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Locksmiths and Eviction Services

eviction locksmith servicesLandlords and rental property owners will occasionally have to deal with the unpleasant and stressful act of evicting their tenants for various considerations. To make sure that the eviction is handled the right way and with no unnecessary hassle, the sheriff's department may need to get involved in escorting the tenant off the rental property. Professional locksmith eviction solutions are also usually necessary for police-permitted locksmith services. If you are currently looking for specialized services at affordable rates, get in touch with us. We offer an entire array of solutions for residential and commercial landlords and rental property owners. If you are looking to learn more about these services and their exact use, read on. 

When Are Locksmith Eviction Services Necessary?

In short, eviction locksmith services are regular locksmith services that can be put into practice once the landlord has successfully evicted the problematic tenant. At times, this may require help from the sheriff’s department. Before meeting the sheriff, landlords must first arrange for an eviction locksmith or be prepared to change the locks on themselves. The respective eviction locksmiths will need to work together with the landlord to reinstate access to the rental property. On occasion, emergency lock picking, lock rekeying, or lock changing may be necessary in case the tenants have altered the locks, damaged them, or re-keyed them without permission prior to being asked to move out.

What Are Residential and Commercial Eviction Locksmith Services?

Since there are two different types of rental units and properties, there are also two types of eviction locksmith services available for landlords and property owners: residential and commercial. It is important to know the differences between the two to benefit from the best services. Here is what you need to know:

Eviction Locksmiths for Residential Properties

If you are looking for fast lockout services at your rental unit, or you need the locks to be changed or rekeyed, you will need the services of a residential eviction locksmith. This will ensure that you will benefit from the exact residential lock picking, lock installation, lock repairs, and key duplication services you will need at the rental unit once the tenants will leave the premises. The same locksmiths can also assist you with keyless lock chains, keyless locks, and high-security locks. 

Eviction Locksmiths for Commercial Properties

Since they tend to be more complicated because of the additional legal consideration they might trigger, commercial evictions may also require more preparation. To make sure everything runs smoothly, it is best to hire a commercial eviction locksmith service that can assist you with all your security and access control requirements. Usually, commercial buildings feature master lock and key systems and this means commercial locksmiths hired to assist landlords during eviction procedures may be asked to either replace old locks or design and implement brand-new master lock systems. The same technicians may also be required to tackle electronic locks hardwired into the building’s electrical system.

Removing or Replacing Padlocks

Landlords dealing with a forced eviction problem with their tenants may also require special assistance with the padlocks. For instance, the former tenants may have damaged the padlocks without replacing or fixing them, or they may have used a padlock for which you were not given a key. In some cases, the use of intentional violence might have broken the padlocks that now require replacement. Padlocks that cannot be opened may need to be removed with the help of bolt cutters and angle grinders. Keep in mind that in some cases during sheriff eviction lockouts, only authorized locksmiths are allowed to remove a padlock that has been used to restrict a landlord’s access to the rental unit.

Mailbox Lock Replacement

Some angry tenants may plan on coming back and trying to take off with delivery parcels or confidential mail belonging to the new tenants. To prevent this from happening, it is best to find an eviction locksmith who specializes in offering mailbox lock replacement solutions at affordable prices. It’s a simple process that will make all the difference in strengthening security on the premises for your upcoming tenants.

Fitting New Locks or Rekeying Old Locks

Since tenants are not allowed to cut duplicate keys to the rental unit they have been handed, this rule is sometimes broken by some tenants for various reasons. If you suspect this is also the case with our previous tenants, it is advisable to have the locks either replaced or rekeyed so none of the old keys are eligible with them. These solutions are not only suitable for main entryways and front doors, but also for shed and garage doors. At times, the best action is to install new sets of advanced locks from reputable brands that will also upgrade the level of security on the property, provide enhanced protection, and more peace of mind to both you and your new tenants.

Final Thoughts

Provided you are getting ready to proceed with an eviction lockout, you need all the help you can get.  Don't forget to first talk to a professional eviction locksmith who specializes in residential and commercial solutions. The lockout eviction process does not have to be a stressful and time-consuming procedure for you, especially when working to reinstall security to the premises. Whether you need help with a sheriff-assisted eviction lockout or emergency lockout solutions at good rates, feel free to get in touch with us.