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How Standard Locks Work

how locks work

Did you ever ask yourself how does the internal mechanism of your front door lock work? Have you ever seen the interior of a standard lock? Do you think you would be able to recognize some of the parts and even have them replaced in case of a minor malfunction? Or maybe you are more interested in embracing the locksmithing profession and you are trying to learn as much as you can about what being a locksmith truly implies.

Whatever the reason why you are currently here on this page, we will provide you with sufficient information on the way standard locks work and hopefully help you find the answers to all of your questions. Keep reading and find out how various types of standard locks actually work, no matter if you are curious about the way mortise locks, cylinders or electronic locks.

How Do Cylinder Locks Work?

front door lockCylinder locks are usually found on the majority of vehicle and house doors and they are particularly appreciated for their ability to be quickly and easily replaced whenever they become rusty or stuck. Traditional pin tumbler locks are normally contained inside a cylinder lock. A pin tumbler lock relies on a series of pins that are loaded by springs of different sizes found in the interior of the lock. The role of these springs is to block the turning mechanism of the lock. When using the right key, each and every one of the pins will be automatically lifted and reach the exact same level. When this occurs, the cylinder will further on be turned inside the ley and the lock will be released. The main benefit of such a lock comes from the fact that the entire locking mechanism is found inside the cylinder. In other words, the lock can be changed a lot easier when showing signs of malfunction, without having to replace the bolt or the entire door.

How Do Combination Locks Work?

Combination locks are popular for file cabinets, bike security, padlocks and various types of school, gym and other public locker solutions. These locks use a series of wheels that need to work together in order to reach the correct order of the code that was set for each lock. These locks will only open when the right combination will be used. The actual number of wheels found inside a combo lock will also tell you how many numbers are found in the security code. Each of these wheels comes with several different numbers to choose from while being connected to both a drive cam and a spindle. Whenever the correct combination of numbers comes into perfect alignment, it will automatically trigger a long space along the wheels' underside. The same gap will also be responsible for allowing the slot to release the entire length of the wheels and eventually get the lock to open. If even a single wheel is not perfectly aligned with the rest o the wheels, the slot will block and the lock will not have sufficient space to open.

How Do Mortise Locks work?

Usually found on most office entryways and other types of commercial doors, mortise locks rely on a pocket that needs to be cut inside the door, with a lock case fitted inside. Since these types of locks are made of a deadbolt and a latch bolt found inside the same case, they differ from other locks in the industry.

How Do Electronic Locks Work?

If you are looking for the answer to the question “how do standard locks work?”, you cannot go without learning something about some of the most popular types of locks that seem to be growing in popularity with each passing day. Namely, how to electronic standard locks work? Simply put, these locks require an electrical current in order to function. They can also rely on a key or a combination code and they can also be used with batteries. You can also find electronic locks that can be connected to a home's security wiring and controlled with the help of a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

Electronic locks offer a high level of protection as they are almost impossible to be picked and are usually connected to an alarm that will be immediately triggered when too many incorrect attempts to get the lock to open are made. If you are interested in having some electronic locks installed on your entryways at home or at the office, we recommend you to get in touch with an authorized locksmith with experience in the field and avoid any unwanted problems and complications. The Locksmiths Locator team offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry and help you simplify the installation process.

Not Sure Which Lock To Opt For?

how locks workYou wouldn't be the only residential or commercial consumer to have a problem choosing the right type of lock for your home or office needs. Get in touch with us and let us provide you with our vast knowledge and expertise together with years of experience we accumulated in the trade. We can familiarize you with the most common and efficient types of locks that would best fit your current needs, type of door, location, the required level of security and budget. We will discuss each option with you down to the smallest detail, assess your security needs for free and let you know what would be the best course of action for you.

Whether you have recently moved into a new home and you would like to change the old locks or your home has been recently broken into or a series of neighborhood robberies have made you extra cautious in terms of home safety, we are here to present to you the most reliable standard or advanced locks your money can buy. Get in touch with Locksmiths Locator for an affordable price and professional recommendation to getting your home, office or car up to the highest standard of security. Call today to get a quote.