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Tips to Prevent Losing Your Car Keys

prevent losing your keys

You are going home from work, you get to your car and wait… where are they? Are they in this pocket? No… must be in the other one. No, they are not. Have you just lost your car keys?

Problems with losing your car keys?

Even though it does happen, to some people more often than the other, the most common thing is that people misplace their keys. Here, we will try to help you with some ideas, to try to prevent you from losing or misplacing them. But, in case you really got your car keys lost, feel free to contact our 24/7 local locksmith service, and we will get to your location within 30 minutes to help you.

The best thing you can do in case you cannot find the keys in your car is to have a spare key. That is an easy process that can be done in just a few minutes and a low price. Whenever something happens, you will know you have an additional key somewhere. We are usually dealing with car keys but we duplicate also cylinder lock keys, keys for mortice locks, garage door keys, vehicle transponder keys, desk keys, keys to your safe, boat keys, antique keys, keys to padlocks, tubular keys, vehicle door keys and much more.

Lost car keysSome people, unfortunately, unlike others, are more likely to lose keys. At some point in time, it will happen to all of us, at least once. So, you got your car keys lost, what to do next? Making a duplicate of a duplicate will work only so many times; when you make a copy of a copy, the shape of the key is not the same as the original key, and the more copies you make, the less likely you are to open the door successfully. If you are one of those people, we would recommend you save your original key and only use it to make duplicates. In the meantime, do not wait next to your car and think about what can you do and how to prevent this from happening – get fast car locksmith services from our team! We will get up and run within 30 minutes, re-key you and all of that for the best price on the market.

Furthermore, keep your keys in the same place. By doing that you will get used to that, it will become your habit and it will be less likely to misplace them. A small bowl to put your keys into? Or a drawer at your work? Maybe one particular pocket of your coat, bag or purse? Whatever it is, make a habit of putting it there, daily and every time.

When do we lose our car keys?

One of the things people do is when getting groceries, they leave their keys on the seat or, what’s worse, in the trunk, which is a big mistake. Never do that! When you out your shopping bags on top of your keys, you will forget about them, you won't see them and you will close the trunk and you will be stuck! A good set of bulky keychains can be useful in this case because you will always know where they are. They can prove to be especially useful in a situation where you accidentally drop your keys; the sound of your bulky or just a regular keychain with few keys will be louder than just one key. But in any event, to prevent car lockouts, it is always useful to have emergency locksmith service’s number saved on your phone, just in case!

chain your key to your pantsAnother thing you can do is getting a keychain that connects to your pants or bag. If you have it on some chain or thread, it can be difficult to not know where they are. But, as in previous examples, you have to know where they are, and you can achieve that by constantly leaving them there, all the time, every time. How about this – you have your keys, going to your car or home, and it is dark outside. All of a sudden, when you want to find your keys, they are not in your pocket. You know you had them a moment ago, but now they are just gone. You can put some fluorescent stickers on them! They will glow in the dark, and you will spot them easily.

But, what if your car keys get stolen? Stolen car keys are a problem because if someone knows what car you have, they can get in with ease. The best thing you can do is contact us with our 24/7 car locksmiths and we will do our best to accommodate you and if possible, change your lock and give you the new key. Whether you have an old-timer or a brand-new car, fresh from the line, we will be able to help you. We provide fast and quality service at the best prices.

If you follow any or all the advice given above, your days of losing the keys are finally over! However, if you lose your keys even though you are trying not to — don’t worry. Since we are a nationwide company that is working 24/7, we will help you right away, no matter when you will call us. We are always there for you with many tools and equipment is needed.

With our company you can sleep calmly, we guarantee that the job will be done in the best possible way and with high quality!