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Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe

home safety tips

There are several things that you can implement to fortify the security of your home. Make sure to keep your home updated with the best security systems!

Your home should be your safe haven. However, we cannot deny that there are multiple security risks in this world of unpredictability. Statistics indicate that many people get injured or die in accidents that happen at home, and studies show that every 15 seconds a home is burglarized in the US. Fortunately, however, there are things that you can do in your home to make it as comfortable and as safe as possible for yourself and your loved ones. You should take your home security seriously; as you will need to take care of several aspects of your home to make it burglar-proof. Let’s read about the best home-safety tips to keep you protected at all times!

Install an Alarm System

Local police have reported that over 90% of crooks and burglars have admitted in their confessions that they usually avoid robbing homes with an alarm system. The robbers will, in general, scrutinize the exterior of your home to find if there is an alarm. If they find one, they will avoid breaking in. Of course, nobody will want to be caught red-handed while trying to break into the house, so, you should consider getting a high-security alarm system in your house as it really works.

Install a Quality Security Camerasecurity camera

Security cameras are one of the best home security tools that you should consider adding to your home if you are looking for all-around security. It works by discouraging robbers to break-in to the house. Security cameras also help catch burglars and help bring justice to victims of home theft. You can also consider modifying your old smartphones into security cameras with the help of an app. There are several free apps available on the internet, so you can just find one that is popular and trustworthy!

Set up Window Sensors

Also referred to as open or close sensors, these, when installed in a window or door, work by alerting the home-owner of situations when undesirable activities happen. There are several types of window sensors with varying functionalities. Some systems will sound an alarm if somebody opens the doors in the middle of the night. On the contrary, there are other systems that send you a message when you are away from home and somebody tries to break in. Making sure to protect the entrance of your home is the first step towards home-security!

Consider Glass Break Sensors

If you have many windows in your house, you can consider getting a glass break sensor installed. There are individual door or window sensors available on the market as well but they can be costly if you are getting it for more than 10 windows in your house. Alternatively, a glass break sensor can examine the complete room and will be more budget-friendly. A glass break sensor is a perfect addition to fortify your home security since it keeps a check on the particular sound that the glass makes when it shatters.

Check Properly Before Answering the Door

You should train everyone in your house so that they know the right way to answer the door - especially kids. Children should not be allowed to open the door unless you have told them that you are expecting someone close. If there is any stranger at your door who is not welcome, politely let them know that you are not accepting visitors at this time. It is better to be safe than polite. You can also consider installing a peephole so that you can get a broad view of your future guests before you open the door. When you know who’s at the door, you can decide whether to let them in or not.

Secure Your Front Door with a Door Brace

Most people underestimate the security offered by a door brace, which is an effective security device that is usually installed on the floor behind the entrance door. When it is locked, it offers incredible strength to the door to withstand a hundred pounds of blunt force. With a door brace intact, it will be challenging for a burglar to kick down your door. Get it today and keep your door strong and your home safe! You can also consider fortifying door jambs, which is one of the weakest points on a door along with the lock and hinges. You can strengthen all three points with a product such as Armor, and a deadbolt is a great option too. You can consider using a single cylinder deadbolt on all your front doors. It is best that these bolts come with at least a one-inch throw.

Don’t Forget to Lock Your Doorsliding door

It has been found that approximately 30% of thefts are caused due to no forced entry. In simple words, this means that home-owners have not locked their doors due to carelessness or hurry. Your little bit of negligence becomes an opportunity for burglars to enter your home. Make sure that you take the safety of your home very seriously and begin to make simple changes to ensure that you and your home always remain safe.

Secure your Sliding Doors

Apart from adding a good lock to your sliding doors, it is imperative that you make it more secure. You can do so by installing metal or wooden rod to strengthen the sliding door and prevent it from sliding vertically. One good way is to install a jimmy, which will prevent thieves from lifting the door off its tracks.

Your Dream Home Must be a Secure Home

With so many burglaries in and around the country, it only makes sense to practice safe tips and use high-quality security systems to fortify the safety of your home. So, make sure that apart from investing in making your home aesthetically pleasing, you should invest your time, money and energy in keeping your home secure for yourself and your loved ones! For help with any lock-related or security-related issue, don't hesitate to call Locksmith Locator, our expert locksmiths are qualified to handle any job, big or small, and can reach you in just 30 minutes!