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Top Home Security Apps For Enhanced Safety

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Do you want to make your home a safer place? Interested in remote surveillance and smart key solutions? Locksmith Locator is here to help! We know just how important the safety and well-being of your loved ones and prized possessions inside your home truly are. Call us now, and with the help of these easily installed apps, it will be easier to keep them safe.

We are also up-to-date with the latest releases in terms of smart security technologies and we can recommend a few of the hottest, most advanced and reliable home security apps for smartphones and tablets. Since iOS and Android are the most popular operating systems found on billions of smartphones all around the globe, we thought we should introduce you to a few of the best home security apps dedicated to these devices. However, keep in mind that most of these apps cover all known OS options, so all you need to do is check if your phone or tablet is compatible with them and start downloading. If you are urgently weighing up the idea of replacing your old lock and key with a smart lock system, or you want to have a video doorbell installed, give us a call and schedule for one of our mobile locksmith teams to come to you.

Are Smart Locks Safe To Use?

home security mobile appsThis is a common question that almost everyone contemplating the thought of installing a smart lock on their front door will eventually ask. Unfortunately, there is no clear “yes or no” answer. According to some experts in the security field, smart locks are only as safe as the strength of their features and their ability to fight against vulnerabilities. Hackers, system breaches, improper protection solutions adopted by users, hygiene of hands-on security apparatus – these could all wreak havoc. Most of today's devices that belong to the so-called “Internet of Things” have a certain degree of vulnerability when it comes to some tech issues. Luckily, this is not true for absolutely every single smart lock model you can now find on the market, while some smart locks may be easier to beak than others, the future will most likely hold more advanced and sturdier locks that will become more and more difficult to break or hack. Right now, you can come across an array of reliable and popular home security apps used by millions of people. Their benefits seem to weigh heavier than their risks and vulnerabilities, so if you are interested to find out what are the most popular smart locks, video doorbells or security cameras apps to consider, keep reading.

The Best Home Security Apps For Android and iOS Users

Searching for a highly reliable app for your enhanced home security needs? You will first need to find the right app that is fully compatible with your exact device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. In anticipation of your needs, we have created a brief list with a few of the most efficient and interesting Android and iOS apps for your home security needs.

  • The August Smart Lock, keypad and video doorbell system is one of the most popular smart home security systems on the market. It provides users with the most advanced home monitoring solutions on a 24/7 basis, along with intrusion alerts in real-time and the ability to know who is at the door, even when they are not home with the help of the August Doorbell Cam Pro. If you are looking forward to completely controlling your front door and other locks around the house from a remote distance with the help of your phone or tablet, this is the app for you. You will have the opportunity to get rid of the obsolete and bulky metal keys you always misplace or lose and enable your guests to get access to the inside fo your home for a limited amount of time. Think in terms of a few minutes for delivery personnel to a few days for home guests dripping by unannounced.
  • The same app will also allow you to use a virtual keypad that will allow you to lock and unlock your home with a single touch of a button and steer clear from annoying jammed lock issues. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and it is even compatible with Amazon's Alexa.
  • Ivideon is another smart home security app that lets users send audio messages back to the recipients inside their home, while they are away, using a connection to the Internet. The app has a special live video streaming feature that can be accessed from all locations worldwide. You could be on vacation on a different continent and enjoy the peace of mind provided by these real-time images showing you everything is alright at home. Plus, cloud technologies that have been used when designing this app will also allow you to access recorded and stored images in case you may need to check something or use the images as evidence in case of a break-in. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems and firmware for IP cameras and DVRs.
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 is an excellent home security app that lets users see exactly who is at the door, even when they are not there, and record images, enable access in case of package delivery and the list goes on. Ring and motion alerts are also some of the best features of this app that also records 1080p video images.
  • Vivint Smart Home requires users to have their own customer account with Vivint in order to start using the app. The impressive home automation functions that the app comes with should be a powerful argument to create an account with them. The app lets you adjust the lights to the required brightness when pulling your car in the driveway and turning down the A/C while you are away from home. It also lets you lock and unlock the front door for your children or another household member who might have forgotten their key. This spectacular app also comes with its own Artificial Intelligence assistant called Sky. Sky will rely on geolocation and the sensors inside your home to inform you whether your home is empty or full of teenagers throwing a party they are not supposed to throw. It can also automatically lock up your house at the desired hour in the evening and issue alerts of any of the doors or windows will open past this predefined hour.

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