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Professional Door Viewer Installation

Our door viewer installation services cover the full range of peephole viewer needs. Call us today for our expert door viewer installation services.

new door viewer In modern times, it is paramount that you control whom we let into our living and commercial spaces. When a person knocks on your door, you have better luck of identifying who it is without peeping through the window curtains, and, it indicates that you are home. Your best option is a door viewer; it is a simple yet crucial part of your home security. We have professionals with years of door viewer installation, and you can be sure that we give 100% professionalism when installing a secret eye for your front door.

While you may want to make peephole installation a DIY project, there is a science and an art to the installation only experienced personnel can do a clean job and go about the installation at the shortest time possible without damaging your door or leaving unnecessary marks. We are the go-to company for wholesome and holistic locksmith services among them door viewer installation.

Types of Door Viewers

When most people think about door viewers, they get the mental picture of the time old peepholes and are oblivious to the fact that there are new and better door viewers in the market today. We regularly install the old-style peepholes, but we would like to bring to your attention new and advanced door viewers. Here is a scope of the door viewers on the market today


These door viewers are suitable for doors that are no more than one and a half inches thick. It is one of the smallest options on the market today, and you will get a clear view of who is at your door or hallway.


This is the smallest door viewer in the market today in terms of size and it functions fine. Due to the nature of their build, they are best suited to apartment buildings and homes with thinner doors. They provide a clear 200-degree view.


This door viewer is appropriate for homes and offices with doors of ordinary thickness. XtraScopes come with a fish-eye lens that ensures you get a wide-angle range of view.


They provide a larger range of view with a 180-degree peephole.


These are generally used in commercial spaces and they meet most of the complex industrial requirements. This door viewer is made of super-durable brass and they are resistant to fire and scrapes. They are set to enable you to view the person at the door in various light conditions.


These door viewers come with a special 132-degree horizontal glass lens and it is perfect for commercial as well as domestic front doors. With these ultra-vision peepholes, you can see up to seven feet away. They are of different thickness and so you can find easily one that will match the thickness of your door. 

These are some of the best door viewer options in the market today.

Our Peephole Installation and Services

However, door viewer installation is not as easy as many people like to think, but you can trust us to get the job done. Let us shift gears and look at why thousands of customers turn to us for door view installation and other residential locksmith services.

Experienced Professionals

We take pride in our professionals and we consider those that have five years and above worth of experience. The reason for this is that peephole installation and servicing is not as easy as most people make it. Our professionals do a clean job and they expedite the peephole installation and services in the shortest time possible.

Excellent service starts when you get in touch with our customer care representatives. They are knowledgeable and they too have experience withal of our locksmith services. They work around the clock in shifts and they will dispatch our locksmiths and door viewer installation experts as soon as you hang up the phone.

We Work With Your Time

The modern business environment is busy and unpredictable. This makes it next to impossible to get them all too important work-life balance for a healthy lifestyle. However, whenever you need peephole installation or servicing we will work with your schedule and have a locksmith on your doorstep when it is convenient for you. Whether you make an appointment or you need our services as soon as now, we will have an experienced and uniformed locksmith. For emergencies, our professionals will be at your location within half an hour or less of contacting our customer care representatives.

The Best Peephole Viewer Installation and Service Prices Around

We do not promise you that our prices will be the cheapest in town, but we guarantee you that they are the most competitive around. We have built a reputation for offering holistic peephole installation services around and we have set prices that are fair to the quality of service we offer. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our door viewer installation service.

Do you need door viewer installation or maintenance? Contact us on the website or call our customer care representatives today for peephole installation and unmatched holistic locksmith services.