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Professional Window Lock Installation Services

Window locks provide a basic level of security to all homes. If you want your window lock fixed or replaced, contact our window lock installation services. Installing the best lock for your type of windows will help keep your family and employees safe from intruders. Window lock installation plays a key role in the effectiveness of the lock, and it will save you on window lock repairs costs.

Types of Locks for Windowswindow lock installation

The type of lock you get for your windows will depend on the type of windows you have. For example, you will need a different type of lock for your casement windows and sliding windows. Knowing the type of windows you have and they lock you use will make all the difference between having a secure home or office and one where intruders come and go freely.

Window Latch

These are the most common type of locks for windows and they are installed on single or double-hung windows. They are installed on the window sash and secure the sashes together when the window is closed. This simple window lock requires reinforcing with another lock for extra security.

Keyed Locks

These are best for sliding windows as well as single and double-hung windows. The keyed locks are installed securely on the window frame, and you will need a locksmith to rekey the lock should you lose or your keys get stolen.

Swivel Action Locks

These are a self-locking windows lock and the design includes a snib that secures the windows in place once locked. To open and close a swivel action lock simply turn the snib in either direction to lock or release the lock.

Folding Latches

These are mainly used to secure awning and casement windows and they are installed on the window frame. Once you close the window, all you have to do is fold down the latch to lock it. To open the window, all you need to do is pull up the latch to unfold it. They will come pre-installed on the casement and awning windows.

Window Locks Grading

When you are out purchasing locks for your windows, ensure that you heed the grading of the locks. Look for the ANSI grading on the package or ask the attendant to indicate the grade. Here are the grades according to the American National Standard Institute (ANSI)

  • Grade 1: this is the highest rank. These types of locks are sturdy and difficult to break. They are the best though they are also the most expensive option on the market
  • Grade 2: these are intermediary locks and most window locks fall under this grade
  • Grade 3: these are the basic locks and they are best suited for grade 1 and 2 compliments. They are the least expensive option of all the grades

The Importance of Window Locks

When burglars realize that they cannot gain access to your home through the front or back door, their next best option is usually the windows. While most people have the ordinary latch type of locks, burglers have devised ingenious ways of opening them, and if they are attached to the alarm system, they will disable them with much skill. Besides, intruders wish to get in and out of your house or office undetected so they will hardly think about breaking the windowpanes. It is for this reason that you need to get a professional locksmith to undertake the window lock installation as well as repairs. However, the security of your home or office begins with knowing which locks for windows are best suited for your case. We have been in the business for a long time now, more than five years, and we have seen various locks for windows, tested their strengths and weaknesses. You can count on us to give you the best advice when looking to install new locks or changing locks.

Why Consider Locksmith Locator?

We have a clientele list of over 400,000. We have built a reputation for our quality of service when it comes to window lock installation and repairs, as well as the professionalism of our personnel. Here are the reasons why you ought to give us a call when installing new locks for windows or changing locks.

We Are Available 24/7!

There are many reasons why you might want to change your old locks and install new ones, or they will not turn because you have not worked the locks in a long time. You can contact us via our website or at a call center. Depending on your time lines, you can schedule an appointment, or seek our services immediately. All our personnel, from the customer care agents to the locksmiths, work in shifts around the clock, ensuring that we are at your disposal whenever you might need us.

Professional locksmiths

We have built a reputation for having the best window installation and window lock repair. This is because we do not subcontract our services. No matter the location, we will send out uniformed locksmiths to perform tasks such as window lock installation as well as window lock repairs. We assure you that every residential locksmith who comes to you is highly trained and has a minimum of five years’ experience.

Locksmiths Locator offers high-quality window lock installation as well as window locks repair. We have factory-trained locksmiths and our customer care representatives are on hand to get you a free quote. Call us today!