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3 Amazing Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

motion sensor light

Outdoor lighting is part of the components when it comes to securing your home. However, leaving your outdoor security lights the entire night could lead to hefty energy draws from the grid and high utility. However, you have a solution that will conserve energy and lower your utility bills. Motion sensor lights are no different from your normal lights, except that they have sensors triggered by movement. They work best if you do not need continuous illumination in your compound and the best thing before you go out to buy them is to know how they work, their benefits and who can install them for you.

Here at locksmiths locator, not only do we deal with the installation and maintenance of locks and alarm systems, but our personnel is also trained and experienced security professionals. We have built a reputation for the installation and maintenance of high tech security systems, and motion sensor lights installation and maintenance is right up our alley.

How Motion Sensor Lights Work

The lights come equipped with a motion detector responsible for switching the light on and off. Motion sensors are small electric devices that detect infrared (heat) waves that radiate from moving objects. The sensor automatically turns on the security lights when warmer objects such as cars, people, or an animal cross its line of view. The sensor has a semicircular field of view of up to 240-degrees and the distance range depends on the manufacturer; however most come with adjustable distance range, though the standard range is 70 ft.

Motion Dector

The sensor will automatically turn the security light off unless it continues to detect movement. The duration the light stays on can be configured from anywhere between 1 minute to 20 minutes before it can turn off. The motion sensor lights also have a photocell that deactivates the light during the day. Motion sensor lights will turn on to the movement of your pet, a passing car, an approaching person, or even wind-blown leaves.

These lights are the perfect addition to your home’s security system. They not only help you see in the dark, but they can help in deterring burglars since they will think that you have heard them coming, and turned on the lights.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Security Lights

Motion sensor light technology is not complicated, and it can be used by anyone in his or her homes or business. Most people now prefer them for the many benefits they offer them, other than helping them see in the dark.

No Switches Needed

Motion sensor lights are convenient, considering that you probably have to feel for the light switch in the dark, and who knows what could happen before you find it. For one, there could be a burglar waiting in the dark and when you open the door, force their way in, rob you, or worse, injure you, a family member, or an employee. This high tech security solution will be convenient for people who have their security lights switches inside rather than outside.

Deter Burglars and Stray Animals

Dark houses are the perfect target for burglars. If you have the light switch lights system, your house will be an easy target when you are away for the weekend or on vacation. The motion sensor lights will come on if an intruder comes snooping around and they will get the notion that there is someone around. Best of all; they are a cheaper option than installing expensive and sophisticated lighting and alarm systems.

Energy Efficient

This high tech security option is one of the many ways you can increase the energy efficiency in your home. It happens to the best of us that we sometimes leave the lights on as we dash off for an appointment, and this consumes much electricity. The application has moved from just security lights, and now, they are common in inside lighting by both business and homeowners. For this reason, motion sensor lights are an environmentally friendly option for cutting your utility bills since there will be no electricity redundancy.

You can install the motion sensors anywhere in your house or business and this way you do not have to do a check for lights left lit. This will save you on time and money, so it is best if you used a professional company to install your motion sensor security lights.

Why Contact Locksmiths Locator to Install the Motion Sensor Security Lights

A little-known fact outside of our circle of customers is that we are not only all-rounded locksmiths, but we provide holistic security solutions for residential and business buildings such as the installation and maintenance of high tech security systems. Here are the reasons why you should call Locksmiths Locator first.

Mobile Rapid Response Crew

We have built a reputation for having fast response times, and we have qualified and experienced professionals to expedite our services. After you get in touch with our customer care representatives, they dispatch one of the rapid response crews closest to your location. We guarantee that you will have an equipped professional at your door in 30 minutes or less.

Highly qualified and Experienced Personnel

Unlike other companies, we do not subcontract our contracts. We have a team of all-rounded locksmiths that can install and service lighting and alarm systems. We get hundreds of calls to install, service, and repair motion sensor security lights. Our call center is manned 24/7 by knowledgeable and professional customer representatives so you can rest easy knowing that you can call on us at any moment.

At Locksmiths Locator, we have all rounded locksmiths who are also certified security experts we aim to ensure that you get the best security systems installation and maintenance.

Contact us for affordable locksmith solutions, high tech security advice, and installation; we will offer unbiased professional services at the most competitive price to match our quality of service.