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Lock Replacement Solutions – It's Time To Change The Locks!

Your safety should always come first, whether at home, behind the wheel, at the workplace or during various social gatherings. Fortunately, to most of us, the minimum means of home security,  door locks and keys,  have turned into a thing of habit that we take for granted. We make use of them so often that we don't even realize it. Locking a door has become so seamless that we oftentimes forget if we truly did it or not. Another thing we forget or put off for later, and later never comes, is door lock replacement. If you cannot remember when was the last time you considered having your locks checked, changed or upgraded, here are some ideas we know you are going to find useful.

How To Know It's Time To Hire A Lock Replacement Service

You are having trouble turning the key in the lock.

Yet another frustrating scenario that could not only prevent you from operating your lock and accessing or securing your home, but also simplify potential burglars' work. A lock that is half broken will definitely be picked or broken more easily and without too much effort. Plus, a broken lock could soon lead to the key getting broken in half or getting completely stuck in the keyway. A trained locksmith for homes will use specialized key extraction tools that can guarantee the safe removal of the key.

Your home has been recently broken into.

This is one of the most dreadful scenarios that most homeowners refuse to think about, on account that it won't ever happen to them. Statistics, however, speak of one home burglary occurring every 13 seconds in the United States, which means that it is almost a matter of time until a neighbor or your own property will fall victim to one of these criminals' attempts of illegal entry.

Front door lock replacement by Locksmith LocatorProvided the deed is not already done and it's been a few hours since you've first had the shock of acknowledging the break-in, it is time to start being proactive. You might be surprised to learn that lots of burglars tend to go back to the scene of a previous burglary, provided they had a very easy time getting in or they left some valuable stuff behind. If you are looking at a lock that has been picked using improvised tools, you could have the lock re-keyed. This means the interior parts of the lock will be replaced so that the lock can work using a new set of keys.  What is commonly called a key replacement. Nonetheless, if your front door has been kicked open, we advise you to hire a lock replacement service nearby as soon as possible and have them change your lock with a commercial grade-1 model, preferably with a deadbolt lock. Make sure you find a lock that comes with a more powerful strike plate and bolt. If the bolt on your front door has been sawed through, you should shop for a new lock that features a bigger bolt.  We can help you with all this.

You can't find your keys.

It happens to most of us at some point. Keys get lost or they could end up in the wrong hands. If you've also lost an ID with your home address along with the keys, see that you immediately get in touch with a residential locksmith in town and have them come over straight away and re-key or, if needed, replace the lock.

Your front door lock is worn-our or very old.

If you live in an old, Victorian house and you never had the original locks replaced to continue to enjoy the beautiful aesthetics, or the locks are too worn-out, loose or they tend to get jammed every now and then, you should focus on having the locks replaced. Burglars love a poor-quality or damaged lock that can barely keep a door closed.

You have recently moved into a new home.

This is another scenario that usually requires two main solutions: re-eying all the locks on the new property or having the replaced. The first alternative is more affordable from a financial standpoint. However, if the existing locks are of poor-quality, for example, a commercial grade-3 type of lock which is the least reliable out of the three industry ratings, it would be better to consider lock replacement instead. This way, you will avoid having one of the old owners, a babysitter or the previous owner's gardener from accessing your new home by using one of the old key copies you didn't even know existed.

You wish to upgrade your obsolete locks.

New deadbolt front door by Locksmith LocatorIf you are thinking about making the switch to smart or electronic locks, schedule a lock replacement job with us and we will send over one of our residential locksmiths in your area. Our trained and well-equipped locksmiths can handle smart locks, as not all lock technicians are trained and experienced to work with advanced technologies.

Whether you are interested in replacing your old deadbolt lock with the second-generation August Smart Lock that enables keyless access to your home and is fully compatible with Alexa or Siri, automatically locks and unlocks your front door as soon as you get near it without having to fumble for your keys and lets you create virtual keys for all of your guests and maintenance personnel, the Locksmiths Locator team is here to assist you. We can also replace your current from door lock with the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro model, which is an impressively versatile lock that enables you to unlock the front door on your home by scanning your fingerprint, giving a voice command, tapping on an app or using a standard key. Our home locksmiths have worked with lots of smart or electronic locks that rely on access cards or key codes and will have no problem guiding you toward the best solutions. Whether you have a limited budget or you are simply not sure which model is the best for you, we can assist you with everything you need, start to finish.

Give us a call now if you need the quick and most affordable lock replacement services in town!