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5 Must-Have Home Security Systems 2024

best home security systems

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If you are interested in minimizing your security risks at home and taking more measures to protect yourself and your loved ones in 2024, consider investing in the best security system for your home. With so many alternatives from supported features, design, installation and monitoring alternatives, to pricing, it can be difficult to take your pick without proper research. Our experts have done all the work for you and compiled a list of the top five must have home security systems to keep an eye on in the upcoming year. 

Tips For Selecting the Best Home Security Systems

The truth about home security systems is that there is no right or wrong formula when shopping for one. The decision should ultimately depend on a series of factors connected to your particular needs and expectations.

Professional Installation or DIY?

Decide if you would like to personally handle the setup of your new system or if you would rather let the LocksmithsLocator pros take care of it in exchange for an additional installation fee. While most brands will allow you to opt for one or the other, not all home security systems can be installed using the DIY technique. Before investing in a new system, make sure you know what to expect. DIY systems usually provide peel-and-stick adhesive equipment, which means they do not require any drilling.

Self-Monitoring VS Professional Monitoring 

Many systems make both alternatives available, so it ultimately depends on you to choose the most suitable system for your needs. Professional monitoring requires homeowners to cover a monthly fee. They offer non-stop protection from security experts who are immediately alerted when the alarm is triggered. These experts will move to investige the problem and get in touch with the necessary emergency services. Home security systems with DIY monitoring options also issue alerts when the alarm is triggered. However, they require homeowners to personally get in touch with the authorities in case of an emergency.

System Features 

The type and number of sensors including burglar and environmental sensors, the existence of indoor and outdoor HD surveillance cameras, two-way communication systems, medical alerts, and other similar features will all add to the costs. The best smart home security system that can be integrated with smart home devices will usually be pricier. 

Pricing and Subscription 

The cost of a security system includes the installation and equipment costs, the required activation fees, and the monthly monitoring fees. The best home security system without subscription allows homeowners to use standard system features without covering any monthly fees. However, the cheapest packages might not always work best for you. In exchange for a small monthly subscription fee, you could benefit from a plethora of added perks and features. It is essential to find the right balance between your available budget and your top security priorities. 

Integration with Smart Home Devices

Some home security systems can be easily integrated with smart home devices from third parties, including Alexa, Google Home, Kwikset smart locks, Nest thermostat, or Philips Hue smart light. This alternative provides extra convenience while saving you on your monthly electricity or heating and cooling bills by customizing your controls to match your daily routine. 

Best Home Security Systems for 2024

Best Home Security System 2024: Ring Alarm 8-Piece Security Kit

If you want a convenient and highly reliable home security system with a fast and simple setup, this is the system for you. The full package features a keypad, a hub, sensors for windows and doors, a range extender, and motion sensors. With the help of the range extender, you will benefit from sufficient coverage for mid-sized homes. The DIY installation relies on adhesive strips and drywall anchors. You can also select the 24-hour monitoring plan featuring Alexa Guard Plus for more security. One drawback of the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit is the fact that the system is not compatible with Google Home and Apple Homekit.

Best Home Security System with Cameras: Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera Security System With 2 Cameras

If you are particularly interested in a system with excellent camera quality, this is the system for you. You will benefit from wireless camera modules that are capable of streaming and recording top-quality 4K HDR footage while using four times as many pixels as standard Full HD videos. The system features two cameras and a base station that comes with a built-in siren. More cameras with built-in LED lights, night vision, and motion sensors can be gradually added. The cameras can withstand bad weather conditions and the batteries can for up to half a year. One disadvantage of the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera security system is the fact that it lacks a professional 24-hour monitoring alternative. 

Best Home Security System Without Subscription: eufy Security 5-Piece Home Security System

If you are looking for a home security system with zero contract fees, eufy might be the choice for you. However, the system does not include any surveillance cameras, so you will need to handle this option on your own. Its enhanced reliability in terms of home monitoring and sending notifications and alerts is possible via the main hub, motion and entry sensors, and keypad. All elements are fully compatible with eufy’s security cameras and doorbells. In exchange for a monthly fee, you could get a basic plan offering local storage and AI-based detection, or home monitoring and emergency service access.

SimpliSafe for Good Equipment and Monitoring Fees

SimpliSafe home security systems are highly affordable options with zero monthly fees for homeowners looking for self-monitoring alternatives. It is also possible to choose professional monitoring solutions for a monthly fee that is still way below the average costs on the market. With the help of the dedicated SmashSafe backup, you will benefit from anti-tampering solutions and alerts issued to the authorities. The Heartbeat constantly keeps an eye on the way the system is working. The video doorbells and wireless outdoor cameras can withstand bad weather conditions. One minor drawback might be the average video quality offered by the cameras. 

The Best Smart Home Security System: Vivint

The luxury Vivint system can get pricey, which might represent a drawback for some homeowners. The well-functioning smart home equipment does not, however, require any contract fees. The proprietary smart home and alarm gear offer excellent equipment connectivity with smart home devices. The system features security cameras with innovative features and even provides a car guard solution. 

Looking for more guidance for buying the best home security system? Get in touch with LocksmithsLocator and we'll be there to assist you!