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Locksmith Review of Apple AirTags

The Apple AirTag is a Bluetooth device used for tracking luggage, pets, wallets, keys, and other similar items that require attentive and ongoing supervision. The device which is shaped like a disc about the size of a quarter is good at helping individuals locate items that get easily lost or stolen with the help of Apple’s Find My network. The list also includes stolen vehicles, which makes the Apple AirTag a good alternative for car owners looking to increase security on their vehicles. However, the device also has a series of drawbacks that make it less appealing to some users. 

If you want to learn more about the way the Apple AirTag works, about the Apple AirTag battery life, and the pros and cons of the device, keep reading our comprehensive Apple tracker review.Apple AirTag review

Apple AirTag Design

The device has a diameter of 1.26 inches, it is 8mm thick, and weighs 11 grams. Its small dimensions make it go unnoticed on a regular keychain, inside a car, on a piece of luggage, or on a different item you might wish to monitor. The AirTag has an aluminum finish on the front and it is covered in white plastic on the back. It can be easily opened by pushing and twisting on the aluminum casing to get immediate access to the removable CR2032 battery used to power it. Depending on the actual use you would like to give to the device, you may need to buy an additional accessory such as a key ring or a luggage tag. This is because the AirTag does not feature any built-in holes or clips.

Apple AirTag Price

If you are curious to know the Apple AirTags price, you should know that the device currently sells for about $29. You can also invest in a set of four devices for $99. As compared to other similar tracking devices from other brands, the price is reasonable and fair.

How to Set Up and Use the Apple AirTag

Setup for the Apple tag is quick and easy. All you need to do is place the device next to an iPhone and wait to be prompted to connect the AirTag to your phone. Next, you will be asked to name the device using the existing list of alternatives which includes Luggage, Backpack, or Keys, or using a custom name preferably related to the items you wish to put the tag on. The final step is the confirmation which will require you to fill in your Apple ID and phone number. As mentioned earlier, the AirTag comes with many different uses and serves a lot of purposes for different individuals. Whether you are searching for Apple AirTag’s review for luggage, you need Apple AirTag’s review for dogs, or you would like to know how well the tracking device works for enhancing security on your keys, car, or pet’s collar, read the following lines.

AirTag for Keys

One of the most popular reasons why the AirTag is used is tied to key security and key management. By attaching the device to your set of keys, you should lower the risk of misplacing or losing your keys or having them stolen. As a side note, if you regularly keep your keys in a purse or backpack, you will get to efficiently track two different items simultaneously.

AirTag for Car Security

If you are having trouble finding safe parking spaces for your vehicle or you have a tendency to forget where you left your vehicle, place an AirTag device in your so you can instantly pinpoint the exact location with the help of the Find My map. The same device can also help you track down your vehicle in case it gets stolen. While the device might come with its limitations when it comes to live tracking since it does not work like a standard GPC tracking device, it can still be used by connecting to other nearby Apple devices with the help of its ultra-wideband technology. The respective technology comes with a maximum range of about 30 feet and it is not dependable on your iPhone in order to offer a location for your car. Instead, it can and will latch onto any iPhone or iPad in range. For example, if the person who stole your vehicle owns an iPhone, you might instantly receive an update on their location. Otherwise, it is a matter of minutes or hours, depending on when the next Apple device owner will pass by. Another advantage is the fact that it can also locate vehicles in an underground car parking lot, especially while using the Precise Finding feature on iPhone 11 or iPhone 12.

AirTag for Pet Collars

The device is excellent for tracking down your wandering pets and retrieving them if they go missing using the Find My option or enabling Lost Mode on the device and offering your contact information to the person who finds your lost pet.

AirTag for Wallets, Purses, Luggage, and Backpacks

Place an AirTag in your wallet, purse, luggage or backpack to have a much easier time retrieving them in case they are stolen or go missing. In the event of a theft, you can contact the police authorities and provide the whereabouts of the missing item with the help of your AirTag.

Pros of Using AirTags for Your Tracking Needs 

All Apple tag reviews usually speak about the main pros and advantages of using the device, so here is our take:

  • The device uses Apple’s revolutionary Find My network which uses the existing hundreds of millions of Apple devices spread in all parts of the world to offer excellent tracking for all items.
  • Almost all Apple devices are connected to this network by default, which means you will always get fresh with the exact location of your items from hundreds and even thousands of miles away.
  • The battery can last for close to 12 months and it is cheap and easy to replace. 
  • With the help of the additional Precision Finding feature, the device can be used together with gyroscopes, Bluetooth, cameras, or accelerometers to establish the exact distance and direction of your AirTag from where you are currently standing. Getting within two feet of the device will cause your iPhone to vibrate, letting you know you are getting close to your lost item.
  • It is possible to activate a loud sound alert provided you still cannot find the device with the help of the Precision Finding feature. This option works well in crowded and noisy areas. 

Cons of Using AirTags 

  • One of the main cons of AirTag is the fact that it can be used for tracking luxury cars or for stalking other persons by thieves or persons with bad intentions by simply attaching them to the vehicles or dropping them in the person’s pockets or bags. 
  • Another drawback worth mentioning here is the fact that the device can only be used by Apple users who possess other products belonging to the same brand. 
  • Thirdly, it does not feature a built-in key ring hole, which means you will either have to invest in a separate holder or place it in a bag, which would make it relatively easy for an opportunist thief to steal it.

Final Thoughts

Apple AirTags are great options for individuals searching for quick, clever, and easy ways of keeping track of their prized possessions like keys, wallets, bags, and even cars, dogs, remote controls and the list goes on. Their simple setup, affordable prices, high rate of accuracy, and cool design recommend them for many uses. However, future buyers should also consider their limitations and drawbacks before making a purchase. You might want to also consider alternative tracking devices, portable locks, and other similar security devices that do a good job of strengthening protection on your items.

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