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How To Beat The Latest Scam From Car Thieves

A disturbing new phenomenon has started being reported by the authorities in Staten Island, New Jersey, as well as other parts of the country: car thieves that rely on the side mirrors trick to identify unlocked vehicles and steal them or the loose items found inside. Opportunists car burglars have been trolling and targeting late-model vehicles with side mirrors that automatically fold when the car is locked and the engine is shut down.  Let us find out more about this concerning problem as presented by the police authorities across the US as well as a number of useful car security tips on how to prevent it.

Are Your Side Mirrors Sticking Out? Watch Out For Car Thieves Nearby!car alarm systems

Older car models do not have any side view mirrors, or they only have a single mirror installed on one side. If you own such a vehicle, you can at least sleep peacefully knowing the car mirror trolling trick will not put your car at risk. However, if you own a luxury recently released car model, like a Jaguar, your automatic side view mirrors might put you at risk of car theft or break-in.  The mirrors that automatically lock in place and fold once the engine is stopped and the doors are locked might sound and feel like a convenient feature on any car, for obvious reasons. However, this extra convenience might also be the one that could possibly put your car in jeopardy because of the new mirror trick used by car opportunists thieves who are also familiar with the meaning of the unfolded side view mirrors.  When such a car is left unlocked and with the key fobs in, the side mirrors will not be folded. A potential property criminal who knows this will try to take advantage of the vulnerability and act upon it.

They will either try to enter the vehicle without anyone noticing them doing it, since the doors are not locked, and then use a specific wire start engine trick to start the car, or they will take advantage of the key fob that may have been also left behind inside the unlocked vehicle. Many people mistakingly believe that running a quick errand in the area nearby their parked and unlocked vehicle should keep their car safe from potential burglary risks, and they are even oblivious enough to leave their key fobs inside, practically making an open invitation for burglars.  There is also the case of car thieves that may try to quickly take off with any electronics, wallets, bags, or work briefcases that the driver might have left behind inside the unlocked vehicle.

The local police authorities in Staten Island have carefully investigated the phenomenon of recent car thefts and larcenies in the area and noticed the side view mirror trolling phenomenon. Another issue they discovered was related to the fact that many car owners tend mistakingly leave the keys inside when parking their vehicles. New Jersey authorities have also reported similar cases of car thefts and break-ins as triggered by the unfolded mirror phenomenon, with some of the stolen cars being later on found abandoned in various areas of Brooklyn. This was an indicator that the thieves were most likely opportunists teenagers or young adults who were looking for a joy ride or a quick manner of making some money by stealing and selling any valuables they may have found inside.

Beware Of Smartphone Apps That Can Identify Cars With Key Fobs In

Another problem you may need to become particularly aware of is the one represented by thieves who use special apps that tell them if there is a car nearby with the key fob inside. By simply installing these apps on their devices, thieves could be sneaking a quick peek at your own vehicle, notice there is no one inside, and take off with it in a few seconds.

Clever Tips For Increasing Security On Your Vehicle

  • Install your own smartphone app and use it to your own advantage. The app will let you know if you have left the key fob inside the vehicle by mistake and prevent you from having your vehicle stolen or broken into because of it.
  • Avoid leaving any laptop bags, wallets, GPS, and electronics systems inside the car, on the front or back seats as they could make your car look more appealing to potential thieves passing by, looking for their next victim.
  • Always double-check if you have locked the car and make sure that the key fob is on you at all times. If you own a luxury car model with automatically folding mirrors during lockup, make a habit out of always checking the position of the side view mirrors and make sure they are always folded before leaving your car unattended.
  • Only try to park in well-lit areas, guarded parking lots, or locked garages.
  • Have expert car locksmith services like ours check the state of your locks and key fobs and replace any broken cylinders, locks mechanisms, or fobs. This will ensure that a potential thief trying to break into your car using a security vulnerability connected to one of the door locks or the alarm system will have a difficult time getting the car to open.
  • Remember to instantly contact the local authorities and report any suspicious activity, individuals, or cars you may notice lurking around the neighborhood.

Final Thoughts

Pay special attention to the position of the side view mirrors on your modern car when parking, choose the safest parking spots, and always double-check the state of the locks so you do not end up tipping off any nearby thieves.