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7 Common Myths About Locksmithing

Like most topics of interest, there is quite a bit of confusion, misinformation, and even mystery regarding what a 24 hour locksmith actually does for a living. While these tradesmen are very present in our society, tackling a large number of situations including emergency lockouts, lock replacement requests, security checks, and car key replacements, there are people who are not even aware that locksmiths are still around, given the constantly evolving digital and automatic universe we live in.locksmith myths

There are also people who, because of various misconceptions, will think twice before deciding to hire a residential locksmith to have their locks changed or an automotive locksmith to replace the batteries to their car key fobs.

Whether you grew up hearing all sorts of myths revolving around locksmiths or you are not truly aware of their line of work, learning more about their services will definitely help you and your loved ones enjoy more safety at home, in your vehicle, or at the workplace.

To come to your help, we've gathered and debunked seven of the most common locksmith myths. We invite you to explore them below.

#1: Locksmiths Should Only Be Called During Lockout Emergencies

Without a doubt, trustworthy companies like Locksmiths Locator can provide you with critical emergency locksmith solutions for your home or car in times of need. However, emergency help is not the only reason why you should consider calling a locksmith. There are plenty of other instances that may require expert help from authorized locksmiths. For instance, moving into a new home should prompt you to rekey the locks or have them replaced to prevent unwanted visitors. Similarly, you may need to reprogram your key fob, cut duplicate keys for your new employees, or install a safe at your home for added protection.

#2: Locksmiths Keep Copies of Your Home Keys

This is another common locksmith myth that many people who are in need of residential locksmith services might think about when thinking about hiring a locksmith. Licensed and trustworthy locksmiths will never keep copies of your keys for their own records because this is not only highly unprofessional, it also violates the privacy of customers.

#3: Locksmiths Only Answer House Calls

This myth could not be any further from reality. Professional full-service locksmith companies offer an entire plethora of residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency locksmith services. The list includes locksmith near me mobile services available 24/7 that allows locksmith technicians to reach any remote address no matter the time of the day and assist you with any lockout or faulty lock problem on the spot.

#4: Anyone Can Pick a Lock

While some jammed lock problems may find a quick fix in a simple DIY project, the truth is lock picking is not an activity for everyone. Simply because expert locksmiths with lots of experience under their belt make lock picking appear easy to do does not always mean this is the case.

Learning how to pick hundreds of different types and models of home, car, or commercial locks requires extensive hands-on practice and on-site teaching, as well as countless classes on how to do each individual job. Complex car lock and transponder key systems, smart lock systems for homes, and advanced master lock and key systems for office buildings all require special skills and know-how that only professional locksmiths possess.

#5: Keys With the “Do Not Copy/Duplicate” Stamp Cannot Be Copied

This is another common myth that we wish to debunk. Keys that showcase the “do not copy” or “do not duplicate” stamp are not necessarily keys that cannot be copied by authorized locksmiths. These warnings simply mean that, provided you have purchased the respective keys from a reputable locksmith, you will need to contact them in case you need copies made. There are also a few exceptions, such as keys with a patent-protected design that require a special permit in order to be copied by a locksmith who owns such a permit. Make sure you first get in touch with your landlord and ask if they will grant you permission to copy such a key if you cannot find the information in your lease.

#6: Lockpicking Is Easy, Just Like Shown in the Movies

While spy movies make lock picking look like a walk in the park, in reality, this activity is far from being a quick and easy hack. Picking a lock requires the use of the right set of tools, as well as a lot of skills and patience. If you think you can use a credit card to unlock a deadbolt like seen in the movies, think again. Using a card will only work on a slanted-latch-style lock, as long as the slant is facing you so you can press it with the card. The same goes for using a bobby-pin or a coat hanger. Lock picking requires the manipulation of the interior pins until they perfectly align to unlock the door while the key is missing. The tools needed for this range from tension wrenches to pick guns, and lock picks. We highly advise you to avoid trying to pick a lock yourself as the risk of lock and door damage is higher than the chances of your attempt to be successful.

#7: Locksmiths Are Expensive

As long as you do your research, compare rates and service fees from different companies, and are familiar with the average market prices, locksmith services do not have to be expensive. The rates depend on the type of services you need, your exact requirements, any special requests you might have such as emergency car lock picking at midnight on the weekends, and the type of lock or keys you need help with. Complex lock problems may cause the costs to go up.

Now that we have debunked some of the most common locksmith myths for you, make sure you use your new knowledge to hire the best technicians for your future needs. For more information on our line of work, get in touch with our friendly team and have an obligation-free chat session.