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Tips For Better Security In Your Apartment Building

If you have recently rented an apartment or you are an owner and you are looking for some affordable and smart ways to increase security in your home, you have reached the right page. If you are looking for some quick solutions to make your apartment less vulnerable in the hands of potential burglars, check our selected tips addressing both rental-friendly and private apartments. We have assembled a short but comprehensive guide that should help you understand more about apartment security responsibility and the factors to consider prior to signing a lease, along with enhanced protection measures to apply after the move. Without further ado, let's get started!

Use Professional Locksmiths

how to improve apartment securityAs expert residential locksmiths with many years of experience under our belt, we have navigated the complicated sea of home security risks and hazards for a variety of apartments. This has helped us create a solid protocol that allows us to assess security, recommend, and install the best apartment security devices suitable for all types of apartments and their particular requirements. If you need quick solutions to enhance security in your new apartment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can provide you with the best security inspection services, along with lock installation and lock re-keying options, security system installation, and more.   

Learn How to Improve Building Security

As a landlord, you will need to apply a series of security protocols to make sure your tenants are 100% safe and well-guarded against potential perils day and night:

  • Maintain the landscaping around the building as criminal-proof. This means you need to pay close attention to never letting the shrubs and bushes surrounding the building overgrow as they will create the perfect hideouts for burglars lurking nearby. 

  • Install quality motion detector cameras and lights. These are some of the most efficient ways of deterring intruders. 

  • Use high-security keys from authorized distributors. Since these keys are usually pick-proof and cannot be duplicated with ease, these keys represent some of the best apartment security devices to invest in. 

  • Educate your tenants. Make sure your tenants know the basics in terms of building security. Instruct them how to use the intercom systems and tell them to safely guard their keys and avoid lending them to anyone who does not live in the building. Emphasize they should be careful not to let anyone follow them into the apartment building unless they are 100% they can recognize them as fellow tenants.

  • Install security fences or gates around the building. This way, you will make sure no one who is not authorized to access the premises will be able to walk in 24/7. 

  • Turn up the lights in the common areas inside the building including the laundry room and the parking lot. Good lighting is also one of the best apartment building security measures you could put into practice as a landlord. 

  • Install CCTV cameras. Place the cameras in carefully selected, well-lit locations. Keep the focus on the parking lot, main entryways, elevators, and the rest of the common areas in and around the building. Periodically inspect the cctv cameras for faults. 

Choose the Best Apartment Security Devices

As a tenant or new apartment owner, you can opt for a multitude of excellent apartment security devices that can considerably increase your protection inside your home. Here are a few of our top recommendations:

1. Use a Door Security Bar

Buy a door security bar and place it at an angle between the doorknob and the floor to stop burglars from using their force to try to make their way into your apartment. 

2. Use a Security Bar for Sliding Doors

Apartments with sliding doors can benefit from the extra protection provided by security bars. The majority of sliding door latches only offer minimum levels of security when compared to latches on standard doors. By adding a rod made of metal or wood inside the bottom track of the sliding door, you should prevent anyone from sliding the door open.

Upgrade the Locks

As a tenant, you will first need to talk to the landlord and see if they agree to install a new lock for you or if they allow you to choose a lock for yourself. If you have bought the apartment, you can skip this step and go straight to choosing the most reliable and efficient apartment door lock suitable for your needs.

  • Install a portable door lock. These models are some of the easiest types of locks to fit with the lowest impact on the door's structure and your budget. They work as door blockers and they can be quickly hooked onto the current strike plate on the door. This means you will not have to worry about drilling any holes or replacing any of the hardware.

  • Consider upgrading to a smart lock. Keep in mind there are similar to standard locks that can be used by both tenants and non-tenants, you should also be able to come across a reliable smart lock that perfectly matches the needs of your apartment. These locks will enable you to enjoy remote access control, share virtual keys with multiple apartment owners or roommates if this is the case for you, and use a Wi-Fi connection to easily unlock the door using your smartphone.

  • Add a new deadbolt or replace the current one. If you are looking for better ways to secure your valuables while you are not home, a quality deadbolt lock from a reputable brand should do the trick. We recommend you focus on an ANSI grade 1 rating which is the highest possible rating for cylinder locks. The rating means that these deadbolts are highly sturdy and can withstand picking and bumping attempts.

Install a Smart Security System for Apartments 

If you are still looking to know how to secure your apartment from burglary using the smartest solutions, you should consider investing in a security alarm system for your apartment. These are also some of the best options especially when they feature adhesive attachments, wireless solutions, door and window motion sensors, and doorbell cameras. 

Final Thoughts

Secure your windows with proper window treatments and small-keyed locks, locking pins tied to a chain for double-hung windows, and motion sensors. Finally, don’t forget about getting renters insurance for more peace of mind in the event of an unfortunate event. Talk to professional locksmiths if you need additional advice and practical solutions.