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Types of Luggage Smart Locks and How They Work

When was the last time you had to rush to the airport to catch a last-minute flight, but you had trouble finding the right key to your suitcase? Did you ever reach a hotel room after a long and tiring drive only to realize that you couldn't remember the combination code to your luggage locks?  Losing, misplacing, or having your luggage lock keys stolen while traveling is never fun or easy to cope with. Luckily, luggage smart locks seem to be the solution to all of these problems. Find out how luggage smart locks work, what are the main luggage smart lock types, and how to take full advantage of these excellent additions to the luggage security industry from the lines below.  For any luggage smart lock repairs near me emergency, get in touch with us straight away!

What Is A Luggage Smart Lock?luggage smart locks

Luggage smart locks are a smart, simple, and extremely convenient keyless alternative to conventional luggage locks. As the name implies, they rely on smart technologies and they are similar to regular door smart locks you might have installed on your front doors. They eliminate the hassle of using standard luggage locks that require you to memorize 3-digit combination codes and dial them on incredibly small wheel dials that you may oftentimes have trouble reading. Smart luggage locks are also excellent replacements for key zipper padlocks that are more vulnerable than you might think when reaching the hands of potential thieves.  A luggage smart lock will help you stop using those luggage lock keys that can get easily misplaced or stolen while traveling. Also, these locks will not require users to dial any combination codes on minuscule digit-wheels in poorly lit rooms, while offering high levels of security and a lot more convenience and peace of mind.

How Do Luggage Smart Locks Work?

Luggage smart locks need to be paired with Bluetooth or NFC smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other similar smart devices in order to be enabled and used. The chosen smart devices will secure your bags, locking and unlocking them with a simple tap on the screen, using the dedicated app that must be installed on the device. Users will have the opportunity to unlock their luggage using the Touch ID feature, passcodes, a tap on the app's icon, or a push for unlocking it.  Some smart luggage locks feature proximity trackers that can issue real-time notifications in case the luggage gets left behind unintentionally. This way, you will never have to worry about forgetting your bags in the airport terminal, at the hotel, or inside a ferry compartment. Most of these smart locks are compatible with iOS and Android devices and they normally feature a built-in key lock that has received the approval of the TSA. This means you should have no problem traveling with a TSA-approved smart luggage lock in any of the airports around the US.

Mechanics of Luggage Smart Locks

Whether you are a frequent traveler or you only go on vacation once a year, you could fully benefit from the perks of owning such a luggage smart lock that can be controlled with the help of a simple push of a button. These locks only work when the smartphone that is connected to them is within the lock's range. Plus, they also feature an automated re-lock function provided the rope is not manually pulled out from the locking mechanism in order to prevent the luggage from unlocking on its own without your intent.

Real-Time Luggage Tracking Features

Some of the best luggage smart locks also come with crowdsourced tracking for the bags' location. This means you will be able to use this special mechanism to learn what was the last location of our luggage – an option that is particularly helpful when embarked on a flight with multiple layovers along the way. This way, you could say goodbye to the nuisance of the airport or the airline company not being able to find your bags when reaching your destination.

Distance Control

Another interesting smart lock mechanism refers to the ability to set certain distance controls for the notifications that you will receive from the buzzer that most of these locks are sold with, or from the lock's app. This is an excellent feature that will provide you with more peace of mind at the thought that you will be immediately alerted in case someone tries to grab your bag and make a run for it, or in case you are to get lost in an interesting phone conversation, wandering off too far from your precious luggage.

Manual Alarm Set-up

Plus, such a smart lock can help you steer clear from the matter of mistaking someone else's bags with yours. It happens more often than you might think, and it is one of the most frustrating things to experience when traveling, along with having your bags stolen or lost. These smart locks will allow you to set manual alarms that will allow you to locate your luggage whenever you are not able to spot them on your own.

Backup Acces Code Buttons

Provided your phone gets lost, stolen, or you have run out of battery and you didn't have a chance to unlock your bags using the smart luggage app first, the backup access code button on the lock will fix things on the spot.

Best Luggage Smart Lock Types for 2021

AirBolt is one of the most popular luggage smart lock types you could opt for in 2021. It enables remote access sharing with friends and family, the use of logs that will tell you exactly when and how the lock has been opened, and it is also weather-resistant ad TSA-approved.  The LockSmart Travel Keyless Bluetooth Padlock is also patented and approved by the TSA and it comes with fully trackable security options and virtual keys that can be shared. It relies on low Bluetooth energy and it is suitable for a variety of luggage types, including small-sized travel bags and backpacks. This luggage smart lock uses the state-of-the-art Bluetooth 128-bit SSL security standard that will allow users to define their personal security levels.

For more information on how luggage smart locks work or for emergency luggage smart lockmith near me, give us a call.