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Locks for the Elderly & Disabled

If you are worried about the safety of senior members of your family, you've come to the right page. Whether your loved ones are disabled, suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia and often wander off outside the house, or you fear they are more vulnerable to burglaries, our experts recommend installing reliable residential keyless door locks that will make a huge difference.

electronic locks for the elderlyElectronic and Biometric Door Locks for the Elderly and Disabled

Smart locks for the elderly, keyless locks for the disabled, facial recognition technology, and biometric locks are all excellent solutions that could bring seniors enhanced levels of protection and extra convenience when locking and unlocking doors.

Most of these advanced lock systems work by instantly and automatically locking the doors once the person has entered the house. Smart locks can also be controlled with the help of voice commands as they rely on voice assistants. This simplifies their manipulation by an elder or disabled individual. The best locks also feature keyless entry modes that add even more convenience to the process. Electronic or smart locks and confounding locks for dementia or Alzheimer's patients can prevent wandering behavior and its potentially serious consequences.

Smart Locks for Seniors

These locks are great at keeping all entryways locked in place at night-time or whenever you and other caregivers are away. They feature knobs and keypads and require the use of a predefined code for unlocking the door. There are models that feature tampering alarms that will instantly disable the lock for 60 seconds and sound a loud alarm in case a person enters the wrong code several times in a row.

The Kwikset ZWave Smartkey Motorized Lever Lock is such a smart lock for seniors suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia. The lock is manageable from any remote location using a computer or a smartphone. It can also send notifications whenever someone enters the house and features important lock bumping protection for extra anti-burglar protection. Installation is easy and the lock can be purchased in a different number of finishes to match the door's aesthetics.

Electronic Lever-Handle Latchbolt Locks

The Lockey Electronic Latchbolt Lock model comes with a dedicated keypad that allows users to easily program up to six unique access codes as well as a disposable code. The keypad can automatically lock itself, it features LED lights and it can withstand bad weather. The electronic door handle can be used with as many as five remote key fobs. The user codes can be temporarily disabled whenever needed.

Biometric Keypad Locks for the Elderly

The 1Touch Evo3 lock is a biometric or fingerprint lock for indoor and outdoor use. The lock can be unlocked using the elder person's fingerprint for enhanced convenience. A physical key or a PIN code can also be used as an alternative. The lock also comes with a dedicated tracking feature that displays accurate time and date stamps for all users. The installation of this lock that automatically locks the door once a person enters the house only takes around 10 minutes on a standard door.

Smart Locks for Doors Without a Deadbolt

The Danalock V3 Bluetooth smart lock model is suitable for doors that do not have a deadbolt lock installed. However, for deadbolt doors, it is also possible to use a deadbolt cover plate to replace the existing deadbolt. The Bluetooth smart lock does not come with any buttons on it, which can eliminate the confusion that seniors suffering from cognitive impairment are usually confronted with. To unlock the door, the user simply needs to carry their smartphone next to the door. Thanks to the Z-Wave Plus technology it incorporates, the lock is fully compatible with all smart home integration options on the market.

Touchscreen and Fingerprint Smart Locks for Seniors

The Ultraloq UL3 smart lock allows users to rely on five different keyless entry alternatives to enter the premises. These options range from fingerprint access, the knock to open function, keypad codes, a standard key, or the lock's dedicated app installed on a smartphone. The lockset will completely replace the handle of the door, making it suitable for doors that do not have a deadbolt. The handle is also reversible and can be fitted on right- and left-handed doors, depending on your needs.

Door Guardian Confounding Locks for Alzheimer's Sufferers

This is a door lock that does not require a key and opens with a pull-and-rotate type of movement on a blocker that is used to jam the door. Caregivers looking after Alzheimer's patients or dementia sufferers can unlock such a lock with ease, while the sufferers will likely have a problem trying to manipulate the mechanism for a long time and to no avail.

The safety device should only be used on interior doors that swing inwards. Installation is done on the metal or wooden frame of the door and requires the use of screwdrivers, screws, and a drill. It is also recommended that these devices should be installed in an unusually high or low position on the door frame.

Wander Alarms for Enhanced Door Monitoring

These kits can help you make sure your most vulnerable family members will remain safe inside their homes on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week. Wander remote alarms feature wall receivers that can be plugged in and transmitters that will help monitor both exterior and interior doors. These alarms will immediately send a signal to the alarm plugged into a standard A/C outlet in any room of the house every time the door you wish to monitor is opened. Multiple transmitters can be used for guarding several doors at a time. Extra wireless motion detectors, receivers, and SOS pendants can also be used for more peace of mind. These kits do not use any Bluetooth, HUB, or internet access.

If you need assistance with installing any keyless lock for the elderly or the disabled, or you are looking for more information on how biometric locks and electronic locks work, get in touch with us.