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Home Security Assessments to Lower Your Insurance Rates

Home Security Assessments

When you buy a new house your home insurance premium could go through the roof.  Locksmiths Locator can provide a security assessment and help you lower your insurance to a minimum. 

If you feel your home lacks proper security measures or if you simply want to reduce your home insurance rates, you can get help from our locksmiths with a proper home security assessment. This will assist you in recognizing weaker security spots in your home which in turn will allow you to get these issues checked and fixed to boost the overall security of your home and reduce insurance rates. If you have never had your home assessed for security or it has been decades since you last conducted a security assessment, you must get in touch with the right people to get it done. When you know the primary hazards your house is exposed to, you will be able to offer better protection to your valuables and loved ones.

Enhance the Overall Security of Your Home

Here is a comprehensive list of guidelines regarding the most crucial things that should be examined for weaknesses in order to increase the overall security of your home.

Assess the Security of Your Garage and Strengthen It

Home Security AssessmentsYour home security assessment is incomplete if you have not thoroughly examined the security of your garage. Whatever the type and model of garage door you are using, make sure that the lock and key system is immaculate. Find out if it needs to be upgraded, replaced or rekeyed. You can consider installing a monitoring camera around your garage area for tight security. With advanced technology in place, you will be able to receive immediate messages if any intruder tries to enter your garage. In addition, if necessary, the camera recording will work as evidence against intruders. Strengthening the lock and key system of your garage and replacing it with better alternatives will reduce your insurance rates well, so ensure that you contact suitable agencies to help you with your security analysis and new lock installation.

Home Alarm System Assessments

Homeowners looking for better security in their homes must install an alarm system on their property. They not only keep potential burglars away but also help decrease insurance rates. If you have alarm systems in your home, it is vital that you get them assessed by expert home locksmiths for the best results. However, if you don’t have alarm systems installed in your home but you are looking to get one, you can get in touch with reputed companies for their recommendations.

Get the Lights of Your Home Assessed

One of the effective deterrents for potential burglars is the lights of your home. Burglars usually don’t come near homes when they find they find both exterior and interior lights are on and people are inside the house. It is crucial that you keep the exterior lights on during the night to keep potential intruders away from your home. Most homeowners add motion sensor lights for improved security. When you are getting your home assessed for lighting, it is important to get your motion sensor lights assessed. Also, if you have several exterior lights around your house, you might not notice which ones are not working.

Professional teams that assess homes for security evaluate the state of your exterior and interior lights. They are also proficient in making quick fixes wherever necessary and can service broken systems and replace damaged sensors and lights. You might want to contact your insurance company to find out if they offer any concessions for sensor lights.

Install Sturdy Locks on Your Doors

Several homes have both a front and a back door with a distinct door that connects your home to a garage. Since locks on your doors are an important part of your security system, you should make sure that all the locks are sturdy with proper frames, strike plates and hinges. Most insurance companies prefer homeowners to have deadbolt locks installed in their homes as they are the most secure and offer great protection against intruder threats and break-in attempts. If your front door doesn’t have a deadbolt lock, you must contact a professional locksmith to assist you in getting the best locks for your front, side and back doors. Once you have deadbolt locks on all your important doors, you can get a reduction on your insurance rates. It is vital that you get branded locks installed for better security and peace of mind. In addition, you must only work with professional locksmiths that are legal, certified and licensed for your lock installation requirements. This is because they are experienced and will help you find the best brands and locks for all your security needs. If you have deadbolt locks installed on your doors, you must get them assessed to see if they need to be replaced or repaired. You can consult your insurance provider to find out if the upgraded lock you are getting installed will help to reduce the insurance rates. In general, the normal condition for a deadbolt is to have a bolt of one-inch. The bolt should be fixed in the door jam along with the strike plates that must be fitted with three-inch screws.

Assessments of Your Windows

Window bars and grilles are quite effective in deterring potential burglars from your home. The installation of sensor alarms and small-keyed locks can also fortify the security of your windows. These security devices could help decrease your insurance rates while making your home more secure.

Get Your Door Peepholes and Doorbells Assessed

Doorbells and peepholes are the best security addition to your home. You can find out who’s on your doorstep with a peephole before opening the door and perhaps jeopardizing yourself and your family. If you are prepared to have your home assessed for any security issues, you can easily lower your insurance rates. A home that is laced with advanced security equipment is not only beneficial in terms of reduced insurance rates but also a secure place for your family.

When it comes to your home security, don’t take shortcuts. Get in touch with the professional team from Locksmiths Locator now and plan a home security assessment!