keeping your key fobs in place instead of using your regular key ring, some of these trackers are excellent for doing that.