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How To Choose The Best Bicycle Locks

bike locksWith dozens of different bicycle models to look into today and not a lot or experience with shopping for bike locks, you may have a difficult time making a purchase. Even more, opting for the wrong bicycle bike that does not match your needs could lead to some serious problems and consequences. If your own an expensive e-bike or a racing bicycle that has cost you thousands of dollars, taking all the right anti-theft precautions is critical. The rule of thumb when shopping for a new bike lock is knowing how to select a lock that is safe enough to keep your bicycle protected, and simple enough to manipulate regularly.

How Do Bike Locks Actually Work?

Unfortunately, bicycle theft is a palpable reality of our days and hundreds of thousands of bike owners fall victim to opportunist thieves in the street or pros aiming high interested in expensive electric or race bikes. Only a very small percentage of all reported cases of bike theft is solved, which means the rest of the bicycles never return to their owners. Luckily, this is a problem that has many solutions, and the layered security approach that is also advised for cars can also work wonders here. It should all start with choosing a bike lock that is reliable and sturdy and continue with making use of these locks at all times, choosing the safest parking spots, using chains, and so on. Quality bike locks are, therefore, effective visual thief deterrents as they can scare off most neighborhood thieves looking for their next victims. These bicycle security systems are also good at adding extra physical layers of protection thanks to their top features. With so many different models and types of locks for bikes to look into, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. To come to your help, here are a few of the sturdiest and efficient types of bike locks you should pay attention to right now.

Heavy Bike Locks For Enhanced Security

The weight of a bike lock will affect the degree of protection it can provide the bicycle, as well as its ease of use. Basically, a heavy bicycle lock that could weigh as much as 6 lbs is going to be a lot more difficult to pick open through cutting techniques. However, the same locks will also be more difficult to carry and install on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day.  If you normally ride 10% inclined roads on a regular basis, you might find the extra weight too difficult to carry. Nonetheless, if you own an expensive, state-of-the-art bike or motorcycle you need to lock up on a busy street for several hours a day, every day, you may want to reconsider and make the investment. The best lock is the one that can cater to your exact needs the best way possible, so make sure you carefully assess all your options and compare them to your specific requirements before making a purchase.

Lightweight Locks For Long Distance Riders

If you normally take long bike rides every day and you stop for coffee at local coffee shops, you should focus your attention on so-called cafe locks. These locks are very light weight and they normally feature combo codes that can help you avoid having to carry lock keys that can get easily lost or stolen. If you need to quickly get in and out of a coffee shop to grab a coffee to go and you will be always sitting just a few feet away from your bike, this is the right type of bike lock for you. However, if you need to run some errands downtown and you will be leaving your bike without any supervision for several hours, this lock is not right for you.

Wall Hanging Bike Locks

Please keep in mind that a great number of insurance companies will ask you to lock your bicycle to immovable objects inside the house. If this is your case, you should consider opting for a storage hander, a ground anchor, or a wall hanging security device for bikes. Make sure you opt for a model that is Secure-Sold and one that can also be used at the workplace or outdoors. The best locks are the ones that come with laser cut keys with full replacement schemes, plastic covers that can withstand powerful impacts, and cores made of hardened steel.

Locks For E-Bikes

Since most e-bikes weigh more than regular bicycles, and they also normally cost more thanks to their added features, owners need to pay special attention to the locks they will invest in. smaller U locks for bikes could prove to be good options for some models. Keep in mind that the smaller the bike parking space, the smaller the chances of a thief managing to manipulate a crowbar or a hydraulic jack to steal the bike. It is also important to focus on finding an e-bike lock that allows you to lock both sides in place so that a potential thief should be forced to make two separate cuts.  U-locks need to be used correctly: they need to go around the tire and the rear rim and go through the frame's rear triangle, without making any loops around the tube of the bike's seat.

Chains Are Best For Angle Grinders

An angle grinder powered by a battery can go through any type of lock, every kind of lock however, holding a bike chain and grinding all at once is difficult to do. A chain will also require two separate cuts, which means they are also good thief deterrents.

Folding Locks For Extra Convenience

If it is added convenience in use that you are looking for in a bike lock a folding lock model is just what you need. However, these locks that are usually made from plate steel which can fold up into compact carriers do not ensure high levels of security. They are, however, a lot easier to manipulate compared to U-locks and they also weigh less compared to bike chains. They can be picked with a single cut and it is also possible to drill through the pins, so make sure you consider all these details before making a purchase. Cable locks are another alternative, but they are less secure than the previously mentioned types of bike locks. Opting for having multiple locks installed should provide you with enhanced protection. Talk to a professional locksmith and have them recommend more options and bike security systems for your particular needs.