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Security While Moving Homes

moving home security

With the endless details that go into a home move, you may not be aware of the very real threat of being robbed during your move. Here we have listed very helpful tips to avoid this occurrence.

Moving is a hassle in and of itself, so the last thing you need to deal with during a move is a robbery. While it can be difficult to keep an eye on your belongings as they get put into an array of boxes, you must remember that burglars and thieves wait for these types of moments, as your distraction is their gold mine. Instead of making a criminal’s job easy, learn how to secure your belongings while doors are open, possessions are being handled by a crew of strangers, you are being asked to direct traffic and give orders, all while wishing you were successfully moved into your new place already.

Home Security During a Move

home security for a move

With an inordinately long list of tasks that have to be addressed pre, post, and during a move, it is relatively easy to feel like your homes, both the one you are leaving and the one you are moving into, are completely out of control. Sadly, no matter how much planning you have done, the reality is that there is a good deal of “non-control” that happens when relocating. Rather than letting that takeover and making yourself easy prey, take a look at the tips below to help you garner control and in turn, your safety and security during the reign of stress.

Security system not in use

It seems almost ridiculous to keep your alarm system on when your doors have to be open as the moving truck awaits your boxes.  Although the alarm system cannot be engaged while the actual move is taking place, it absolutely must be on when you are not at home, but still residing in that house.  Some people mistakenly believe that they do not have to alarm the home they are leaving because there is very little left in it or because they have in large measure, already said goodbye to the walls that were once HOME.  Nevertheless, an unalarmed home, no matter how much or how little is in it, is critical to your safety, sanity, and preventing damage to a residence somebody else is about to move into.

Items of Value Exposed

Part of the reason you become an easy target when you move is that your valuables, whether jewelry or big screen TV’s, have to be exposed so you can move them from one location to another.  Though your attention will be pulled in a thousand different directions, one of those has to be on your prized possessions. Perhaps one family member can be assigned a “guard station” within the home while another pack.  However you divvy up duties, remember that everyone should know to cover up unplugged electronics, keep antique collections away from where the outside world can see them, and not flaunt or galavant through the house with expensive and irreplaceable items.  Remember too, burglars love a good yard sale and are happy to be your eyes and ears when you are not doing it yourself.

Open Doors and Windows

You have to keep your windows and doors open to a degree when you are moving.  Nevertheless, it is wise to pay particular attention to back doors, basement doors, and side windows that are left open accidentally.  These are great ways for thieves to get into your home either while you are moving or later on when everyone is asleep or out of the house.  Get some fresh air by all means, but be responsible for locking your paths of egress.

Open Window Shades

Here is a hint, if you can see out, the rest of the world can see in! While you move, make sure that you do not give ringside seats to the viewing public.  If you do, those who are criminals will essentially have decided what they want to lift and when they plan on lifting it from your home. Getting some sunshine during the stress of moving is great.  Leaving shades and blinds open indefinitely so folks can window shop? Not so smart.

Keeping Your New Home Secure   

security during your moveCongratulations- you moved! You have lots to do in the way of securing your new home, however, even though you just spent a lot of time making sure your old place was secured. Take a look at our helpful tips below.

  • Change the locks throughout your new home. The very first thing you should do in your new home is to change the locks on anything that has an existing lock.  It does not matter how much you trust the folks you bought the house from nor how sturdy you believe the doors and windows to be.  You do not know how many people have keys and access to your new place and as such, you need to contact Locksmiths Locator so we can switch out your old locks and install new ones.
  • Install a new alarm system.  Make sure, while we are already switching out old locks, that you order a new alarm system for your new home so that codes and key patterns are known only to you and the rest of the new residents.
  • Study your property. It will take some time to learn where the hiding spots and vulnerable areas on your property lay, but better you should figure that out before a burglar does.
  • Hire a moving service that is reputable. Even before you begin to pack up the old and set up the new, make certain that the moving company you hire is one you feel comfortable with, without reservation.  These people will be handling your replaceable, your irreplaceable, and everything in between. If you feel you can trust them to handle your belongings with respect and dignity, you have the right crew.  If you are afraid that they will take something or come back to take the items they transported? You have the wrong guys.

Contact our devoted and expertly trained Locksmiths Locator professionals to help you with your move and any other security needs.