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Alarm Services for Homes and Offices

Whether you're looking for professional security system installation services or security system repairs, our alarm installation experts are here to assist you.

According to the official stats, more than 3.7 million burglaries happen each year in America. This means that you got to do something to prevent any possible break-ins into your home or office. But, how are you supposed to do this? By letting us take care of the home alarm installation! Our residential locksmith team is here for you to deal with anything related to security systems, starting with the installation of alarms. Apart from the home alarm installation, we can take many other measures to improve the security of your property.

Our security system solutions include:Home alarm installation

  • Alarm System Installation
  • Installation of door
  • Window sensor setups
  • Surveillance system installation
  • Installation of motion sensors
  • Security system repair
  • 24/7emergency alarm service

A great thing about our company is that you can call us for anything related to security systems. Whatever you want to improve the levels of security in your home or in your office, we’re the ones you need to call!

Home Security System Services

Your home is the place where you and your family feel the safest. That’s why your job is not to let anyone ruin that. You need to keep your property safe and secure. Unfortunately, you can’t do this on your own. Otherwise, you’d have to stay at home 24/7, waiting for the burglars to arrive. Luckily, we live in the 21st century when there are lots of cutting-edge security systems at your disposal. These systems will take a better care of your home than you could ever do all by yourself. Not only will these systems make it hard for the burglars to break-in, they can also notify you when something strange is going on in your home. So, even if you’re not around, you will still have a complete control of your property.

Furthermore, the security system of your home can be programmed to notify the authorities if there’s something suspicious happening on your property while you’re away. If you have a security system with cameras, it can provide you or the cops with a live steam. This way, the burglars are gonna get caught red-handed. But, surveillance systems aren’t the only types of security systems we can install in your home. If you want, we can do a door & window sensor installation as well.

Door & Window Sensors

If the burglars break a glass door or a window in your home, the alarm will go off. Furthermore, even if the criminals decide not to use the force to get in, this system of sensors will stop them. If they try to pick a lock, the system will spot it and set the alarm off.

Motion Sensors

Some residential alarm systems even feature motion sensors, so that the system will start beeping when a movement is detected. The alarm will go on only if someone has already gotten into your home, meaning that the burglars will be caught in the act.  Our home alarm service list also includes installation of two-way alarm systems, which will enable you to communicate with the person who’s trespassing. These systems work remotely, so you can shout them off even if you’re miles away.

Office Security System Services

Apart from making your home an unbreakable fortress for the burglars, we can also install security systems that will keep your office secure. Office alarm system installationThe reason we decided to include office security system service into our list of services is the fact that for most people, the office is the place where they make their living. So, if you’re an owner of a business, a burglary could cause you some serious problems.

We’re not just talking about criminals who want to steal your office equipment or crack your office safe. We’re also talking about disgruntled former employees or even your competition. If you have a rival who doesn’t value morale too much, to say the least, they might come up with an idea of breaking into your office and stealing important data. The good news is that all of this is very easy to prevent. You just need to call us and let us install a foolproof security system in your office!

Alarm System Installation Services

Not only can our team of certified residential and commercial locksmiths help you ensure an utmost security of your home and office but we can also do the same with your car! There are over 700,000 car thefts a year in the United States, most of which happen due to a lack of good car security features. To prevent your car getting stolen, we urge you to have a security system installed ASAP!

Car Alarm System Installation

If the car thieves try to break into your vehicle, the alarm will start making a deafening noise, hopefully making them change their mind. If you’re looking to improve the security of your home and/or office, we’re here to help you out with that. Just give us a call and we’ll install a burglary-proof security system as quickly as possible!